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Sorry, not everyone will qualify for the second stimulus payment, even if they got the first one

President Donald Trump signed the COVID-19 relief bill into law on Sunday night. The provision for the second stimulus check is for up to $600 per person, but Trump has continued to demand a $2,000 check -- a raise of up to $1,400 per qualified adult and child. And the House of Representatives on Monday voted to approve the $2,000 amount. The proposal for the larger sum now goes over to the Senate.
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House backs increasing coronavirus stimulus checks to $2,000

The Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed a bill Monday evening to increase direct coronavirus relief payments to some people to $2,000, although the measure faces an uphill battle in the Republican-run Senate despite support from President Donald Trump. The legislation would increase the $600 in direct payments to those who earned...
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House votes to boost stimulus checks to $2,000 with bipartisan support

The House on Monday voted to beef up stimulus checks set to go out to American households in the coming weeks from $600 to $2,000. The chamber acted swiftly after President Trump demanded the larger payments last week, but passage of the measure is uncertain because Senate Republicans have not unified behind the idea.
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Covid vaccines and $600 payments: key provisions in the US stimulus bill

Donald Trump signed the new Covid-19 stimulus package into law on Sunday night, suddenly giving into pressure from Congress after calling the legislation a “disgrace” days earlier. The $900bn emergency relief bill includes funds to help small businesses, health providers and schools, as well as individuals facing unemployment, eviction and...
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Trump signs stimulus and government spending bill into law, averting shutdown

President Trump unexpectedly capitulated Sunday night and signed the stimulus bill into law, releasing $900 billion in emergency relief funds into the economy and averting a Tuesday government shutdown. White House officials didn’t explain why the president decided to suddenly back down and sign into law a bill he had...
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Those $600 relief checks could soon be on their way to many Americans

The bill will reinstate supplemental unemployment benefits of $300 per week, and extend eviction protections through the end of January. The legislation also allocates another $284 billion to the Paycheck Protection Program. ​Need to stay updated on coronavirus news in Texas? Our evening roundup will help you stay on top...
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Here’s what’s in the new $900 billion stimulus package

Congressional leaders brokered a deal on an approximately $900 billion relief bill Sunday night, with promises to pass the legislation as soon as possible. The bill would extend aid to millions of struggling households through stimulus checks, enhanced federal unemployment benefits and money for small businesses, schools and child care, as well as for vaccine distribution. It also repurposes $429 billion in unused funds provided by the Cares Act for emergency lending programs run by the Federal Reserve.