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Alachua County reports less of a standardized test drop than state average

The Florida Department of Education released the results from the 2021 Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) and end-of-course (EOC) exams. Statewide, according to Alachua County Public Schools, the percentage of students receiving a proficient score dropped by 7% compared to 2019 results. Alachua County Public Schools reports a smaller drop than the state average. For Alachua County students, ACPS says, 5% fewer students received a proficient score when compared to 2019.
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Making a Practice of Practice Testing

When you first speak with a Compass director to learn more about our test preparation services, they’ll ask a few questions to get a sense of where you stand and what your goals are. Reliable practice tests can help provide many of those answers. Practice tests, and the diagnostic score...
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Would Eliminating Time Limits Reduce Test Anxiety?

Some argue that standardized college admissions tests give an unfair advantage to "good test takers" who thrive under a time limit. A study has found that students simply do better on tests that match their time management style, whether that is time-limited or not. Because students have different time management...
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U of A Testing Services Completes National Recertification

Testing Services at the University of Arkansas successfully completed a recertification process this summer by the National College Testing Association. The association provides certification to ensure that test centers operate under professional standards and procedures for all types of testing. Yassaman Mirdamadi, director of Testing Services at the university, said...

How to Apply for ACT and SAT Accommodations

Every year, more than 160,000 high school students apply to receive accommodations on the SAT; more than 85% of those requests are granted. Even with the high odds of approval, navigating the application process can still be rather intimidating. To assist parents of students with IEPs and 504 Service Agreements, we have put together a comprehensive Q&A that should give you a firm grasp of the entire standardized testing accommodation landscape.

ACT Test Prep Resources @ DBRL

Do you need help preparing for the ACT test? We have compiled a list of resources to help you navigate this important college entrance exam. The ACT exam is a standardized test required for admission at many colleges and universities. The exam covers four skills areas: English, mathematics, reading and science.
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Yuma Superintendent: some students achieve perfect test scores despite “a year of unprecedented challenges”

The 2021 AzM2 state standardized tests scores are in, bringing Yuma School District One some fantastic news. 11 students from across the district proved their academic excellence by earning perfect test scores. The post Yuma Superintendent: some students achieve perfect test scores despite “a year of unprecedented challenges” appeared first on KYMA.
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Principles of Psychometric Testing - What is test standardization and why is it so important?

Standardization refers to the process of implementing a set of firmly established testing conditions and procedures for use in every administration in order to regulate and normalize testing situations and eliminate the influence of environmental conditions on test scores. A standardized test is one that is administered, scored, and interpreted in the same manner across all testing occasions to ensure that all test takers experience the same conditions. Standardization allows for comparisons of test scores from a wide variety of administrations.

ETSI completes set of IoT MQTT and CoAP testing standards

The ETSI committee on Methods for Testing and Specifications (TC MTS) has recently completed a first set of seven standards addressing the testing of the IoT MQTT and CoAP protocols, and the foundational security IoT-Profile. “These new standards fill the gaps for the quality assessment of some of the most...
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Indiana parents urge more transparent, consistent standardized testing

INDIANAPOLIS — Results from Indiana’s standardized test, ILEARN, were released this week, and just 28% of students passed the math and reading portions. The state went on with standardized testing in the spring, even with many students learning in hybrid classrooms or all-remote. The results won’t be used against schools in state or federal funding formulas this year, but they may be used to target education recovery resources.

ACT Vs. SAT: How To Choose Which Standardized Test To Take

Both the SAT and ACT are standardized tests that many colleges use to determine whether to accept a student for admission. In some cases, companies and nonprofits also use these scores to award merit-based scholarships. A record number of colleges stopped requiring the SAT or ACT for admission in Fall...
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ILEARN test results released show drop in proficiency state-wide

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - ILEARN test scores for 2021 are finally out and the results aren't looking good. Proficiency levels statewide dropped 8.5 percentage points since the tests were last taken in 2019. “The results are frustrating but we knew this was coming," Rafi Nolan-Abrahamian, the Assistant Superintendent of Accountability...