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Reward climbs to $54,000 for Florida cop killer

CALLAHAN, Fla. (CBS12) — The reward for the capture of a man who killed a sheriff's deputy in Northeast Florida is up to $54,000. Patrick McDowell is wanted for shooting Nassau County Sheriff's Deputy Josh Moyers during a traffic stop Friday morning. Moyers died on Sunday afternoon at a hospital...

Seven Fields formed in controversy

There was no grist mill in a creek, no general store, no dirt streets and no horse and buggies in the story of Seven Fields' early years. Rather, a bitter dispute between an out-of-town developer and the Cranberry Township supervisors formed the borough in 1983. According to the dozens of...

Sheriff: Florida deputy 'not going to survive' shooting

CALLAHAN, Fla. (CBS12) — The Nassau County Sheriff's Office shared devastating news as deputies continue the manhunt for a murderer. Sheriff Bill Leeper said Deputy Josh Moyers will not survive the shooting injury he suffered during a traffic stop on Friday. And right now, his family is taking steps to donate his organs.

‘I turned my back on the City to be a climate change activist – shame it doesn't pay the bills’

A fortnight ago I was singing and dancing outside the Monument in the City of London with my fellow climate change activists. Rewind 10 years ago and I used to walk past this majestic building, barely acknowledging it. I would have had my takeaway coffee in hand, a huge heavy rucksack on my back as I bustled my way past other commuters to visit clients who needed everything done “yesterday”.

Ford Announces Massive $11.4 Billion Investment, Plans For Blue Oval City

It’s no secret that Ford plans to put all of its chips into making and selling EVs moving forward. But while past investments have focused on existing plants and models, they were mere stepping stones towards a larger objective, in this case, an $11.4 billion investment that will see the creation of the first-ever “Blue Oval City,”

School bus accident leaves 1700 DTE customers in the dark

Sep. 28, 2021 PLYMOUTH VOICE. Two Plymouth area schools were forced to close early Tuesday morning after a school bus hit a low hanging power line knocking out power to some 1700 DTE customers in Plymouth and Plymouth and Plymouth Township. Officials reported that an unoccupied school bus failed to...