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T-Mobile finally sets a firm shutdown date for its own 3G network

The day some of you might have been dreading for a while is coming relatively soon, although not quite as soon as previously reported. Instead of shutting down its legacy 3G network on October 1 of this year or April 1, 2022, T-Mobile now plans to pull the plug at the beginning of July next year, giving impacted customers just a little more time to prepare for the future "adjustment."
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Hundreds of T-Mobile stores will be able to fix phones soon

T-Mobile announced that 500 of its retail stores would start offering repair services starting on November 1st. The company says technicians will provide same-day fixes using manufacturer-approved parts to customers who subscribe to its Protection<360> service, which also includes device replacement in case of loss or theft. T-Mobile is also...
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T-Mobile is shutting down 3G next summer to make way for better 5G

T-Mobile has revealed that its 3G network will shut down on July 1, 2022. All affected users have been notified or will be notified before the shutdown. T-Mobile is using this spectrum to strengthen its 5G network, which offers much greater speeds and improved services. The T-Mobile Network Evolution support...
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Is T-Mobile losing its edge?

"It seems as though the only way to move forward is by being the complete opposite of the competition," said T-Mobile's former CEO, John Legere. Legere was speaking to Investor's Business Daily in a recent interview of his creation of the operator's "uncarrier" branding. Legere told the publication he spent his early days at T-Mobile, in 2012, listening to customer complaints.

T-Mobile will shutter its 3G UMTS network in mid-2022

Having considered closing down its 3G UMTS network by 2019, T-Mobile has taken some time to decide that the legacy network will be terminated by July 1st, 2022. As 5G continues its proliferation across the US, the use cases for 3G networks decrease although there is still a good number of folks using feature phones that don’t support 5G or even 4G for that matter.

Kingston Sprint Cup Invitational

WOLFEBORO — On September 25-26 in Kingston, South Shore Outboard Association (SSOA) will host the Kingston Sprint Cup Invitational, Granite State Title Series, an event where the New Hampshire Boat Museum (NHBM) will be in attendance. “We are excited to support the SSOA in spreading awareness of the sport of...

The biggest iPhone 13 feature isn't on a spec sheet. It's in the trade-in offers

Apple's iPhone 13 and 13 Pro lines look to offer plenty of welcome improvements. Battery life is longer, there are nifty camera tricks, better displays and even some new color options. While this "S" year upgrade isn't as significant as last year's redesign and inclusion of 5G, there is enough here that Apple will still likely move many, many millions of iPhones.
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Samsung One UI 4.0 Beta Reveals Support for eSIM in the U.S.

The latest Samsung One UI 4.0 Beta has uncovered support for eSIM capabilities in the U.S. Although eSIM capabilities arrived with the Galaxy S21, S21+, and the S21 Ultra earlier this year, U.S. variants were left out of the compatibility list (via). After a few months of waiting, it now...

The Sprint Race | Power Unit 2025 | Ferrari setup Silverstone

F1 inaugurates the Sprint Race at Silverstone - precisely where the first GP took place 71 years ago. It'a a revolution in the race format with qualifying on Friday, a 100km sprint race on Saturday and the GP on Sunday. A new racing format that will be replicated in 2 other events despite dffering opinions starting with the FIA President Jean Todt. The constructors gathered in Austria began to draw the first guidelines about the 2025 PU. Starting from a clean sheet F1 now has the unique opportunity to address the future technical choices of the car manufacturers. The Silverstone high speed corners require a load balanced on both axis and a well distributed support on the tyres. Two weak points of the SF21 which make an aero penalizing performance compromise necessary.

T-Mobile is upgrading 500 stores to offer same-day device repair

T-Mobile customers will soon be able to take advantage of same-day device repair services in 500 stores across the U.S. That means if you pick up a new iPhone 13 or another phone through the carrier, you may not have to wait very long to get it fixed. As announced...

Battlefield 2042 also shifts (but only slightly)

DICE (@EA_DICE) September 15, 2021. The reason for the slight delay is therefore that the final steps in the final sprint simply cannot be done as quickly as hoped due to the ongoing Corona situation.

Nobody will take a risk with "confusing" sprint race format – Wolff

F1 decided to trial sprint races at three grands prix in 2021, with the 100km sprints on Saturday setting the grid for Sunday's full-length race. The two sprint races F1 has held so far, in Silverstone and Monza, produced mixed results at best. The running order was largely established after the first lap, as a lack of pitstops and overtaking meant drivers were generally resigned to following the train.

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Pro: What are the differences?

IPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Pro is the face-off people are most curious about. After Apple's highly anticipated Sept. 14 'California Streaming' event, Google Trends revealed that prospective buyers are overlooking the entry-level and top-tier models (i.e. iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max) and zooming in on the mid-tier variants.

Save $58 on an Unlocked Rugged DOOGEE S96 Pro Smartphone

Many of us keep our smartphones with us at all times, but we don’t always bring them into ideal conditions. This causes many people to get a more rugged case for their phones. But why not just get a rugged phone to begin with? Try an unlocked rugged DOOGEE S96 Pro Smartphone that will withstand the elements and is equipped with a 20MP night vision camera.