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In the turmoil, Streamlabs OBS decided to change its name

Streamlabs OBS is now a household name in the streaming world. The company offers software that allows creators around the world to connect with their audiences. In recent days, it has nevertheless faced a controversy and finds itself under fire from critics of very popular videographers and certain competitors. As of today, the company has also announced that it will be called Streamlabs and therefore withdraws OBS from its name.
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Streamlabs accused of plagiarism

This week, livestreaming tools developer Streamlabs was accused of plagiarism by streaming service Lightstream. This followed the announcement of its new service, Streamlabs Studios, for Xbox console users. Lightstream tweeted a comparison of Streamlabs Studios and its website which appear to be very similar. Content creator iamBrandon showed that both...
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Streamlabs changes its name after backlash from Twitch stars and open source software maker

Streamlabs, formerly Streamlabs OBS, changed its name Wednesday after backlash spread on Twitter against the company over alleged sketchy business practices. The OBS Project, short for Open Broadcaster Software, provided the open source technical framework for Streamlabs. But in spite of Streamlabs’ decision to include “OBS” in its name, the company and the open source project were apparently never on good terms.
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Streamlabs will drop ‘OBS’ name after getting called out by open-source app

Streamlabs has promised to remove “OBS” from the name of its livestreaming software, Streamlabs OBS, following backlash from streamers and the open-source livestreaming platform OBS Studio. OBS Studio says it asked Streamlabs not to use its name, which stands for “Open Broadcaster Software,” only to have the company do so anyway. Streamlabs has also been accused of copying the website of another broadcasting software, with all the drama hashed out on Twitter.

Explaining Everything StreamlabsOBS allegedly plagiarized

StreamlabsOBS has issued a statement that moving forward, they will be known only as Streamlabs, dropping the OBS from their name. The statement reads:. “Streamlabs OBS is built on top of the OBS open-source platform; Streamlabs OBS is also open source, and our code is publicly available.”. But what caused...

Streamlabs drops ‘OBS’ from company name in response to recent controversy

Streamlabs OBS, a leading company for live-streaming software, is removing the phrase “OBS” from its name after facing criticism from multiple sources, including popular streamers and other companies. Starting today, the company will be known as “Streamlabs.”. On Tuesday, the company also faced allegations that it had copied its website...

Streamlabs is being accused of theft by multiple software developers

Streamlabs, the company that created a suite of software tools for content creators, has been accused of theft by an assortment of its rivals. Yesterday, Lightstream, a streaming studio used for console streaming, called out the company for plagiarism. Streamlabs had created a landing page for Streamlabs Studio, which was eerily similar to Lightstream’s own page. Since then, other software creators, ranging from OBS to Combo, have called out the company for stealing ideas. Streamlabs has called the Lightstream situation “a mistake,” and announced it will remove “OBS” from its Streamlabs Open Broadcast Software name.

Streamlabs removes brand affiliation with OBS Studio after backlash

Content creation software company Streamlabs announced the removal of brand affiliation with OBS Studio. Formerly known as Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS), this popular streaming software is based on the open-source OBS application. Over the last several years, the company has gained notoriety through its successful marketing and partnerships with top content creators such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Richard Tyler Blevins or “Ninja.”

After the allegations: Streamlabs removes OBS from the name

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