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Principles: Inversion

Sometimes, the art of blogging becomes a messy affair; a tangled web of thoughts and ideas, and this can hurt us more than anything else. Especially when we’re starting out, when we have yet to develop much-needed instincts we can trust to guide us towards success. Without this sort of...
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Be stoic about it

Ancient wisdom doesn’t die; it just shows up at your favorite sports venue. The latest example was offered by a woman named Sydney McLaughlin at the United States Track and Field Trials. Ms. McLaughlin runs the 400-meter hurdles, a race that may be the most demanding run this side of...
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On Diogenes Laertius’s Biography of Zeno of Citiam

Diogenes Laertius’s chapter on Zeno of Citiam receives a privileged place in Book VII of his Lives (the chapter on Zeno is the first and longest biography in Book VII). Diogenes Laertius includes a number of letters in his biography of Zeno. Distinct from the Pre-Socratic philosopher also named Zeno, Zeno of Citiam was a Phoenician (from Cyprus). He was a tan-skinned and lanky. He was a student of the Cynics under Crates in the Diogenes-tradition. He was the son of a merchant.
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Against Persuasion

Knowing takes radical collaboration: an openness to being persuaded as much as an eagerness to persuade. A remix of “Alcibiades Being Taught by Socrates,” François-André Vincent (1776). Image: Wikimedia. Philosophers aren’t the only ones who love wisdom. Everyone, philosopher or not, loves her own wisdom: the wisdom she has or...
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How Does Celeste Teach Stoicism?

Celeste‘s story, like all good ones, is one about personal growth. Madeline deals with severe anxiety, constantly struggling to get a hold of all her negative emotions. She wants, no, she needs to prove herself that climbing a mountain top is feasible; accomplishing a goal just so she could exercise some control over her life. That’s the keyword of Stoicism: control. Incidentally, that’s also what Madeline strives for. Let’s take a small dive into the principles and values which can be drawn from one of the best indies of the last decade.
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7 Books That Increased My Self-Confidence

Written words have the power to influence your personality. The books enlisted in this article prove this. These books have contributed to forming the best version of myself in 27 years of existence. Mentally, intellectually, emotionally, ideologically, and relationship-wise, I’m in a place I’ve never been before. These changes are the result of how I’ve groomed myself over the years based on some great ideas and pieces of advice. Being a reader, a majority of these have come from books.
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Critical Race Theory

Always eager to find a new way to undermine our country, critical race theory (CRT) is the latest malignancy unleashed on our society and political system by predatory nihilists of the left. Notice the word “theory.” Dictionary.com gives the following definitions of the term: “(1) a coherent group of tested...

A Stoic Philosopher in a Hanoi Prison

Preparation and experience work most of the time — but not all of the time. Stockdale had no reason to think that the day’s mission was to be anything unique. The flight in September 1965 was part of his third combat tour of North Vietnam, serving as Wing Commander of the aircraft carrier Oriskany. Despite his misgivings about the purpose of him being in Vietnam, he was a competent and skilled career fighter pilot. Nothing suggested he shouldn’t expect to make it back home that day — let alone that decade.

The Stoics’ 7 Functions of the Clear Mind

The best reason to practice personal hygiene is that a clean body leads to a pure soul. It’s not the explanation my dentist gave me the other day, but regardless, at nearly 30 years old, she finally got me to floss. “Your gums are at risk,” she said. I have flossed every day since. One, because I’d like to keep my teeth until I die, and two, if I don’t have a clean mouth, how can I expect good things to come out when I open it?

Lynch: Bryson DeChambeau continues to lose his temper. Who will be the adult in the room?

In 2015, a college coach told Golf Channel reporter Ryan Lavner that five years from now, Bryson DeChambeau, who had just won the US Amateur, would either be world No.1 or in a straightjacket. The fact that DeChambeau does not currently occupy either of the two positions does not mean that both are now beyond the realm of the possible. It just varies depending on what week it seems to be moving forward.

Penniless: why a Victoria man has gone two decades without money

As David Arthur Johnston takes a seat next to me on a bench in the courtyard of the Greater Victoria Public Library’s main branch, I can see that his greying beard is so long and bushy it hides his neck and that his eyes are a light shade of blue, but it’s his coffee that has caught my attention. It’s in a to-go cup. A to-go cup.

Kai Whiting: Clearing up Misconceptions about Stoicism

“The other fans that have a dangerously inaccurate idea about what it means to be Stoic are the ‘Broics.'”. On July 6th, Merion West’s Johanna Leo spoke with Kai Whiting, who is a researcher and lecturer in sustainability and Stoicism at the Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium. In this interview, Mr. Whiting discusses his latest book Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In. In this book, which he co-wrote with Leonidas Konstantakos, the authors seek to apply Stoic principles to contemporary life and dispel the myth that it is an ancient philosophy only applicable to another era. They also challenge the conception of Stoicism as being predominately a philosophy for men. As such, in this discussion, Mr. Whiting and Ms. Leo discuss common misconceptions about Stoicism, how the philosophy might play out differently in various cultural contexts, and how Stoicism might help a person navigate modern life, from social media on down.

Give and Take of “History Repeats Itself”

The Human Predisposition to self-inflict the Recurrent Communal Guiding principles thru the Notion of the Collective Conscience. History is the story of living people and their immediate environment. That is what every soul leaves behind once farewells our limited realm. That is what it implies in the literal sense and what should be!
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The Stoicism of Cool Hand Luke

Only Paul Newman could have told me to fck off and I’d have thanked him. Thanks for the reminder of an awfully good film. Time sure makes a difference. What surprises me about stoicism is that has been so liberating. Reflecting rather than projecting is much better for the soul.

Why Should I Care About Running?

I am a morning person. By that, I mean that I reserve my most full-bodied existential crises for 5 a.m. Running? Strive and strive only to end up where we started (if a bear doesn’t eat you after the turnaround). Writing? On the internet, the best and the worst are all gone by tomorrow and it’s onto the next deadline (if you don’t get cancelled first). Parentheses? Punctuation for people who don’t understand commas (I blame my English teacher).

The Qumranite Society or the New Union Society

The discovery of the Dead Sea Manuscripts between 1947 and 1956 was an event that ushered in a new era of Bible study, early post-biblical Judaism, and the beginning of Christianity. Written in Hebrew and Aramaic and dating from 200 BC. until the middle of the first century AD, they allowed an incomparable and revolutionary view of Jewish life and worldview in Palestine during a fateful period in the development of Jewish and Christian religious thought. With their first publication in 1962 and the revised 1975 edition, these unbiblical Qumran texts became an accessible and convenient introduction to the organization, customs, history, and beliefs of the municipality that created them. These remarkable documents serve as an authoritative guide in the study of ancient Judaism and the nascent Christianity of the same period.
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Three Lessons From Epictetus That Will Change Your Daily Life

Timeless aphorisms from one of the greatest stoic teachers of all time. Born thousands of years ago, Stoic Philosopher, Epictetus, grew up as a slave to the Roman Emperors freedman. It was during this time he began practicing Philosophy, as it was one of the few past-times he was allowed to pursue.