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Local pottery shop to host Stranger-Things themed painting event

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Stranger Things fans take notice, The Pigeon & The Hen Pottery is set to host a Paint-Your-Own-Demogorgan Bowl event on Friday. The painting tutorial runs from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and costs $35 per person to participate. Attendees will be given a Stranger Things "Demogorgan...
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Stranger Things Board Game Details Revealed

CMON has provided additional details about its upcoming Stranger Things board game, which will be released next year. Stranger Things: Upside Down is an upcoming cooperative board game developed by Rob Daviau, the co-designer of Risk: Legacy, Cthulhu: Death May Die, and Return to Dark Tower. The game is based off of Season 1 and Season 2 of Stranger Things, with scenarios based on storylines from both games. Each scenario will have its own victory conditions, although both season scenarios involve "Saving Will" as a core victory condition. The board also has different sides to reflect the different locations that appear in each season. During a stream discussing the new game, Daviau mentioned that the Duffer Brothers played through early prototypes of the game and provided their input during its development.
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David Harbour: I Was Sure No One Would Watch ‘Stranger Things’

“Stranger Things” transformed David Harbour’s career, earning him two Emmy nominations and turning him into a bona fide movie star who can lead films like “Violent Night.” But he wasn’t always convinced that the blockbuster Netflix show would be a success. In a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Harbour recalled his first reaction to the Duffer Brothers’ pilot script. While he was blown away by the writing, he didn’t think the series would find a large audience. “I had no idea it would blow up the way it did,” Harbour said. “I immediately read it and I was like, ‘This is fantastic....

Why Matthew Modine Won't Reveal The Backstory Of Stranger Things' Dr. Brenner

For all its skin-crawling monsters, bloodthirsty beasts, and fantastical horrors, the scariest villain on "Stranger Things" is perhaps its most human. Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) slunk his way onto the hit Netflix sci-fi series' first season, where he was presented as a more black-and-white baddie. As the director of Hawkins National Laboratory, Brenner is responsible for the experiments on several child test subjects who, amongst discovering their supernatural abilities, were brought to life in the lab. These experiments not only stripped many of these children from having a fulfilling childhood but also is what would indirectly lead to the opening of the dimension that began to allow the many spine-chilling threats from the Upside Down to make their way into Hawkins.

Stranger Things: a fatal sequel planned for many characters?

The Duffer Brothers announced the color. Season 5 of Stranger Things might have you breaking out the tissues for characters. As expected as the last season of Game of Thrones, that of Stranger Things arouses expectation. Indeed, everyone wants to know if Hawkins’ gang will defeat Vecna. But above all, if the characters will all make it. And on this point, some may be disappointed.

Here’s How Those ‘Wednesday’ Scenes With Thing Were Shot

Wednesday season 1 took over Netflix when it premiered on November 23, shattering streaming records with ease. Within its first week, Wednesday beat out Stranger Things season 4 and is currently the most-watched English-language TV show on the platform. As the show’s fanbase continues to grow, Netflix has started sharing...

“Wednesday” breaks a “Stranger Things” record

Explodes the counters on Netflix. The series directed by Tim Burton arrived without warning on the platform on November 23rd and climbed without difficulty to the top of the podium of the most viewed English-language series during their first week of broadcast. By accumulating no less than 341 million hours...

Life under the spotlight of Sadie Sink: a childhood on Broadway and adolescence in ‘Stranger Things’

Sadie Sink’s (Brenham, 20-year-old) snow-white skin and long, reddish hair could have made her a pre-Raphaelite muse had she lived in late-19th-century London. However, she was born in a small Texas town and her early artistic concerns have positioned her as one of the most promising actresses of her generation. Proof of this is that the magazine Forbes just included it in your list 30 Forbes Under 30, with the 30 most influential young people under 30 in the world. Its international success responds to the phenomenon stranger things, but before landing on Netflix, the actress had years of profession behind her. In 2022 she has achieved the first big role of hers in the cinema with The Whalethe long-awaited psychological drama directed by Darren Aronofsky where he shares the screen with the actor Brendan Fraser, who returns to the industry after years of absence. The film will hit theaters in the United States on December 9 and a few weeks later in Spain (it is expected on January 4, 2023), and for her it could be the project with which to distance herself from stranger things and demonstrate their talent in other registers.

Stranger Things season 5 has a problem with its villains

The fifth season of Stranger Things has barely begun to develop, but a good part of the fans are already obsessed with any detail about its plot. Especially because it will be the last great adventure of Hawkins neighbors. However, even though everything seems to indicate that it will be a great pop culture event, there are also some concerns about its story.

Stranger Things The Experience Allows You to Unlock Your Power as a Main Character

When I was growing up in the 80’s to early 90’s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters were my favorite franchises. I owned a full Ghostbuster suit with a proton pack and, of course, I had every Ninja Turtle as an action figure. Yet, last night, when I stepped into Stranger Things The Experience, I saw the same awe and wonder on the faces of our group, ranging from young kids to even adults. They came dressed as their favorite characters, with dreams of stepping into the world, and I’ll say that this experience delivered that perfectly. Audiences had the ability to walk through Hawkins Lab, interact with the characters (and projected versions of the real actors), and even play a part in the Stranger Things Universe—that’s more than I could have ever imagined as a kid, and I’m so glad I’m able to experience it now.

Stranger Things: Eleven's Best Season 4 Moments, Ranked

As the main and most powerful character in Stranger Things, Eleven (played by Millie Bobbie Brown) plays an integral part in the show’s storyline. However, right from the opening scene of Season 4 Volume 1, we get the feeling that her story is more important now than ever. Following Hopper's presumed death at the end of season 3, Eleven moves to California with the Byers family and assumes the alias Jane. Between grieving her loss (of both her father and her powers), feeling distanced from Mike, and struggling to make friends at her new school, it's evidently an emotional time for Eleven.