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4th Street Art Festival Returns Labor Day Weekend

The 4th Street Festival of the Arts and Fine Crafts will return to Bloomington, Indiana, on Labor Day weekend. Like every event that attracts a large crowd, 4th Street Art Festival was cancelled last year because of the pandemic. While there will be a handful of art shows throughout Summer 2021, the 45th annual 4th Street Art Festival will be the first show that many artists have done in at least 18 months. Artists and patrons are ready!
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What’s behind an uptick in defaced public art?

Sometimes hate-filled and disrespectful, but there are teachable opportunities, too. Atlanta artists have this uncanny, unwavering stick-to-it-ivness. There’s a physicality to creating and producing, especially in public spaces. The exception is when the exertion must be replicated again and again. That’s been necessary more and more often in recent months by an uptick in defaced public art.
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Lincoln neighborhood paints mural to slow down drivers

(LINCOLN, Neb.) Over the weekend, residents of a downtown Lincoln neighborhood painted friendly street art encouraging drivers to slow down, AP News reported. Residents painted street-sized yellow smiley-face with the words "Slow your roll!" on 11th Street in an attempt to slow passing drivers, according to South of Downtown Community Arts Organizer Kat Weise.
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Wyandotte artist Con Lustig is a rising star

Whether creating oil paintings, prints or designs, Wyandotte artist Con Lustig, 27, who has a studio at River’s Edge Gallery, is a rising star in the local art scene. Lustig, a 2012 graduate of Wyandotte Roosevelt High School, graduated from the University of Michigan–Dearborn with bachelor of fine arts degrees in both art history and film.

Doctor Strange Seeks Out The Savage Avengers In ‘Savage Avengers’ #23

Existentialism And DVD Escapism: ‘Deadbox’ #1 Advance Review →. A unashamed DC Comics fan and sometime teacher for over 20 years! I got lucky and found the escape hatch. Now, I just read and write about comics all day long. Co-host of the ICE-Cast podcast and one third of the brains behind Birmingham's street art and graffiti festival High Vis Fest.
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Waterworld – Street Art by Sandrine Boulet

Sandrine Boulet: “The sea is everything! It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe. His breath is pure and healthy. It is the immense desert where man is never alone, for he feels life quivering by his side. The sea is only the vehicle of a supernatural and prodigious existence; it is only movement and love; it is infinity alive, as one of your poets said. “.. “We can defy human laws, but not resist natural laws. ” Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870), Jules Verne, ed. The Pocket Book, 2017.

Creative Street Art Interventions

A collaboration between Milan-based architects Migliore + Servetto and 40 Korean artists creates a dynamic street art installation along South Korea's Suyeoung district. The large urban graphic intervention redesigns the city's waterfront with a series of colorful, marine-inspired designs. Architect Ico Migliore designed a large colorful-focused pattern. Once the design...

Discover Manchester’s Green Quarter and Cheetham Hill

Manchester’s Green Quarter and the streets of Cheetham Hill are two areas that often risk being overlooked – the former because it’s a newly-established district, the latter because of a reputation that’s fast becoming outdated. The Green Quarter’s parameters aren’t yet fully understood, the independent businesses that operate here not yet well documented; Cheetham Hill, meanwhile, no longer lacks restaurants and enticing venues. Manchester Jewish Museum, once thought of as marooned, is connected to the city by a parade of independents along Red Bank, and bolstered by its excellent near neighbours. From brewery taprooms to a hidden cinema and sprawling street food venue, read on to rediscover the Green Quarter and Cheetham Hill.
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Art Exhibit and Sale at Citizens Bank on August 29th, 2021

Several local artists will display their work in various mediums. Some, but not all, will be available to Purchase. Anne West Towns, Watercolors. Ms. Towns is a retired retail designer/illustrator who worked with Cain Sloan Co. and Castner Knott Company for 34 years. She studied watercolor with Award Winning artist, the late Shelley Snow of Franklin, TN.
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Young at ♥Art

As usual, the summer months are flying past us, and we are all planning for the new school year and really hopeful that our children will be able to enjoy in-person learning and socializing again. Some of our kids did very well with virtual classes, while others struggled. We here...
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Commentary: 7 ways for Tampa to support local artists and why it matters

We all love to visit and live in cities brimming with local art, but vibrant art communities don’t just appear -- they need to be cultivated, supported, and sustained. Often the very artists who breathe beauty, culture, and life into our cities are among the first to be pushed out by rising costs -- a result of the value they helped to create.
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4 ways Philadelphia brings on the fun beyond Natural Products Expo East

With a mix of modern culture and iconic history, Philadelphia was the only U.S. city picked by National Geographic’s global travel experts for the 25 most exciting destinations for 2020 and one of only three U.S. destinations—and one of only eight destinations around the globe—to make Condé Nast Traveler’s 2021 “Best Destinations in the World” Gold List. There’s really something special about this city.
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Haring exhibit at Fenimore a radiant splash frozen in time

Keith Haring? What’s not to like? Even if you don’t appreciate graffiti, or graffiti as fine art, it’s hard not to be buoyed by the joyous visual language of Haring’s work. Throw in playful subversion, sober social messaging, and a liberating commentary on being gay in the 1980s, and it starts to really go places.