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Raven Saunders shows a face of power and pure joy in capturing Olympic silver

TOKYO — The mask came off, the gnashed teeth of the Hulk gone, a face of these Tokyo Olympics revealed. Raven Saunders wore a nose ring and a sweat-drenched smile above the facial covering she had pulled into a scrunch below her chin. She had just draped herself in an American flag and shimmied around the track inside Olympic Stadium, commencing a celebration of redemption, of perseverance, of duality.
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Torrington PAL holds carnival, benefit car show downtown

TORRINGTON — The sound of laughter, friends chatting with friends, hot cars rolling down Torrington’s Main Street, Beach Boys music blaring from speakers, and happy children on rides at the nearby carnival, all filled the air Friday night in downtown Torrington. For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit,...
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Success—God’s Way Or Your Way?

Why do we spend the majority of our time, money, and the most productive years of our life working to obtain—the best education and career, maximum material comforts, best health, and—engaging in every extracurricular activity we can afford? Isn’t this is our definition of GREAT success? If you say “WRONG,” (in which case, you are right) take it a step further and give an accounting of how YOU spent the majority of your time and resources over the last five days. It may give you a different answer about what you really believe to be true about success…
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Drew Lock's Big Day 4 at Broncos Camp Coincides With Teddy Bridgewater's Worst

The Denver Broncos just concluded Day 4 of training camp. As an alumni day of sorts, the 2,500-plus fans who showed up to UCHealth Training Center were treated to a few familiar, all-time faces as the team hoisted individual banners with the names of each former Bronco entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame next week.

Bol lights up the 800m as Browning goes back to work

When Bruce McAvaney says, “he can win gold”, well, that’s special. As far as Australia was concerned, Sunday night at the Olympics belonged to 800-metre runner Peter Bol. He came into the semi-final on the back of the new national record he set in the heats, and then broke it...

Color of Hockey: NextGen AAA Foundation set to defend tournament title

William Douglas has been writing The Color of Hockey blog for the past nine years. Douglas joined NHL.com in March 2019 and writes about people of color in the sport. Today, he profiles the NextGen AAA Foundation, highlighting diversity in elite hockey with two teams of players of color competing in the Beantown Summer Classic.

The life of an AD in 2021

Interview and Photography by Alice Herden, Hernando Sun. Q: For how long have you been Athletic Director (AD) for Springstead High?. A: Well, since I started in April I am actually already into my 6th year as AD at Springstead. Q: Over the years have you seen changes in the...
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Narragansett Brewery a perfect escape in nearby Providence

You want to experience the new, savor the clever and celebrate the unique. At the same time, you love a classic and enjoy famed and familiar brew flavors that both bring back memories and just plain taste good. What’s a beer seeker to do?. There’s a new place where you...
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How to Deal With the Unpredictability of Freelancing

In the last two months of freelancing, I’ve made more money than I do my average month in my day job. But I won’t quit teaching for freelance writing for many reasons. One of those reasons is that income from freelancing is incredibly unpredictable.
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Learn to navigate the world of crypto with this $8 course bundle

The world of cryptocurrency is fascinating. From the rise and fall of meme coins to crypto’s unique path through the world economy, Bitcoin and other Blockchain-based currencies are influencing markets, trade and more. Learn about Bitcoin, Stablecoin, and crypto from A to Z with the Intro to Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin...

Colleges tap into stimulus funds to wipe unpaid fees for low-income students

Subscribe to Fortune Daily to get essential business stories straight to your inbox each morning. Last Wednesday, Annissa Young owed Trinity Washington University $11,000. Today, she owes nothing. Young is among thousands of students whose colleges and universities have wiped their student account balance in recent months. Using pandemic stimulus...
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Bookmark This! The Success Edition

I believe as a general rule, people want to find themselves in whatever their version of success looks like. I also believe that defining what success looks like can be really hard. Maybe one of the reasons that we’re reluctant to define success is because if we do and then we don’t achieve it…well, that’s often called failure. And we’ve attached a negative connotation to failure.

From Basketball Star to Hip-Hop Sensation: How Pretty Tony Is Making His Mark on The Music Industry

Whatever you do, do it with determination. You have one life to live; so do your work with passion and give it your best. Whether you want to be a chef, doctor, singer, or athlete, be passionate to get the best result- Alia Bhatt. True to these words, Pretty Tony is a living example that passion supersedes everything else. From ruling the basketball courts to taking over the hip-hop scene, Tony has shown the world that you can achieve any goal in life as long as you are driven by passion.
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Success has led to higher level recruits, but IU football still seeks must have traits to protect culture

When running back Gi’Bran Payne verbally committed on Monday he became the fourth 4-star recruit in Indiana’s class of 2022. That is significant, because according to the 247Sports Composite, IU has only landed 13 additional 4-stars in the last 22 years. 11 of Indiana’s 17 total 4-stars since 2000 have or will come to Bloomington in the classes of 2019 through 2023, signaling a major shift in the caliber of prospects signing up to play for the Hoosiers.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Exercise at Home!

Are you missing your regular exercise class or other activities? Have you tried exercising at home to keep fit and stay healthy? Perhaps you’d like to do more exercise at home?. Over the years, I’ve supported hundreds of people to exercise safely and successfully at home. I’ve seen the most...
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Photography by David Christopher Lee, Official Site. Through a coalescence of creativity, and timing, Shawn Pereira and Nicolas Saad, the electric pop duo behind ‘End of Code’ found themselves performing a live set for Ibiza Global Radio on SoundCloud in honor of Bastille Day, July 14th, 2021. True to form for France’s Day of Independence- End of Code performed with a sense of jubilant freedom that has been a welcome theme for the Summer of ‘21.