Daily Deals: Save on AMD Ryzen CPUs, 4K HDTVs & Batman: TAS

Do you want to save money on a 4K TV? Building a new PC and want to get yourself a Ryzen CPU? Then today is your lucky day, as we've got exactly that in store for you and more! Amazon is running a ton of deals on both 4K TVs and a bunch of TV shows to watch on them. Newegg has Ryzen CPUs discounted, and there's of course a ton of great games and gaming PCs up for offer as well.
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How to Run Windows 11 on a USB Drive (and Take it With You)

For many years, we’ve been able to make Linux Live disks that boot and run completely off of a USB Flash drive (or optical disc). These portable OS installs can be useful when you just want to try an operating system without messing with whatever platform you have on your internal hard drive or SSD. And they can be good for when you want to take your OS and programs with you as you move back and forth between computers.
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MacBook Pro 2021, just a conversation starter

A couple things I will be looking for in the upcoming new versions will be a confidence level around:. • a gloriously, and quite magically Well-working and Durable keyboard. • a little more range in customizing the Touch Bar. I still don’t think Apple has added the completely logical component of a Eject touch when DVD drive is attached.
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Which platform will be the best for Street Fighter 6?

Between PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which setup should gamers aim for this holiday season?. The holiday season is fast approaching, and with the chip shortage and high GPU prices, getting viable gaming hardware is not only difficult to do, it can be very, very costly. Street Fighter 6 is currently unannounced, but we're expecting an unveiling here in the reasonably near future.
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Fix BitLocker Auto-Unlock 0x80070017 error in Windows 11

If you are getting error code 0x80070017 while turning on BitLocker auto-unlock in Windows 11 or Windows 10, here is the solution to fix the issue. It mainly happens when you move your encrypted drive from one hard disk to another. No matter what caused this issue on your PC, you can troubleshoot it using this step-by-step guide.

PS5 Vs PS4 Pro: should you upgrade?

In the PS5 Vs PS4 Pro battle, what is the best gaming console for you. If you're purchasing a new console, do you need to choose the most recent version? If you already are an PS4 Pro owner, are the differences between these two consoles sufficient to warrant an upgrade? We'll help you determine that.
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SanDisk Professional G-Drive SSD Review

Western Digital's new SanDisk Professional line, of which the SanDisk Professional G-Drive SSD ($149.99 for 500GB; $359.99 for 2TB as tested) is one of the first products, is touted as offering premium storage solutions for content creators and professionals. The G-Drive SSD fits that bill. It costs a little more than similar external solid-state drives but it has a compact, attractive design, plus solid speed and capacity. And it's crushproof, drop-proof, and impervious to sand, dust, and water (except for long and deep immersion). Geared to Mac users, it's preformatted in HFS+, requiring a reformat before use with Windows' NTFS or exFAT. The G-Drive SSD earns an Editors' Choice award for Mac users seeking a rugged, rapid external solid-state drive.
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Buffalo Portable SSD-PUT; An Adaptable 500GB Thumbdrive

With the rise of portable NVMe drives the humble USB thumb drive’s popularity has faded. They are still very handy, likely you have a few within reach of you right now shoved in a pocket or at the back of a drawer, which is a perfect demonstration of their strengths. They tend to be significantly more robust than many SSD enclosures and are inexpensive enough that you have no qualms squirrelling it away shortly after buying it.

Guardians of the Galaxy File Size is Around 150GB on PC

The Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game is right around the corner, and with an impending release comes the specs required for the game, and the storage space required has made many worry. Over 150GB SSD space is apparently required to download Guardians of the Galaxy, a massive size in a time where many games are already taking up large amounts of SSD space.

3 Rugged NVMe SSD Enclosures

It is no secret that NVMe SSDs can deliver high read/write speeds. These drives are not designed to be dropped or mistreated though. Here are 3 rugged NVMe enclosures that can protect your data:. Sabrent USB 3.2 Rugged IP67 Enclosure: a water resistant NVMe enclosure that can protect your drive...
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Save $51 On This 1TB Internal SSD And Pay Just $83.99

Pick up this highly-rated SK Hynix Gold S31 1TB internal SSD for just $83.99. For those that hit the purchase button right now, that’s a saving of approximately 38% on the usual selling price for this SSD. If you are to believe the marketing hype, then this internal SSD is...

Samsung 980 Pro Review: ‘A finely crafted speed demon’

Samsung SSDs are known for their quality and speed, and the 980 Pro is an attractive option for those who want to install a secondary internal SSD in their PS5. That was our use case in this review, and we were pumped to finally get more than 667 GB of storage on Sony’s latest console.