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5 Shows That Make September Great for Sci-Fi TV

With Fall officially here, and Spooky Season drawing nigh, it's easy to overlook sci-fi in the race to consume mass qualities of horror. But September is actually great for science fiction TV this year, with some huge projects launching, ready to take us into dark dystopias, sinkholes leading to sinister subterranean realms, and epic galactic empires on the verge of collapse.
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Scientific American Is Getting Roasted For Saying The Term Jedi Is Problematic

It’s hard to think that Scientific American would ever be commenting on sci-fi like Star Wars, but it looks like that day has come. A recent article from Scientific American said that the term JEDI, often used as an acronym for “justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion” among STEMM academic committees is problematic. With the term being so popular that even the the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine uses it, the idea has caused quite a stir among academics and Star Wars fans alike.
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The Internet Is Buzzing Over These Retro Star Wars Costumes

May 25, 1977 — the day that will go down in science fiction history forever as the premiere of the first Star Wars film. The movie quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and has had a massive following ever since. While we have tons of Star Wars merch and costumes to...
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Mark Hamill Says He Was Impressed by the Star Wars Prequels, Actually

Growing up when the Star Wars prequels were being released has its perks—mainly that I love the prequels because they were my Star Wars that I got to see in theaters, but it came with plenty of people tearing them down and making fun of them time and time again. But as we’ve gotten more Star Wars content, it feels like everyone has started to change their tune on how they feel about them. Even Mark Hamill has stepped in.

One ‘Star Wars: Visions’ episode could be the franchise’s future, creator says

Star Wars: Visions is as enigmatic as the galaxy it inhabits. Released all in one day, the anime anthology series doesn’t feel like anything else in the Star Wars universe. Whenever questions like “are these stories canon” or “will there be a Season 2” are raised, the answer from the minds behind the series has been a resounding “we don’t really know.”

Mark Hamill praises the first part of Star Wars for having “their own identity”

It is widely accepted that the younger generation, whose first exposure to the Star Wars galaxy was the first part, prefer them to OT, and Generation X, who grew up with OT, poisoned the first part as if they knew it. Known to spit out, did something inappropriate as a child. “The Last Jedi” filmmaker Rian Johnson-he had his own share of the unearned Vitriol directed at him- Put it pretty beautifully in his own defense, I tend to agree. A few years later, when I learned that there was a more practical model piece in “Phantom Menace” than the whole OT combined, I was certainly proven by my own love for the appearance of Tan the day before.
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Disney Plus Day will bring new titles from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and more

The Walt Disney Company is celebrating two years of streaming at its dedicated subscription streaming service Disney Plus with its inaugural Disney Plus Day. The fan-focused celebration features in-person events and brand new programming from an array of Disney-owned brands. These include Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and The Simpsons.

A Warrior Wanders in Ronin, a Star Wars: Visions Novel – Excerpt

The Ronin made his debut just last week in Kamikaze Douga’s “The Duel,” a stunning short from the Disney+ series, Star Wars: Visions. Now, he’s stepping out in his own book. (Don’t worry. His trusty droid is coming, too.) by Emma Mieko Candon arrives October 12, expanding the world of...

James Gunn, Ming-Na Wen, and More Celebrate Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill's 70th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill! The legendary actor known for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars turned 70 on September 25th. Many people have taken to social media today to honor Hamill, including James Gunn, Ming-Na Wen, Tara Strong, and Pee-wee Herman. Whether Hamill is being celebrated for his 40+ years in the world of Star Wars, his many years of voice acting, or his overall delightful social media presence, there's so much to celebrate when it comes to his 70 years of life.

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales goes full Kubrick in new poster

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales evokes The Shining in its newest poster, which has just debuted online ahead of the Halloween special’s Disney+ premiere later this week. Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Maul and plenty more familiar faces can be seen peering through the hole in the poster’s wooden door – but it’s the axe-wielding battle droid that’s presumably crying “Here’s BD-101!”, in a nod to a film that’s way more mature than the LEGO Group’s primary demographic.

5 Times Star Wars Made Us Emotional

The galaxy far, far away has often transcended our understanding of what truly exists out in the far reaches of space. From desert planets to planet-destroying space stations, Star Wars has grabbed our attention and hearts time and time again. Over the course of its run, the attachments we made to our cherished characters were unmatched; and the severed ties will forever hold a place in our hearts. Here are five emotional roller coasters that Star Wars has put us through.

Chris Avellone

Chris Avellone (born September 27, 1972) is an American computer game designer and writer. He was a core designer at Black Isle Studios, and is well-known for his work on Fallout 2 and Icewind Dale, but is best known as the lead designer of Planescape: Torment. When the studio closed off, Avellone and a few ex-members of Black Isle founded a new game studio: Obsidian Entertainment. There, he worked as lead designer on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, before leaving in 2015 to follow a game writing freelance career. Since then, he worked on several projects with various studios, including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order with Respawn Entertainment.

Star Wars Exec Explains Why 2022 Is Packed With So Much New Content (Exclusive)

With the recent release of the highly-slept-on Star Wars: Visions , things for the galaxy far, far away are looking as bright as ever. Yoda would chastise the premise of looking to the future and horizon, but it's difficult not to be thinking forward about what's to come for Star Wars over the next year and beyond.

The Best Star Wars: Visions™ Quotes

The latest Star Wars™ news to arrive from a galaxy far, far away is the premiere of Star Wars: Visions™. The much-anticipated Disney+ anthology series is a nine-episode journey that features the lore of Star Wars told through the style of various iconic anime houses. Since the series isn’t necessarily canon, it can be tricky to place each episode in the Star Wars timeline. It’s an expansion of many familiar Star Wars concepts, such as the Jedi, the Sith, and their legacy. Every episode showcases a different style and the animation is absolutely breathtaking.

Star Wars: Visions Producer Addresses Live-Action Crossovers

The expansion of the Star Wars universe has already established a precedent that live-action and animated projects can coexist, with The Mandalorian introducing several fan favorites who appeared in The Clone Wars and Rebels, while Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka series will be directly connected to the latter if her mention of Grand Admiral Thrawn was any indication.