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People Are Incorrectly Using Mindfulness, Research Shows: Here’s What Needs Correcting

The practice of mindfulness has benefits for the American workforce. It helps with stress reduction, focus and self-awareness—even improves engagement and productivity. But according to a new study, many people are using it in the wrong way. Researchers at the University of Waterloo found that most laypeople confuse the mindfulness practices with passive acceptance of problems—a misconception scientists say ignores the important work of engaging with life’s challenges.
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5 Ideas for a Healthy Holiday Season

As the holiday season is barreling down on us all, it's important to stop and give some thought to a gift that’s universally held as precious. Here are five ways to help think about it. And "think" is the key word here—especially as new research is indicating that how we think can and does significantly affect our health outcomes. So with that in “mind,” let’s get started.
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How To Craft Wonderful Home Environments For Handling Stress

Everybody suffers from a stressful day from time to time. Maybe work didn’t go the way you thought it was going to go today, or you missed your bus home and had to wait in the rain. No matter how stressed you get in a day, coming home to environments...
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10 Easy and Free Ways to Find Peace When You’re Stressed Out

Editor's Note: This story originally appeared on The Penny Hoarder. You can go to an expensive wellness retreat to get peace of mind. Or you can use some tips from relaxation experts to bring the peace home. There’s no need to spend money in pursuit of a stress-free life. We...

The scientific results are in: The Apollo stress relief wearable helps you sleep better

The results are in, and they prove what we knew all along: People who wear the Apollo wearable sleep better and reduce their stress levels. We’ve talked before about this stress relief wearable, a high-tech band that fits on your wrist or ankle and sends soothing vibrations that tell your autonomic nervous system that you’re safe and that it can turn off the fight-or-flight response of your “lizard brain.” Designed by neuroscientists and doctors, it’s what we’ve described as a gentle hug for your brain.

Pop Fidget Toys Its Pack Poppet Push Popping Bubble Rainbow Sensory Toy for Kids Girls Adults Silicone Fidget Poppers Game Special Needs Stress Relief Anti-Anxiety (Pineapple Icecream)

(as of Dec 02,2021 13:07:13 UTC – Details) Easy to cleanValue for moneySturdinessDurability & Giftable & SoftnessGreat stress relievr. -All these advantages will be directly generated by an order!. By Feature of Pop Fidget Toys. HOW TO PLAY?. Simple rules and quick starts. Player take turns pressing down any number...

How to Practice Mindfulness According to an Expert

Everyday life can feel like a never-ending choreographed dance of trying to keep a dozen plates that hold your various responsibilities spinning simultaneously. Stress can peak further during the holiday season when emotions run high and demand for your time and attention mount up further. If you find yourself staring down the holiday season with trepidation and tension, it might be a good idea to equip yourself with self-care tools to navigate the holidays—or any time of year—with more tranquility and calm.

How to Lean on Exercise for Holiday Stress Relief

Nothing ushers in stress, anxiety, and a disrupted daily routine like the winter holidays. Unlike their spring, summer, and even fall counterparts that come with beach days and Sunday Fundays with your favorite friends, winter holidays last for months, and typically end with making resolutions we never plan to keep.

How Narcissistic Relationship Can Cause Stress

Feeling loved is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Someone showering you with all the love is for sure the thing you will never like to resist. But what if this love is coming from the wrong person. The narcissist can be the most attractive person in your circle!....

Warmies Jr Comfort Heat/Chill Animals only $12.99 shipped!

These Warmies Heat/Chill Comfort Animals are a great stress relief, bedtime buddy, travel companion, and more!. This popular deal is back! Jane has these Large Warmies Jr Comfort Heat/Chill Animals for just $12.99 shipped right now!. These heatable characters are gently scented with French lavender to provide comfort and relaxation....

Events help relieve pre-finals stress at ENMU-R

Gabriella Espinoza slides into the finish of an inflatable obstacle course Monday morning on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell. Student organization Circle K International and the Student Affairs Department organized the obstacle course as part of a week of pre-finals stress relief activities, Maureen Olguin, Circle K sponsor, said. Other activities this week will include a scavenger hunt, a candle room and yoga for relaxation, an emotional support dog from Court Appointed Special Advocates of Chaves County and a nacho bar.

How to Help Someone Overcome a Traumatic Past in 5 ways?

A trauma is an emotional response to a disturbing event. It may be short-term or long-term that results from exposure to a specific incident or a series of events. Traumatic events come in many forms – a plane crash, natural disaster, sexual assault, violent crime, global pandemic, or a terrorist attack. You may feel numb, intense shock, confusion, and fear, or overwhelmed by a host of conflicting emotions, sometimes all at once.

From Encouragement to Stress Relief, These Are The Reasons Why You Should Surround Yourself With Positive People

In our society, it is quite difficult to surround ourselves with positive individuals. The reason for this is that people are not always considerate. Some people do not really deliberate before speaking and can end up saying hurtful things. This can be understood in a variety of ways, with some cultures claiming that it is something individuals do in order to be “honest.” This is far from the case, as it costs people nothing to think if the words they are about to utter would hurt someone’s feelings or not. As a result, some people take advantage of this and can be quite cruel and unpleasant towards others.

Here’s how to destress before finals week

Here it comes- arguably the worst, most anxiety-inducing part of the semester for every college student: Finals Week. As the dreaded projects and exams roll up, it is crucial to every student’s mental and physical health to find ways and take time to relax during the tolling week ahead. One...

8 Unexpected Ways to Counter Your Anxiety

If you battle anxiety, you know what a thief it can be. It steals our sleep, our peace, our time, and our effectiveness. We know God commands us not to worry, and we long to surrender all of our concerns to Him. But when uncertainty hits, our anxious thoughts gain power and momentum, drowning out all we know to be true. And many of you feel defeated, unable to fight, and perhaps even as if you’re failing as a Christ-follower. I understand that feeling.

Unconventional Feel-Good Strategies To Deal With Stress

Stress is more rampant than ever in the new normal. You are likely to feel anxious about almost everything, from health issues to financial concerns, work worries, and more. It is easy to lose sleep over small things, and stress worsens when you have insomnia. You can visit a counselor and try therapy to experience stress relief. Conversely, you can try some unconventional feel-good strategies that enable you to deal with stress easily. Here are the ones worth trying.

How to Handle the Stress of Holiday Shopping Amid Supply Chain Disruptions

Labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and higher prices may make holiday shopping more stressful this year. Experts say you can reduce stress by making time for self-care and focusing on your personal wellbeing during the holidays. Embracing non-materialistic holiday traditions, like gifts of service and festive experiences, can also ease...