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The pandemic effect is slowing

Our work this week kicked off in China, dug into African startup activity, dealt with China once again, took a very deep dive into the Latin American startup ecosystem and wrapped with a second look at the Robinhood IPO. In other words, not much was really going on at all!

5 lessons from Duolingo’s bellwether edtech IPO of the year

Duolingo’s IPO proves that public market investors can see the long-term value in a mission-driven, technology-powered education concern; the company’s IPO carries extra weight considering the historically few edtech companies that have listed. Duolingo’s IPO proves that public market investors can see the long-term value in a mission-driven, technology-powered education...
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Unicorns are ready for a haircut

Squire is a back-end barbershop management tool for independent businesses. I first covered it in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The startup raised millions of dollars days before its key clientele — barber shops — were shut down across the country. The company eventually went from defense to offense in its growth strategy, finding itself as a key partner for any barbershop that needed to start offering contactless payments, digital appointment booking and a more seamless customer experience built for a generation used to doing everything online.

Invisibly wants to pay you for your data

Can the tech world put food on the table? Not just for the programmers, but for the users too? That’s the question that a startup called Invisibly is asking. They’re developing a way for users — that is, all of us on the internet — to earn a paycheck for sharing data. Instead of trading their personal information for services like Facebook or Google, Invisibly is proposing a more explicit contract that rewards the people with cash for parting with the information about what they like to read on the internet.

Robinhood: How It Disrupted The Brokerage Industry

This week, Robinhood came public and raised $2.1 billion. Yet the shares fell nearly 8% on the debut. Part of this was due to the confusion of its distribution of shares to retail investors. There were also concerns about the legal liabilities and regulatory issues. But despite all this, Robinhood...
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Opinion: America needs a startup visa program to aid entrepreneurs

Moderna, Pfizer, Google, Tesla. These iconic companies are helping to drive the 21st century economy. Collectively they employ hundreds of thousands of Americans. And all were started by immigrants. Their founders also had to overcome unnecessary barriers that have blocked the path of other foreign-born entrepreneurs. We have seen this...
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Shenango Chamber Taking Phoenix Award Nominations through Aug. 23

SHARON, Pa. – The Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations for its annual Phoenix Recognition Awards through Aug. 23. To be eligible, an individual, business or organization must have a physical location in the Shenango valley, do business in the area or be a member in good standing with the chamber. Nominations are based on performance during the 2020 calendar year.
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Top grads are avoiding Wall Street

Here are three of the week's top pieces of financial insight, gathered from around the web:. "Tired of sky-high prices and losing out in bidding wars, some buyers are giving up and putting their house hunt on hold," said Steven Kurutz at The New York Times. The first house on which Utah residents Rob Ettaro and his girlfriend, Kaliana Veros, made an offer was listed at $479,000; they made an offer $6,000 above asking. On the second one, they offered $60,000 over the asking price — competing with 53 other offers. Still another offer, $35,000 over asking, "no repairs, as is" got no answer at all. After 14 failed tries, they are now sitting out the market. The increase in buyers pausing their searches is finally cooling some prices. In the Austin metro area, where prices have gone up a stunning 43.9 percent in one year, one broker says, "The market is starting to stabilize. Not normalize. Stabilize."
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Catherine Balsam-Schwaber Of Kindra: “Educate Yourself”

Educate Yourself. We’re living longer, more active lives and working more years than any time in history. No two bodies menopause the same with 34 possible changes happening in our bodies. The only way to find what you need is through learning what’s happening to your body and connecting to other people on their journey.

Vieroots launches Curcumin Latte

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 31 (ANI/PNN): Vieroots Wellness Solutions, the innovative health-tech startup founded a year back, has launched a breakthrough formulation against Chronic Inflammation, which is increasingly being recognized by medical research as the common and root cause of various lifestyle diseases. Vieroots' Founder, Sajeev Nair, a renowned biohacker,...