When You Live With Duchenne, Healthy Choices Are Vital

Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action on an object there is an equal and opposite reaction. In 1686, his law was groundbreaking, but in 2021, we take its simplicity for granted. There is a consequence for every action taken. When a bullet discharges from a handgun, its recoil forces the shooter’s wrist back.
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Toppmöller stoic after win: "Soon I can take a step back again."

For whatever it's worth, Dino Toppmöller remains undefeated as FC Bayern München's impromptu caretaker trainer. The son of German coaching legend Klaus Toppmöller has beaten two worthy opponents by a combined 8-0 scoreline. Despite this, the 40-year-old made clear he was looking forward to the end of his time in...
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New World Players Receive The Stoic In-Game Title and Waiting Emote After Problematic Launch

Amazon has recently released some new free content for New World players to enjoy to make up for the problematic launch they had of the MMORPG. The company has released two free in-game content that players can download right now. These are The Stoic in-game title and the Waiting emote, totally free of charge. This is Amazon’s way to make up for the game’s bad launch server queues that a lot of players complained.

7 Practical Lessons From Stoic Philosophy That Will Significantly Improve Your Everyday Life

This post may contain affiliate links, read about our editorial promise. If you’re fed up with empty feel-good phrases and instead crave actionable advice that actually helps you become a better person, look no further than Stoicism – “the most practical of all philosophies,” as bestselling author Ryan Holiday calls it.
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More on the Use and Misuse of Anger

Yves here. Our discussion of anger and the rising prohibitions against expressing it (at least interpersonally) in the US and particularly among the young led a reader to send a e-mail that he’s agreed to let us feature as a post. Needless to say, the finger-wagging over getting heated in...

Deal of the Week: Outdoor Apparel

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Why does a man's stoic face intrigue me so much?

There's a hardworking very helpful attentive man at my job. he's unlike other men as he doesn't act sexual with me or anyone else that i have noticed. What really pulls me in is his stoic face added to that personality of his. Of course i dont KNOW this guy....
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Ask The Old Guy: Eyes to the future

CHARLOTTE — Expectations are a funny thing sometimes. They can mess with your head. That's why it generally helps to have a very microscopic view of the task at hand, but a macro view of the situation as a whole. For instance, if the season ended today, the 3-2 Panthers...

Kathleen “Kay” Laperle

Kathleen “Kay” Laperle, 95, passed into the arms of God at NHC Springfield, Sunday, October 3, 2021, after suffering a massive stroke three weeks prior. Gracious and stoic to the end, she was one tough bird! She was born to Frederick and Elizabeth McConnell Padner on January 14, 1926, in East Angus, Quebec.