China Streamer iQiyi Poised to Slash Jobs (Reports)

Chinese video streaming company iQiyi is poised to impose massive job just on its workforce Chinese and financial sector media reported on Wednesday and Thursday. The layoffs could affect 20-40% of its workforce, the reports said. Contacted by Variety, iQiyi acknowledged the existence of the media reports, but offered no further response. On Wednesday the company announced a significant crop of original content at its Singapore-based international platform. On Thursday, in China, it unveiled a VR headset that would increase its presence in the metaverse. Leading financial news site Yicai Global reported redundancy news that it said was sourced from iQiyi staff. Other...
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"They took me down:" Ludwig suspended during YouTube livestream

Ludwig had his Thursday livestream suspended by YouTube on Thursday for copyright infringement, while 25,000+ fans were watching. The ban came only three days after he made the jump to YouTube Gaming from Twitch. The YouTube player stated "Stream Unavailable, stream suspended for policy violations" over the black screen during...
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NBCU launches reality streamer Hayu into India

NBCUniversal (NBCU)’s reality streaming service Hayu has launched in India. The roll-out marks the 28th territory in which the SVOD has launched, with the service already available in countries such as the UK and Australia. Hayu in India will offer more than 8,000 episodes of reality TV content, including all...
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Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops – December 2021

Sea of Thieves is practically giving away new content so freely, that it’s practically a steal. If you want to get some free stuff on the game, you’ll get the chance via Twitch Drops that the developers are handing out on their streams via Twitch. Tune in to the latest stream on Twitch to earn some free stuff for Sea of Thieves.

Ludwig Ahgren, A Top Twitch Streamer, Gets Poached By YouTube Gaming

Ludwig Ahgren, the pro gamer and esports commentator, has been poached away from his home at Twitch to join YouTube Gaming in an exclusive streaming deal. The contract, facilitated by Ahgren’s management company, Loaded, kicked off yesterday. In a video explaining his move (below), Ahgren said that YouTube offered him more money, but he initially opted to stay at Twitch. After that, YouTube continued to fight for him, he said, which Twitch had never done — ultimately offering a contract with less streaming hours so that he could pursue other content ventures.

FIFA streamer loses his mind after being perma banned by EA live on Twitch

Well-known FIFA Twitch Streamer Castro_1021 was permanently banned from FIFA 22 for allegedly engaging in FUT coin distribution, a practice where players sell the in-game coins to other players. The practice is explicitly banned by EA, who claims it causes “inflation” to the game economy since players are using money that they didn’t earn through gameplay. The ban occurred live on his stream and elicited a very animated response from the streamer, who was absolutely furious at the ban and denied the allegation leveled at him by EA in no uncertain terms. “WHAT? Permanently banned?” the streamer…

Battlefield 2042 suffers “Load Persistence Data” server errors after Update #3 release [Update: fix deployed]

Update: A server-side fix has been deployed for the Unable to load Persistence Data errors presenting after Update #3 went live this morning. DICE pushed live Update #3 for Battlefield 2042 this morning, the patch for the near future first person shooter bringing hundreds of fixes, changes, improvements and a handful of new features. However, since then the game has struggled with server issues and an unusual PC mouse input bug. DICE are working to resolve both problems, with a workaround in place for PC users.

Overwatch devs respond to streamer ‘favoritism’ concerns with new patch

The Overwatch developers have responded to criticism from players accusing them of showing favoritism towards streamers and content creators with the new Experimental patch. On November 30, a new Overwatch patch developed by three streamers went live and the community was both baffled and impressed by all the whacky, fun balance changes.

Twitch Introduces New Tools to Combat Ban Evasions

Twitch has rolled out new Suspicious User Detection tools, which use machine learning to flag "likely" and "possible" accounts that are evading bans. Plans for detecting ban evasions were announced back in August, and almost six months later, Twitch is making Suspicious User Detection available to all channels. According to the platform, the new tools should make it easier for streamers and moderators to catch and deal with new accounts from previously banned users.

HyperX’s Streamer Starter pack is going for an absolute bargain right now

HyperX has thrown a slew of discounts at the wall this holiday season, including its helpful Streamer Starter Pack. This holiday discount throws together the SoloCast USB mic and the Cloud Core gaming headset for a collective price of $80. For someone entering the streaming or content creation space, the bundle has some reliable peripherals for getting started.

AMC streamer ALLBLK tells Insecure’s Jean Elie, Mike Gauyo to Send Help

AMC Networks’ US-based streaming service ALLBLK has ordered a dark comedy series from two alumni of HBO’s half-hour dramedy Insecure. Created by actor Jean Elie (Colin in Black & White) and writer Mike Gauyo (Ginny & Georgia), Send Help is a coming-of-age series about a first-generation Haitian American man struggling to overcome the challenges of succeeding in Hollywood while also coming to terms with a recent family tragedy.