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Stress Management for Living Better With PD

Someone once uttered the maxim, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” If we apply that notion to stress we could say, “Everybody talks about stress, but nobody seems to do anything about it.” This seems particularly true when Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients and their caregivers experience stress.
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Dealing with livestock stressors

A happy cow is a healthy cow. I can’t remember the first time, but I have heard that saying many times over the years. On my ranch, I have found it very beneficial to keep the livestock as stress-free as possible. When we talk about animal stress, most people think...
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Cove High-Tech Neckband Aims To Ease Stress, Improve Sleep

With 365 Threat Monitor, scan all emails as they reach your users' mailboxes to detect ransomware, phishing and spam. Get real-time phone alerts, real-time security breach updates and delete threats instantly with just one click - for free! Learn More. Everyday stress at work and home sometimes seems like a...

Stress Levels Revealed in Micro-Beads of Sweat

Sweat evaluation is not new: the dynamic chemical composition of perspiration has impressed researchers from elite athletic efficiency specialists to persistent illness specialists to attempt to decipher its alerts.However translating uncooked perspiration into “sweat fairness” in actual time in on a regular basis life isn’t a straightforward process. Typically weather conditions do not lend themselves to creating sufficient sweat to investigate. Typically the heightened degree of exercise essential to get sufficient sweat produces chemical modifications within the fluid that are not indicative of a topic’s true state. And typically, an individual is bodily unable to create ample sweat volumes to investigate with current applied sciences.This downside is particularly difficult within the research of stress response in “regular” routines or amongst these rendered inactive with persistent ailments. Cortisol degree is one extensively accepted precept in gauging the quantity of physiological and cognitive stress somebody is experiencing at a given time, however it has been laborious to translate that precept into follow exterior managed circumstances.A extremely correct but comfy sensor, now in proof-of-concept trials on human topics in real-world circumstances, may be a important part of methods that may efficiently handle these obstacles.Studying off an individual’s glucose and cortisol ranges is the purpose. Luckily, sweat sensors might but be as much as the job. The expertise, developed by Dallas-based EnLiSense LLC and the College of Texas at Dallas, is promising sufficient that the U.S. authorities’s Biomedical Superior Analysis and Improvement Authiority (BARDA), featured it in its July 2021 innovation highlights. The patch, simply 120 sq. millimeters, can detect goal biomarkers in sweat quantity as little as 1 to three microliters.Identical however completely different as CGMContinuous glucose monitoring (CGM) gadgets such because the Abbott Freestyle Libre and Dexcom G6 may be essentially the most acquainted examples of real-time microfluidic monitoring. EnLiSense CEO and co-founder Sriram Muthukumar defined EnLiSense’s expertise and advertising technique compared to them.CGMs work, he says, by analyzing modifications in interstitial fluid surrounding the physique’s cells. They don’t measure blood glucose straight.”They use a microneedle that penetrates the pores and skin and makes use of capillary motion to reap interstitial fluid across the vein,” Muthukumar says. “So if the worth of the blood glucose is x, the worth of the interstitial fluid will likely be y. I do not care concerning the absolute values so long as I can predict the development of the change in x to the change in y. The CGMs use the modifications in y to say whether or not you might be in a inexperienced zone or not, like driving in a lane. Are you steering too far proper or left, are you getting right into a hypo- or hyperglycemic state?”The osmotic premise behind the EnLiSense sensor, branded the SweatSenser, is similar, he stated. Nonetheless, CGMs measure that gradient as a present by way of enzymatic amperomtery, which works for glucose, however for substances that don’t carry a cost or have a minimal cost—cortisol amongst them—Muthukumar stated such an strategy doesn’t work.The EnLiSense sensor makes use of an utility of Faraday’s regulation of inductionthat makes use of electrical measurements to deduce chemical properties in a system, referred to as electrochemical impedance spectromtery (EIS).EIS can make use of two sorts of sensors—both a faradaic sensor, which makes use of discount/oxidation (redox) reagents in its electrolyte resolution, or a nonfaradaic sensor, which doesn’t. The EnliSense cortisol sensor makes use of the nonfaradaic strategy, as a result of it permits for the detection of refined modifications in biomarker ranges at very small volumes.The sensor, which could be worn on a watch-like strap or different non-obtrusive machine, can also be able to housing detection strips for a couple of goal at a time, and has no microneedle that may trigger discomfort, similar to a CGM.Complementary closed-loop researchUniversity of Houston researcher Rose Faghih is raring to have entry to the EnLiSense sensor. Faghih is working experiments on stress response and management utilizing pores and skin conductance response (SCR), the measurable results of electrical traits derived from the change in sweat gland exercise as stressors change. Faghih is investigating closed-loop methods that may infer cognitive stress ranges and provide real-time behavioral recommendations. For example, she says in a wise house setting, a closed-loop system might measure a resident’s stress ranges and correspondingly change the extent of sunshine or music to swimsuit their temper. Having real-time cortisol sensor information so as to add context to SCR information could be a boon to her analysis, she says.There are even indications this expertise might unlock new sorts of therapies for weight problems.”I centered on analyzing cortisol information throughout my Ph.D. and have loads of expertise with it,” she says. “All of the cortisol information I’ve labored with is mainly blood samples taken each 10 minutes. I very a lot hope these will turn into commercially out there, or out there by way of collaborations so I can work with these researchers and use cortisol to deduce extra details about the mind state.”The EnliSense has already been efficiently examined in simultaneous detection of cortisol and glucose in a typical workday state of affairs on 10 topics Prasad’s UTD labs. The interplay of the 2 substances may unlock therapies for weight problems; Faghih has finished related work on the interactions of cortisol and leptin.

