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Steph Curry’s parents divorcing after being married for 33 years

After over three decades of marriage, Sonya and NBA great Dell Curry are calling it quits. The parents of three-time NBA champion Steph Curry and 76ers sharpshooter Seth Curry are divorcing, according to TMZ. Sonya reportedly filed for divorce on June 14 in North Carolina, court records reveal. The divorce proceedings are still ongoing, a court official told the website.
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Steph Curry's Mom Sonya Files For Divorce From Dell Curry After More Than 30 Years Of Marriage

The matriarch filed the paperwork back in June. After more than 30 years and three children together, Dell and Sonya Curry are calling it quits. According to TMZ Sports, the parents of NBA stars Steph and Seth have officially been in the process of ending their marriage since June 14, when Sonya filed the paperwork in their home state of North Carolina. The reason cited for the split isn’t clear at the moment and the divorce is ongoing.
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Steph Curry's Newly Estranged Parents Sonya & Dell Accuse Each Other Of Cheating In Shocking Divorce Documents

This divorce is getting messy. According to new court documents, Steph Curry's mother, Sonya Curry, is accusing his father, Dell Curry, of being unfaithful during the fractured couple's 33-year marriage. But that's not all. Dell is also reportedly accusing his estranged wife of having extramarital affairs while they were together.

Breaking: Steph Curry’s Mom, Sonya, Files For Divorce

Sonya Curry, the mother of NBA superstar Steph Curry, has filed for divorce from Dell Curry, according to a report from TMZ Sports. Per the report, Sonya officially filed for divorce back in June. The process is still ongoing. It’s unclear what Sonya’s reasoning for divorce is at this time.

Drake Being Linked to Sonya Curry Following News Steph’s Parents Divorcing

Drake ready to swoop in on Sonya Curry? Yesterday the news broke like a tidal wave hitting the beach, Steph Curry’s parents are reportedly divorcing. Now thanks to some fresh gossip, Drake is somehow involved in Steph Curry’s parents divorce. Apparently he allegedly used to “flirt” with Steph’s mom. Shocker.

Steph Curry Admits He’s Studying Another Superstar Athlete

Curry will begin playing in his 13th NBA season later this year. To prepare, he’s studying one of sports’ greatest players: Tom Brady. Why Brady in particular? He’s played far longer than anyone could have predicted and continues to have great passion for football. Curry wants the same for himself on the hardwood.

Warriors star Stephen Curry’s parents Dell, Sonya hurl cheating accusations at crux of divorce

The shocking news of the divorce between Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry’s parents, Dell and Sonya, took many fans by surprise. The Curry family always seemed like the perfect bunch. We’d often see both Dell and Sonya Curry together during Warriors playoff games decked out in Dubs gear alongside Steph’s wife Ayesha. But unfortunately, it wasn’t all that it seemed to be on the surface as their divorce plans have now gone public.
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CJ McCollum exposes Patrick Beverley for lying about infamous Steph Curry warning

Golden State Warriors fans all remember the words Patrick Beverley allegedly said to Stephen Curry during a regular season game back in 2019. “You had the last five years. The next five years are mine,” Beverley was said to have muttered to Curry during a game against the Warriors. Now that Beverley has been traded away from the Los Angeles Clippers, not once but twice, fans were quick to bring up the ill-fated quote yet again. But Pat Bev claims that it was all cap and that he “never said this ever.”