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DevOps Needs SQL Server Containers for Windows

In an earlier blog, I explained the need for DevOps database platforms. The DevOps database requirements apply to all variations of containerized SQL databases as needed to support the variations that exist in the wild. Organizations are increasingly evaluating SQL databases packaged in containers and orchestrated by Kubernetes. Microsoft extended...
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Summary: (Part 2 of 4) How to Modernize Enterprise Data and Analytics Platform – by Alaa Mahjoub, M.Sc. Eng.

In many cases, for an enterprise to build its digital business technology platform, it must modernize its traditional data and analytics architecture. A moder…. This will be illustrated by providing an example of a Transmission System Operator (TSO) that modernizes its existing traditional D&A platform in order to build a cyber-physical grid for Energy Transition.
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SQL Server Interview questions and answers

This article will help you to learn and prepare SQL Server interview questions and answers. If you are looking for a job change or want to improve your interview skills, then you must go through with this article along with questions & answers given in this article. I have tried to answer each question in a very precise manner which most interviewers want to listen to these days.

Keeping your data safe and secure in the SAS Cloud

Companies look to the SAS Cloud and SAS Managed Application Services experts to ensure improved time to value for their analytic solutions. A large part of that value is keeping your data safe and secure in the SAS Cloud because let’s face it: Analytic solutions are only as good as the data stored in them. That’s where Randy Wilcox and Ken Persson come in to help you with their respective SAS Cloud teams: the data platforms team and the extract, transform and load (ETL) operations team.

Compare Patch levels across all installed sql instances

Ever wondered if all nodes are on the same patch (or version) level?. Is your failovers are taking longer than expected? Do you see tons of the lines in error logs saying upgrading or downgrading databases? Well, you can run SQL Server features discovery report on each server to compare sql versions or just run the script below.

SQL LEFT function in queries

In this article, we will learn how to use SQL LEFT function with straightforward examples. Most of the time we need to work with the character data types in our queries and we benefit from the built-in string functions in SQL Server to do this. The LEFT function is one of the built-in string functions and returns the left part of the input character string according to the specified number of characters. Now we will make a very basic example and then we will take a glance at the arguments and other details of this string function. In the following example, we input the string parameter as ‘SAVE THE GREEN’ and we want to extract the first 4 characters from the left.

Shares of Microsoft Corporation Exceed 52-Week High

Shares of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) traded today at $309.70, eclipsing its 52-week high. This new high was reached on below-average trading volume as 2.3 million shares traded hands, while the average 30-day volume is approximately 24.7 million shares. Microsoft develops and licenses consumer and enterprise software. It is known...

How to Be Okay With Ambiguity with Microsoft Product Leader

This week, Product School hosted Alan Yu, Product Leader at Microsoft, for a special #AskMeAnything session. In this session, Alan gives some excellent answers regarding roadmap planning, metrics, getting a PM job, and why learning to be okay with ambiguity is essential for Product Managers. Meet Alan. Alan is a...

Complex Searching

Searching for data in our systems is sometimes hard. If you’ve ever needed to generically search a lot of text, it’s not easy to write code to do this in an efficient manner. It’s even harder if you try to embed this in an application. If you get into full-text searching, likely you would look beyond SQL Server as the built in full-text indexing and searching isn’t great.

Join Sys Databases And Sys Tables Using

How to join sys.databases, sys.tables and sys.columns. Sys.columns can be joined to sys.tables using the object_id field (the object_id is the representation of the table itself). sys.tables is ...Associate Database Name with Table List - Stack OverflowJoining sys.columns and sys.tables on database nameGet database name of table using SQL Server - Stack OverflowHow do I list all tables in all databases in SQL Server in a single ...More results from

SQL SERVER – Converting Unix TimeStamp to DateTime

There is a very easy method to convert Unix TimeStamp to DateTime. Let us learn that in today’s blog post. Here is a very simple example of it. DECLARE @UnixDate BIGINT = 1392349571299 SELECT CAST(DATEADD(ms, CAST(RIGHT(@UnixDate,3) AS SMALLINT), DATEADD(s, @UnixDate / 1000, '1970-01-01')) AS DATETIME2(3)) When you run the script...

Pass parameter to SQL Server DATEADD function using R

[This article was first published on Data by John, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers]. (You can report issue about the content on this page here) Want to share your content on R-bloggers? click here if you have a blog, or here if you don't. I wanted to try and create...

Hello little siblings: Tintri’s loner T7080 gets a family

DDN’s Tintri enterprise array business unit has added entry and mid-range models alongside an updated VMstore T7000 dual-controller, all-NVMe flash array product. Tintri’s VMstore arrays are organised to supply storage capabilities to VMware virtual machines using a VMware administrator’s language and concepts. They can also provide storage in a similar way for SQL Server database admins. The original T7080 model now has added T7040 and T7060 sibling products in the same 2RU 24-slot chassis. There are new 100GbitE data and replication port options and expanded vDisk support. Virtual disks (vDisks) are a virtual machine’s view of its physical storage devices.

[Video] Office Hours at Silver Strand State Beach: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server

It’s a beach day! Let’s hang out at Silver Strand State Beach and I’ll take your highly voted questions from 00:45 Dylan: Why does an UPDATE on a 2nd key column in an index (100% FF) cause a “bad” page split; the first column is 100% unique. I noticed the tran log was doing a MODIFY operation vs INSERT/DELETE when the second column was moved to the INCLUDEs. Would you say this is expected behavior?

How Federated Query Connectors are raising the Bar on Analytics

Ever thought about being able to look in all the rooms in your house at once for the car keys that you seem to have lost? Now imagine instantaneously looking in every book in a library for an answer — regardless of the language of the book. Federated queries make this possible, says Ganeshan Venkateshwaran, President, Trianz.

Asite Turns to SIOS for High Availability Protectio

Asite is using SIOS DataKeeper to achieve high availability of its critical applications in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment. SAN MATEO, CA – SIOS Technology Corp., an industry leader in application high availability and disaster recovery, today announced that Asite, provider of the Asite CDE open platform for construction management, is using SIOS DataKeeper to achieve high availability of its critical applications in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Asite CDE enables construction industry companies to collaborate, plan, design and build capital projects with seamless information sharing across the supply chain.

Check Sql Permissions For The Security Group › questions › 18751581Check users in a security group in SQL Server - Stack Overflow. Sep 11, 2013 · And you will fail to navigate the intricacies of EXECUTE AS. Not to mention security based on module signatures. For the record: users, roles and groups are exposed in the sys.database_principals catalog view. sys.fn_my_permissions will return the current context permissions on a specific securable.

Powershell Substring Left Of Character Statement Sample Pdf › Ccz9Python print all lines after match. Oct 13, 2021 · PowerShell: Creating a self-signed certificate using Powershell without makecert or IIS. readline() # If line is empty then end of file reached if not line In Python 3, print() is a function that prints output on different lines, every time you use the function. findall() will iterate over all the lines of the file and will return all non ...