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New business helping find healthy outlook

A new Jacksonville business has its customers’ functional health as its primary goal. Nurse practitioner Katie O’Neil created the consultation practice Jacksonville Wellness to help people identify and correct the root lifestyle causes of their illnesses. It is a holistic approach intended to work in tandem with traditional medicine and physicians’ practices.
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How to cope with COVID anxiety and insomnia

As the Delta variant spreads, anxiety over the pandemic is ramping up. In fact, many Americans are reporting increased sleep deprivation, a common sign of stress. Clinical psychologist and Oura sleep advisor Dr. Michael Breus joins CBSN to explain how best to combat symptoms of what experts are now calling "coronasomnia."
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Lightning starts 19 new fires in Central Oregon

Officials in Central Oregon are reporting at least 19 fire starts from lightning as of Friday morning, but there could be more overnight. So far, many of those fires have been contained and are fairly small. The two largest fires burning in the area are the Deep Creek Fire at...
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As overdoses rise, clinic meets a need

According to a recent release from the Centers for Disease Control, deaths related to drug overdose went up almost 30% across the entire United States in 2020. The widespread issue is affecting areas all over, including in Dunkirk and places close to home. In order to combat this problem, the...
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Real Estate Expert Tessabella Jelten’s Take On Stress!

At 18-years-old, Oregon-native Tessabella Jelten had negative thirty-six cents in her bank account. A freshman at Arizona State, Tessabella was enamored with renovation and real estate shows on HGTV, and was determined to someday rub elbows with her TV idols. Less than a decade later, the 25-year-old has worked with her heroes en route to more than $23 million in real estate sales, becoming a nationally recognized real estate coach, and owning her own businesses.
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‘Global Emotions’ Survey Shows Record High Levels Of People “Feeling Stressed, Sad, Angry And Worried”

Gallup, a large polling company, sought to find out the mood of the world with a Global Emotions survey of 160,000 people in 116 countries during 2020 and early 2021. The results of the study shows that more people felt “stressed, sad, angry and worried in 2020 more than at any point in Gallup’s global tracking.” Gallup claims that it's not solely due to the worldwide pandemic, though it is a major contributor. The trend of happiness has been trending downwards for over a decade.
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Top Tips To Keep The Stress At Bay During Pregnancy

Pregnancy stress is something prevalent that every mom-to-be might have witnessed some or the other time. Mood swings, irritation, frustration, agitation, there are lots of such similar factors that accompany a woman when she is pregnant. But how do you stay sane while you are pregnant? How do you calm...

How to Take Time for Yourself to Fully Recharge

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As an entrepreneur, you likely give dozens of people hours and energy, possibly at the expense of your well-being. This, however, is simply not sustainable long-term, and will likely lead to burnout. In this post- (sort of) pandemic “new normal,” it is more important than ever to maximize time for yourself in order to recharge and live life on a higher level.

An underutilized way to relieve stress [PODCAST]

“As a former hospitalist who transitioned out of clinical practice in 2015, I’ve been deep in the physician wellness space for years. Far and away, the most effective way I’ve supported health care professionals during this time (often in my role as a founding board member of the mindful health care collective) is with a tool called tapping, otherwise known as the emotional freedom technique or EFT. Tapping is a powerful, evidence-based stress-reduction and healing technique that uses the same meridians as acupuncture (without the needles). By tapping on these meridians, you can induce profound changes in the brain and nervous system, which send calming signals to the stress center of the brain (the amygdala and hippocampus) in the face of stress. The results are astonishing.”
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5 things leaders can do to create a stressless workplace

Chronic work-related stress is linked to health issues such as depression and coronary heart disease and directly impacts workplace productivity, retention, job satisfaction, and personal and professional relationships. A certain amount of pressure is good for you. When you experience the right amount of challenge and interest, your brain releases...

How to Use Breathing as a Tool for Performance

Breathing may be the most underrated tool in your mental toolbox as an athlete. In fact, you may have never even thought about breathing, because it’s something that you do without conscious thought every moment of your life. Breathing is, of course, essential for living. It supplies your body with the oxygen that is necessary to function. That very purpose means that breathing can also have a significant impact, either good or bad, on your performances, when your body must be able to function at its most optimal.
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What “Self-Care” Really Means, Because It’s Not All Bubble Baths And Retail Therapy

Self-care is all the rage these days. A scroll through Instagram makes it look like something you achieve through expensive products like spa sessions and retreat getaways. While those things might come into some people’s self-care plans, they aren’t necessary. They don’t capture the essence of what self-care really is. So what does looking after yourself actually involve? Read below to find out.
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Skin issues? You're not alone – two thirds of British adults are having stress-induced flare-ups

A new study shows that two thirds of British adults are experiencing flare-ups of skin issues, such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, due to stress. In a nationwide study of 1,000 adults, conducted in Summer 2021 and commissioned by Typharm’s Skin Life Sciences Foundation, 66% said that recent periods of stress and anxiety had resulted in skin flare-ups, dryness or itchiness. A quarter of respondents also said their existing eczema or psoriasis worsens when they’re stressed, and 27% reported allergic-type skin reactions with no apparent cause.