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G Train Will Temporarily Run To Coney Island

MTA New York City Transit today announced that service changes during a pair of August weekends on the C, E, F and G lines will bring “the G to the Sea” by extending the line more than 5 miles, to Coney Island. The G train normally terminates at Church Av in Kensington, Brooklyn, since the line was extended there from Smith-9 Sts in July 2009.

Watch The Subways’ Billy Lunn Play “Lostboy” in Hertfordshire, Ware for “Neighborhoods”

It’s all history now, but just over a decade ago, on-the-rise U.K. garage rockers The Subways were in the midst of an existential coin-flip wherein the band would either continue putting out energetic post-grunge records, or the nodules afflicting vocalist Billy Lunn would put the project to a screeching halt. Naturally, the record that followed was titled All or Nothing, and from this side of the album’s release it’s clear that the “all” won out—the group followed up that Butch Vig–produced LP with two more, and lately have assured us that their fifth album is coming soon.
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Why are Subway restaurants closing on July 12?

Craving that meatball marinara sandwich? Guests might want to plan ahead because Subway restaurants will be closing for part of July 12. The reason why the lights will be off is a big one and it will have even more guests heading to Subway on July 13. Recently, Subway announced...