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The next stimulus check wave is coming next week – here’s who’s getting paid

The last stimulus checks — which were the first installment of an advance payment of the child tax credit — were only sent out about two weeks ago. But it’s almost that time again, believe it or not, for an all-new wave of checks to start hitting bank accounts. The next stimulus check will be here not this Friday, but the following Friday — August 13, to be specific. It’s the second in what will eventually be a six-check series of stimulus payments, a benefit that will ultimately send hundreds of dollars to families with eligible children. Today’s Top Deal Unreal deal...
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Recurring Stimulus Check Bill Proposed By Rep. Ilhan Omar

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, and some more progressive Democratic colleagues, have proposed legislation that will send out periodic stimulus checks. In other words, it would be a source of guaranteed income. The monthly stimulus amounts will be a maximum of $600 for every child and $1200 for every adult. Omar’s...
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Coronavirus stimulus checks: Omar proposes $1,200 monthly guaranteed income

There is now a new twist in the demand for a fourth stimulus check. Over the past few months, there was no interest shown by any lawmakers, and thus, it was believed that another round of stimulus checks would be highly unlikely. However, Representative Ilhan Omar, along with other progressive Democratic lawmakers, has reignited the discussion over another round of coronavirus stimulus checks.
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Stimulus Check Confirmed By California

Stimulus Check 4 has been confirmed. The state of California has confirmed the checks. They are expected to be rolled out in September. These checks are most likely to benefit all the people of California. Discussed below are more insights. Stimulus Checks For California Expected In September. The pandemic has...
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Stimulus Check: How Much Will You Be Getting In 2021?

The United States federal government has paid millions of its citizens, tax credits, and stimulus checks as it tries to provide some relief economically. There have been three rounds of stimulus, and several more tax refunds and amendments aiming to give stimulus checks to the people. The Maximum Stimulus Check...
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Stimulus checks: Could payments turn into monthly guaranteed income?

(WJW) — Progressive Democratic lawmakers proposed legislation on Friday that would issue recurring stimulus checks, or guaranteed income, with monthly payments of up to $1,200 for adults and $600 for children. Saying “poverty is a choice,” Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted the announcement introducing two bills. The Sending Unconditional Payments to...
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St. Petersburg is getting a $45 million stimulus. How should it be spent?

ST. PETERSBURG — Affordable housing. Health and social equity. Economic recovery and resilience. Public safety. Infrastructure. Which issue could use millions of dollars?. With $45 million in federal stimulus funding coming its way, the City of St. Petersburg is asking that question of its residents. Last week, the city held three workshops that asked residents to rank and sound off on those five issues, all of which meet the strict criteria for stimulus funding.