This Subway worker in Rhode Island deserves a billion years in jail!

A Subway worker from Providence, RI has posted a series of videos to social media showing him doing some horrific stuff with the food. Jumanne Way posted videos to YouTube showing him placing cold cuts on the rim of a public bathroom toilet boil, throwing trays of food on the floor and walking on them, even drinking from Gatorade bottles and putting them back on the shelf and more!
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Subway worker fired after disgusting “food prep” videos go viral

A Subway worker is going viral on social media after sharing videos of himself stepping on sandwich toppings, throwing bread on the ground, and putting food items on a toilet seat. Looks like nobody’s gonna be “eating fresh” at this Subway location anytime soon. A Subway sandwich artist has taken...
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New business construction in Nolanville projected to be done by December

NOLANVILLE — Construction on multiple projects next to the Cefco on South Main Street in Nolanville began earlier this summer and are still underway. One of the projects is a three-business strip center on the immediate western side of Cefco. That strip center will have a Subway, a Donut Palace and the regional office for Subway, which has stores throughout Bell County and beyond, officials said.

DOT sets road closures for Maspeth, Richmond Hill, BQE

The city’s Department of Transportation has announced a series of road closures in Queens that will be in effect this weekend. All work is subject to change due to weather conditions. In Maspeth, 47th Avenue between 69th and 70th streets will be closed Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m....

Nearly 29% Want This Discontinued Wendy's Item To Make A Comeback

There are a few things we can count on in the ever-changing fast food world. For one, the food does tend to be available pretty quickly (provided you're not waiting too long at the drive-thru). It is also, if not as cheap as it used to be, considerably less pricey than a sit-down meal. And finally, almost everything you can order off a fast-food menu is going to give a nutritionist fits. The one thing you cannot count on, however, is for the menu to remain the same. Sure, there are signature items that will remain around as long as the chain itself, such as McDonald's Big Mac, Burger King's Whopper, and Wendy's ... Umm, what is Wendy's signature item, anyway?
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McDonald’s is testing the McPlant, a Beyond Meat meatless burger

McDonald’s new plant-based burger, aptly named the McPlant, is coming to eight restaurants across the US (via CNBC). The fast-food chain teamed up with Beyond Meat to make the meatless option. This comes about a year after McDonald’s ended its P.L.T. pilot, another Beyond Meat branded burger. It’s still unclear...

Restaurants brace for a future with fewer workers

As restaurant operators increase pay, benefits and training so they can recruit and retain workers, yet still close early because they don’t have enough help, more of them are coming to a stark realization: Things may never get back to normal. Industry executives in recent weeks have seemed resigned to...

These Are The 2 Best Airports For Food, According To New Survey

It may not come as surprising news to learn that airports have not enjoyed the pandemic age. After all, international travel via tightly constrained spaces was not something that really worked under the realities or guidelines of COVID-19. Still, some managed to shine better than others. In their 2021 North...

Lay’s New ‘Tailgate Faves’ Chip Flavor Tastes Like Buffalo Chicken Dip

Frito-Lay is making sure that its Lay’schips are going to be at every football tailgate this season. Earlier this year, photos of the new Wavy Loaded Nachos flavors began circulating, and the packaging indicated that it’s part of Lay’s Tailgate Faves. It looks like that wasn’t the only variety in this category, because you can now get Kettle Cooked Buffalo Chicken Dip chips for a limited time.

What subway travel used to look like

The world's subway systems are much more than just a way to get from A to B. They're impressive feats of engineering, sometimes with architecturally stunning stations to boot. And these subterranean transport links have a history dating back to the 19th century – here we rattle back through the past to bring you nostalgic images of underground travel from times gone by.

New Middletown student hosts 'Socktober' drive

A New Middletown student is hosting a month-long charity event with the goal of collecting socks to distribute to local homeless shelters. 12-year-old Francesca Battaglini is now in her third year of hosting her "Socktober" drive where she collects socks throughout the month to distribute to the shelters. Battaglini says...

The Strange Ingredient In Kraft's MiO Water Enhancer

Liquid water enhancers are a popular way to add flavor to plain old water, but it turns out that at least one such product adds a little extra in the form of a potentially harmful ingredient. Kraft's MiO water enhancer contains propylene glycol, which is used for very different purposes in other products. The preservative also functions as a stabilizer and thickening agent, per Eat This, Not That! These qualities are why it's also used in antifreeze and plasticizers, as well as e-cigarettes. In other words, not exactly as Mother Nature intended her fruit juice to be! For what it's worth, plenty of other food-related products contain propylene glycol, like Fireball whisky, a Subway breakfast sandwich, and even certain frozen dinners.

Advocates call for LIRR discounts across Queens

Transit advocates and elected officials are calling on the MTA to expand an existing discount ticket program on the Long Island Rail Road to every commuter rail station within New York City — an initiative that would have a considerable impact on Queens. The Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee rallied at...

The "Meet the New Subway Map" Edition

Partly cloudy throughout the day. Today’s edition is a little different. I’m putting the featured pet first. Thumbelina is a healthy, loving, mischievous husky mix who happens to have two front leg deformities that do not deter her at all. She loves to play, is great with other dogs, is house trained, crate trained, and she even talks like a husky. She also has a wheelchair which helps her get around more easily. She’s up for adoption at Hearts and Bones and is currently being fostered in Prospect Heights.