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GSC Student Government Association members decorate downtown Glenville

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Members of Glenville State College’s Student Government Association (SGA) recently helped decorate downtown Glenville for Christmas. The students hung garland, lights, and bows throughout City Square Park and at the lot near the intersection of Main and Lewis Streets. “We started really adding more decorations to...
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UF celebrates the construction of a new Student Health Care Center

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - UF Health officials held a beam-signing event today to celebrate the construction of the new Student Health Care Center. With the current facility being about 100 years old, officials with UF Health, said they’re thrilled to get a new building. “Our current building was designed for...
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Stanford Student Government Blocks Funding For Pence Speech

The College Republicans needed 8 votes to approve the funding. However, the final vote was 7 in favor, 7 in abstention, and 1 in opposition. Somehow the seven students not voting considered that act to be more ethical than just being honest and voting against the funding. It had the same effect. Despite only one student voting against the speech, the school refused to support a former vice president coming to its campus to address faculty and students.
Notre Dame & Saint Mary Observer

‘There’s still so much to be done’: Notre Dame student leaders emphasize the importance of listening to student needs

Notre Dame’s student body leaders for the 2021-2022 term have focused their time and energy on ensuring student needs are not only heard but fulfilled. Student body president, Allan Njomo, a senior from Stanford Hall, said that the focal point of everything he has done so far in his term is about bringing marginalized students into important conversations — something he learned how to do during his time as Stanford Hall’s president.
Iowa State Daily

Flores works to make ISU home for students

After multiple years of serving in many different leadership roles at Iowa State, Alejandra Flores is graduating after the fall semester as the first in her family to receive an education in the United States. Flores served as International Student Council president from January 2020 to April 2021 and currently...
Iowa State Daily

Exposing biases pt. 2: students speak out and how to make a change

The concept of bias is a widely prevalent and harmful behavior that has negatively affected members of the Iowa State community. Students of various backgrounds have found themselves the victim of mistreatment based on preconceptions of their race, gender or cultural upbringing. In a previous Iowa State Daily article regarding bias, different facets of conscious and unconscious bias were explored. Although bias is an ingrained and widespread issue, the willingness to learn about different cultures and lifestyles can be the key to reducing bias shown towards others, according to some members of the student body.
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Student gov’t renews push for representation on NYU board of trustees

At the final student government meeting of the fall semester on Dec. 2, Presidents Council Vice-Chair Anthony Cruz reopened dialogue over a resolution to give student, faculty, deans and administrative staff a voice on NYU’s board of trustees. Earlier this year, Cruz proposed the resolution to add members of the...

Where there's a will, there's a sleigh: 'Winter Wonderland' debuts, preserves holiday spirit

UCF kicked off the holiday festivities with its brand-new Winter Wonderland event Wednesday night at Memory Mall. The event was announced by Student Government, the UCF Campus Activities Board and Late Knights on Nov. 19. SG Vice President Austin Wilson said "Winter Wonderland" was a successful group effort, as each organization came to the table with ideas.
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Staff Spotlight: SGA Advisor Lydia Washington

Amid recent changes in the Student Government Association at the University of Massachusetts, staff advisor Lydia Washington remains the central foundation of the organization. As the associate director for student engagement and leadership, Washington has spent nearly 15 years at UMass covering student governance and student organizations. In that time, she has provided the SGA with leadership through an impeachment and resignation, a pandemic and huge changes to the SGA’s relationship with administration.

Assistant Dean of Students’ journey to Rider

Christine Mehlhorn slowly recognized her passion for leadership when she was a student at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). From being a student leader at TCNJ to becoming the assistant dean of students at Rider, Mehlhorn’s long-time goal has been to help guide the lives of students. After multiple...

SGA: A semester in review

Pictured is the Student Government Association Office. Photo by Lauren Jindrich. GABI MORANDO | STAFF REPORTER | Following significant restructuring, Butler’s Student Government Association reflects on what they have accomplished this year and promises that went unfulfilled. After last year, SGA felt the need to rebuild not only internally, but also their relationships with students.

Petar Petroski

Bergen Community College student, Petar Petroski, is an active student leader with involvement in the ARA Research Team, STEM Student Union, Student Government Association, Computer Science club, Theatre club, and Active Minds. “Getting involved on campus has helped me grow my network and participate in clubs and organizations that I’m interested in,” said Petroski.
Michigan Daily

CSG approves changes to distributing funds, votes on new student representatives

The University of Michigan Central Student Government met Tuesday evening to discuss changes to requesting internal funds, election procedures and runoff elections for student representatives. The Assembly discussed AR-1146, a resolution to limit the funds that can be requested from the Legislative Discretionary Account to $5,000 for a single motion....