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'Stealth' omicron is in the US. Here's what we know about it.

A stealthy version of the omicron variant has been detected in the U.S., but so far, it makes up a very low proportion of the overall cases in the country. This version of the variant, called BA.2, bears some genetic mutations not seen in the original omicron lineage, and some of these mutations lie in the spike protein, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Some preliminary data hint that BA.2 may be slightly more transmissible, but not more severe, than the original omicron, but it's too early to interpret that data with any confidence.
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New Omicron Offshoot BA.2 Arrives In U.S. After Spreading In U.K., Denmark, India

Just as the Omicron wave may have broken across the U.S. comes word of another version of the more transmissible variant, dubbed BA.2. It’s been nicknamed by some “stealth Omicron” because it seems to evade identification better than its predecessor. While other new variants that seemed worrisome — like Mu or Lambda — have had little impact, and details remain sketchy, early indications are that BA.2 seems to be spreading even in countries where the original Omicron lineage, BA.1, is dominant. In Denmark, a country whose Covid policies are often contrasted with the U.S., BA.2 now accounts for nearly half of the...
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'Stealth omicron' sample detected in Connecticut

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - The newly dubbed "stealth omicron" variant was discovered Connecticut, according to a researcher in the state. Nathan Grubaugh, an associate professor with the Yale School of Public Health, said on Tuesday that a case of the variant was found. "We detected the first BA.2 Omicron...

‘Stealth Omicron’ Starting to Get Noticed, Setting Off Some Alarms

Initial data suggest that it appears to be more infectious than even the highly infectious original Omicron variant. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” but it has nothing to do with Machiavellian political machinations that the quote alludes to in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The rottenness this time around has to do with the activity of what some experts refer to as the “stealth Omicron”—BA.2—that appears to be much more infectious than even the highly infectious Omicron—or BA.1.

Why 'Stealth Omicron' isn't so stealthy

SAN ANTONIO — At least three Texans have so far tested positive for the BA.2 subvariant, perhaps erroneously dubbed 'stealth omicron.'. The strain appears to be at least as infectious as the dominant version of COVID-19 that's spread throughout the United States for the last two months. Early data from other countries indicate the mutation does not make infected people more ill than its omicron relative does.

Experts: Stealth Omicron Subvariant BA.2 Should Not Slow Pandemic Endgame

PLEASANTON (CBS SF) — The emergence of the BA.2 omicron subvariant comes just as a lot of people were starting to talk about the endgame of the pandemic — the elimination mask requirements. So, does the BA.2 subvariant change that?. “I think don’t think so,” says Dr. Karin...

The WHO says the next COVID variant will be more infectious than Omicron, and it might be more deadly

Never miss a story: Follow your favorite topics and authors to get a personalized email with the journalism that matters most to you. In the short time since it was first detected in South Africa last November, Omicron has quickly usurped Delta as the world’s dominant variant of COVID-19. Omicron’s rapid spread has sparked record waves of infection in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Yet despite its high transmissibility, Omicron has appeared less deadly than its predecessor, with hospitalization rates among vaccinated people remaining relatively low.
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Omicron in California: State finds handful of cases of new ‘stealth’ version of omicron

Rate of infection for unvaccinated Santa Clara County residents is 1,000 per 100,000: Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County’s health officer, said during a virtual town hall event on Tuesday that the rate of infection among unvaccinated people is close to 1,000 per 100,000. Cody described that figure as “very, very high” compared to the rate of infection for boosted people, which is around 100 per 100,000 people. “So, there is about a 10-fold difference on just for rates of infection,” Cody said. “When you look at rates for hospitalization, it’s also, you know, a huge, huge difference. The vaccine is very, very, very protective as far as hospitalization and extremely effective at preventing you from dying of COVID.”
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What to know about the newly-identified 'stealth Omicron' variant

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The omicron variant has quickly become the dominant strain in the United States. Our country is averaging more than 740,000 new cases a day, and omicron is responsible for nearly all of them. “We’re all tired of this at this point, [and] we’re over two years...
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COVID Help Desk: What is 'stealth' omicron?

Each week, Chronicle health reporters field questions about the latest on COVID-19, vaccines and pandemic living. In this week’s COVID Help Desk: What you should know about masks and a new “stealth” variant detected in Houston. How do I know whether my medical-grade mask is real or...