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HBO's 'Succession' Season 3 features a Roy family out for blood

After a two-year gap, HBO’s onetime sleeper hit “Succession” finally debuts its pandemic-delayed third season on Sunday. Like the show itself, which depicts a world of print and television media desperately trying to maintain its dominance, the show returns to a TV landscape that has been radically altered since it was last on the air. The political landscape has also changed, making the series’ commentary on Trump-era excesses feel a little less relevant. But though “Succession” may be a bit of a dinosaur, there’s lots of roar left in the old girl yet.
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HBO’s ‘Succession’ Season 3: TV Review

In what is possibly the year’s most anticipated small-screen premiere, Succession begins its third, pandemic-delayed season Oct. 17. The HBO drama — or is it a comedy? — arrives almost precisely two years after the second-season finale, with Kendall Roy’s cliffhanger act of betrayal. THR’s TV critics check in with the fictional media dynasty we love to hate. DANIEL FIENBERG: In the real world, a lot has happened since the second season of Succession aired in October of 2019, from COVID to an election booting a presumptively dynastic, assumptively wealthy family from the White House. Those on the TV beat have written extensively...
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‘Succession’ Season 3 Is a F**king Killer

When last we left the corrosive Roy family in the Succession Season Two finale, prodigal son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) had just publicly accused cruel patriarch Logan (Brian Cox) of being complicit in their company’s pattern of heinous sexual and human rights abuse. When the HBO Emmy winner finally returns after a two-year, Covid-related absence, Logan gets Kendall on the phone to congratulate him on temporarily outmaneuvering his old man, and wonders what he wants in exchange for his renewed loyalty. Kendall insists that they are no longer on the same side, that he found Waystar Royco’s crimes abhorrent, and that he acted with the greater good in mind. His father bellows that all Kendall was doing was making a move in the never-ending, globe-altering game of mergers and acquisitions that has long been their family’s stock in trade. Logan cannot even fathom the idea of another person — a member of his own family in particular — acting out of anything but the most naked self-interest, and Kendall’s claim otherwise only confuses and enrages him.
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Succession review: The long-delayed third season doesn't disappoint

After a two-year break, HBO's Emmy-winning drama returns with a kinetic and affecting season 3 featuring a Roy versus Roy showdown. With the Roy family — the clan of broken billionaires at the heart of HBO's Succession — it's never just business, it's always personal. That's painfully clear in the drama's kinetic and affecting season 3, which throws the Roy children into a fight for the soul of their media company, their family, and ultimately themselves.

‘Succession’ Season 3: New Clip Shows Aftermath of Shocking Season 2 Finale

HBO has released a new clip from season 3 of “Succession.” (Watch the clip above.) The close to two-minute-long clip shows the frantic aftermath of Kendall Roy’s (Jeremy Strong) shocking press conference that closed season 2. Upon leaving the room, Kendall tells his team they’re headed to Waystar HQ, where they’ll “plant a flag, fix up my lawyers, PRs, get some independent directors shaking, and maybe ride in to see the f— feds.” Back in the company car with corporate PR Karolina (Dagmara Domińczyk) and Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun), Karolina reminds Kendall that he’s presumably no longer part of his family’s company...


When Game of Thrones ended in May 2019, HBO desperately needed a new epic saga to fill the Westeros-sized hole in its lineup. Little did we know, the story of a bunch of rich degenerates vying for power in an aging empire would be the solution. In hindsight, Succession was...

‘Killer’ Kendall Goes for the Jugular in ‘Succession’ Season 3

The Roys are back in town. Everyone’s favorite family of power-hungry media tycoons (and psychotics) makes its return in the recently released trailer for season 3 of HBO’s Succession. And, as the brief clips makes abundantly clear, the more things change, the more they stay the same. When we last checked in with the Roys—which was two long years ago, thanks to the pandemic—the most tortured member of the clan, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), had just publicly accused family patriarch Logan (Brian Cox) of being complicit in the culture of harassment and abuse that pervaded Waystar Royco. The climactic announcement, which Kendall claims he...
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Succession: Sibling Rivalry Dominates a Simmering, Subdued Season 3

In some ways, HBO’s Succession is America’s version of The Crown. Focusing on the lavish, petty corporate overlords of a rotten cabal, the show’s machinations are both fully present and menacingly medieval. Unlike The Crown, Jesse Armstrong’s show doesn’t venerate its billionaire royal family, The Roys—it lampoons them, and exposes them as actually being as vain and stupid as they believe the bulk of America to be. In its bombastic second season, the show rose to both comedic and dramatic heights, from “Boar on the Floor” to Kendall’s season-ending mic drop that promised an explosive third outing. But Season 3 is actually more subdued, and occasionally a little too stuck in the endless tread of the Roy siblings’ backstabbing and creatively vile behavior towards one other to gain power and, most importantly, Daddy’s affection.

Succession Season 3 Scoop: Cast Teases Kendall Going 'Airborne,' Cousin Greg Making 'Some Nice Moves'

Succession‘s Kendall Roy shot for the moon when he dared to take on his fearsome father Logan in the Season 2 finale — and he’s not coming back down to earth anytime soon. The cast and creator of the Emmy-winning HBO drama dropped some hints about the upcoming third season (premiering Sunday, Oct. 17 at 9/8c) during a virtual panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Wednesday. Naturally, all eyes will be on Kendall after the huge power move he pulled in the finale, announcing his father’s crimes at a public press conference, and actor Jeremy Strong says...
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‘Succession’ Season 3 Entrance Survey

Chris Ryan and Wosny Lambre gather to talk about some of their favorite aspects of Succession and partake in an entrance survey in anticipation of the new season. ‘The Great British Bake Off’ Season 9, Episode 4: “Dessert Week”. Matthew Macfadyen Keeps Chewing His Way Through ‘Succession’. The Latest. ‘The...

Kara Swisher to Host ‘Succession’ Season 3 Companion Podcast

Kara Swisher will host the season three companion podcast for HBO’s Succession, diving into the real-world events that inspired this upcoming season’s drama with the Roy family. The first episode premieres this Sunday after the first episode of Succession season three drops on HBO Max, and subsequent podcast episodes will be available after each episode of the new season airs. On the podcast, Swisher will be joined by other journalists, critics and members of the show along the way, with Jennifer Palmieri, the White House director of communications during the Obama administration, joining as a guest on the first episode. “Each week, I’ll look at...

'Succession': Season 3 soars, especially in the later episodes

WHAT IT'S ABOUT After Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) has returned to New York with cousin Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun) and refused to take the fall for the improprieties at the Waystar/Royco Parks/Cruises division, his father Logan Roy (Brian Cox) has some decisions to make. The obvious one: Country-hop on the private jet in search of a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the United States. The old man is asked how he's feeling. His reply: "I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Balkans."

Ranking the New Succession Posters by How Much They Have Ruined My Day

The promotional materials for the upcoming third season of Succession want you to know that the HBO drama is going to be all about taking sides this year. The Roy family — which until now was a united front, at least in its shared background of being fucked up by Logan (Brian Cox) — is now cleaved in two, with characters taking sides. In the season three trailer, Shiv (Sarah Snook) calls Kendall’s (Jeremy Strong) attempted takedown of their father a “big war.” There’s talk of being on “the side of good or evil,” even though this is billionaires we’re talking about: It’s evil versus also-evil. The promotional cast-ensemble poster, released earlier this month, shows the family cleaved in two with a literal dividing line running through the center.