Your Health: Decreasing your risk of falling

Every 20 minutes an older adult dies from injuries sustained from a fall. In fact falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury and fracture for seniors. The annual medical cost of treating people who fall is an estimated 30 billion dollars and that number is expected to rise as the population ages.
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Online brand presence is a must today!

Milica Janković, Marketing Manager at Atlantic Stark, talks about the brand’s new application, especially for the Marketing Network Menaž “I love sweets”, as well as whether mobile applications are untapped potential. The Menaž brand is launching a web platform and a mobile application “I love sweets”. What is it really...
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Spider-Man 3: Electro Wears an Arc Reactor in No Way Home

A new character poster confirms that Jamie Foxx’s Electro is using an arc reactor in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but why does the supervillain need it?. Spider-Man: No Way Home sees Tom Holland’s Spider-Man contending with supervillains from across the multiverse. Trailers have teased the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s collision with the realities seen in pre-MCU Spidey films, giving fans a look at returning villains such as Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Jamie Foxx’s Electro. While Peter Parker will have to handle the presence of these foes in his universe, the classic villains will similarly have to come to terms with the brand new world they have entered. A series of new character posters have offered a better look at the film’s villains and Electro, in particular, can be seen making the most of what the MCU has to offer.
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Stark, Summit library selections for Dec. 5

“Bulldozer’s Christmas Dig,” by Candace Fleming – It’s Christmas Eve, and Dump Truck is carrying … carrying … carrying garland. Digger Truck is stringing … stringing … stringing lights. Crane Truck is lifting … lifting … lifting wreaths. And Bulldozer is worrying … worrying … worrying. He doesn’t have any presents for his friends – not one! And time is running out. Does he need a Christmas miracle, or just a little ingenuity, and some digging, digging, digging?

Do-or-die: Group files final appeal for property tax reform

Nearly two years after a mid-level appeals court tossed a suit that calls New York City’s property tax system discriminatory, the advocacy group behind the case is asking the state’s top court to rescue it. Tax Equity Now New York filed a petition Wednesday asking the New York Court of...

Tri-County football players get awards

WOLCOTT — Tri-County’s football program recognized members of its 2021 squad during an awards banquet at the high school recently. Coach Eric Davis and staff presented special awards to several players, including:. VARSITY. Most Valuable Player, Payton Stark. Most Outstanding Lineman, Kolby Hathaway. Most Outstanding Skill Player, Korbin Lawson. More...

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Star Benedict Cumberbatch Speaks Out on His Marvel Future After the Movie

Despite almost passing on the role a few years back, Benedict Cumberbatch seems as excited as ever for the future of Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor has played Marvel's mystic hero since 2016 and he's set to reprise the role twice in the next few months. He will appear as the Sorcerer Supreme in Spider-Man: No Way Home on December 17th, followed by a starring turn in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness next year. Nothing about Cumberbatch's future in the MCU has been confirmed beyond those two movies, but the actor doesn't have any plans to walk away just yet.

The Major Prop Robert Downey, Jr. Took From The Set Of Avengers

Of all the actors who've come and gone over the MCU's decade-plus-and-counting of world cinematic domination, few arguably made out quite as well as Robert Downey Jr. That's more than fitting as his lauded first time as Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) essentially birthed the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008. Still, while many of his Avengers pals made their way into the Marvel realm on the wings of well-established big-screen careers, RDJ came in as a veritable reclamation project, having to claw and fight for his right to play Iron Man.

Stark – “Every Day” + “One Way to the Bottom”

The eponymous debut album from Illinois-based band Stark presents intrigue throughout, casting a spell with its touching of post-punk, shoegaze, and grunge — within a nostalgic New Romantic tint. Among its highlights, “Every Day” touts an atmospheric post-punk sound, providing a hypnotic pull throughout. Bass-hopping verses and shimmering, eerie string-laden backing gear toward a rise in vocal emotion, reminding fondly of Television (while the strings feel quite Pulp-esque). Certainly, “Every Day” is a captivating, fitting opener to the album.

Friday Five: Marvel Cinematic Universe movies

I’ve been a huge Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan since my friend persuaded me to start a MCU marathon with “Iron Man” in eighth grade. Within the next few months, I powered through all the movies, thoroughly enjoying how each one connected with another. After finishing all 18 released at the time, I began to peruse articles analyzing the plot to create theories about this fictional universe, accumulated some related merchandise and eventually deemed myself a true fan. Although some of the films lack top-notch, logical writing and center around almost all white male heroes, the continuity between them make the MCU immersive and somewhat addictive.

In Spiderman Did Tom Holland Played A Crucial Part?

This Christmas, the latest Spider-Man flick will be released in cinemas. The new Spider-Man trilogy, featuring Emmy-winning actress Zendaya and Tom Holland, comes to a close with Spider-Man: No Way Home. When Peter Parker (Holland) can’t handle the public discovering his secret identity, he goes to another MCU hero for help, which flips the world on its head. Several Easter eggs from the franchise’s extensive history will be included in the film.

Landis Announces Bid for Senate

Nick McWilliams reporting – Former State Representative and current Tuscarawas County Commissioner Al Landis has announced his bid for the Senate. According to a release, Landis is campaigning for the 31st District, which represents Tuscarawas, Coshocton, and Licking Counties, along with part of Stark and Holmes. The seat is currently...

Return of the tiger king: A review of “Tiger King” season two

Greetings Nightlighters, it is I “the man with the eye of the lion” Jamie Miller here with yet another issue of Nightlight ( I chose lion because tiger would be a bit cliche, ehh?). Now if you recall dear readers, I reviewed season one of “Tiger King” and it was…. interesting. It’s likely in no small part because of desperate binge watchers during the COVID shutdown we’ve got a season two. Yay…

Stark sees COVID-19 hospitalizations rise as Northeast Ohio leads state surge

Health officials are warning of a winter surge of COVID-19, as hospitalization rates in Northeast Ohio rise to levels not seen since January. More people were hospitalized in Stark County on Monday than any time since the beginning of this year. According to state data, 20 Stark residents were admitted to hospitals with COVID-19 that day. The last time that many hospitalizations were reported in Stark hospitals was Jan. 21.