Murder charges filed against man involved in fatal casino fight

A Las Vegas man has been charged with murder after police said he fatally punched a man inside the lobby of The Strat. Surveillance footage from The Strat showed Michael Saunders punching a man at the check-in line on Aug. 27, according to an arrest report from the Metropolitan Police Department released Wednesday.
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Video footage of Owen Hart theme song being created by AEW’s Mikey Rukus

In September of 2021, it was announced that AEW would be partnering up with the Owen Hart Foundation. AEW music composer Mikey Rukus uploaded a video clip showing the process of creating a theme song for Owen. Rukus also commented on how many guitar tracks the song has…. “4 different...
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Pennsylvania man accused of fatally punching another guest at Las Vegas hotel

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A Pennsylvania man is accused of fatally punching another man while inside a Las Vegas casino hotel this summer, according to a police arrest report. Michael Saunders, 42, of Pittsburgh was initially arrested on suspicion of battery after hitting someone inside The STRAT on Aug. 27. Court records indicate a murder charge has since been added.
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High-Flying Mike Rutherford Loves Rock-Bottom Squier Bullet Stratocasters

Mike Rutherford – guitarist and founder of prog rock titans Genesis – loves a Squier Bullet Stratocaster it can be revealed. Favoring Fender’s super-budget electric guitar over instruments multiple times the price the prog legend has recently taken to playing these bargain basement models live in front of thousands of fans.

Free Killer Amp Sim Plugin Until October 31st - Orange Tiny Terror

IK Multimedia are offering their simulation of the Orange Dual Terror for free until October 31st 2021. The Orange Dual Terror is a wicked twin-channel, 30-watt guitar head featuring a unique 2-stage preamp, which has a massive tonal range using just three controls per channel. The Fat Channel delivers warmer tones, while the Tiny Terror Channel has the sonic character of the original Tiny Terror.

Local teen celebrates special day thanks to The STRAT, Make-A-Wish

Las Vegas (KSNV) — The STRAT Las Vegas, along with Make-A-Wish, helped make the dream of a local 15-year-old girl come true, as the pandemic put a halt on her special day. Ashley M. wasn't able to celebrate her quinceañara, an important milestone for girls across Latin America, due to the pandemic.

Q&A: Adam Steck of SPI Entertainment

Producer Adam Steck’s company, SPI Entertainment, is known not only for ushering in some of the Strip’s most popular and unique shows—including male revue Thunder From Down Under and a headlining residency from Boyz II Men—but also managing some of the busiest showrooms in town. Until recently, Steck’s focus was on the Thunderland Showroom at Excalibur, also home to The Mac King Comedy Magic Show, but this year SPI also partnered with The STRAT on the north end of the Strip to program its classic Vegas theater.

Z4pnu debunks speculation that playoff selection motivated controversial match

THE CONTROVERSIAL match between Nexplay EVOS and Omega Esports has led some fans to speculate that Omega Esports intentionally lost that series in order to capitalize on an OHEB-less Blacklist International. Even Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio shared the same sentiments in his vlog, “SANFORD IN.”. In response to these assumptions,...
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Metroid Dread: How to get Grapple and Bombs early + Kraid quick kill

The world of can feel somewhat linear on a first playthrough, but developer MercurySteam has filled it with secret routes. With enough skill, players can collect key items out of the normal order, opening up the map to greater exploration. One such sequence break allows you to get the Grapple Beam and Morph Ball Bombs earlier than normal. With early Bombs, it’s then possible to execute a secret Kraid quick kill that comes with its own unique (and gross) interactive cutscene.