How to build better begonias

Begonias were originally farmed in Africa, close to the equator where very little day length change occurs. If you’re growing begonia varieties in the greenhouse, there are several production best practices you should be aware of to ensure success with the crop. Plantpeddler’s Mike Gooder went over his top tips during a session at AmericanHort’s recent Finished Plant Conference.

Can your stress level impact your physical fitness?

So many of us are finding it increasingly hard to cope with stress, be it at work or at home. This situation is only aggravated by excessive caffeine intake, fast-paced urban environments and distorted sleep cycles. While we are aware of how stress impairs social and interpersonal functionality, its effect on physical fitness is often less discussed.

Four warning signs that indicate poor gut health

Your gut begins exhibiting some early warning signs that you could be aware of. Nutritionist Minacshi Pettukola, not too long ago, shared 4 signs of poor gut health that you shouldn’t keep away from. Take a glance. Bloating and fuel. When the gut is stuffed with proportions of dangerous micro...

How to Maintain your Physical and Mental Health when Moving?

Moving is quite a stressful event that could affect your mental and a long list of things to do could affect your physical health. If you are already experiencing any kind of physical or mental health problem then the process could make it worse. If you want to be the best version of yourself then it is important to have your physical and mental health in harmony. So, when moving, make sure you pay complete attention to the overall health and well-being of a person. If you are wondering how you will take care of yourself and your family in such a busy schedule then here you will find some great tips. Check out these:

Understanding Mental Health amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic, many individuals have experienced the struggles of dealing with depression and anxiety. Many campaigns and advocates aim to disseminate information about depression and other mental health concerns. However, some people are still baffled, confused, or discriminatory against people who have these conditions. Mental health concerns can affect...
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Is retail in danger of getting burned out?

Improving compensation may seem like the obvious place for retailers to start when they are attempting to retain employees. For the majority of workers who were on the way out the door in July and August, however, it was not about money, according to a new study. Many retail workers...

Mid-30s crisis: Americans feel most stressed in their lives at age 36

NEW YORK — Are you nearing your mid-30s? You may want to think about a vacation. A new study finds the average American feels the most stressed at 36 years-old. Despite this — fear not — a recent survey of 2,000 Americans over the age of 30 reveals the average respondent is better at managing stress now than they were a decade ago. According to the results, only 18 percent feel stressed “all the time.”

#HealthBytes: Top 4 tips to manage your PCOS condition

(MENAFN- NewsBytes) Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal imbalance that is seen in women of reproductive age. A few common symptoms of the condition are facial hair, irregular menstrual cycle, weight gain, and acne. PCOS affects both physical as well as mental health. Health experts have said that a healthy lifestyle can help you manage the symptoms of this condition. Here's more about it.

5 expert tips to stress less this fall

(CNN) — As we head into what was supposed to be the fall recovery, the world is still reeling from Covid-related anxiety. It shows up in tepid job recovery and stock market tremors as well as in disagreements over masks and vaccine requirements in our schools and communities. It's not...
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Total Brain Brings New Clinical Platform to the Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Markets; Offers Game-Changing Stress Management Tools

The new Total Brain clinical platform is in response to clinicians asking for a robust set of actionable data. Further, the new platform includes the introduction of the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Measurement coupled with Total Brain's Resonant Breathing exercise for patients to better manage "in the moment" stress, and for addiction patients to quell related "in the moment" cravings. The result: improved patient outcomes and a reduction in the frequency of patients calling into clinicians when they are in a craving or stress-related crisis.

The Exercise and Movement Guide to Supporting Your Immune System

Several lifestyle factors influence the health and resilience of both innate and adaptive immune function. This series addresses them in three parts: Nutrition and Supplementation, Exercise and Movement, and Lifestyle. Each of these categories is important for immune health, but it’s difficult to argue any single category is more or less critical than the others. They’re all intertwined in such a complex way that even modern science struggles to tease out what’s actually happening with acute and long-term immune function when certain interventions are implemented. The process of achieving better immune health is simple. It may not be easy, but it is simple. We hope this guide helps. Are you wondering why activity choices matter for immune system resilience?

Worry And Stress: Why It Is Important To Understand The Difference

The only thing that is certain in the world is uncertainty. Things are continually changing, and it is more important than ever to develop our abilities to navigate complexity and uncertainty in healthy and productive ways. Our initial reactions to the complexity and ambiguity often take the form of worry and stress.