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How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not the start of the Christmas season — it’s Spotify Wrapped day!. That’s right, it’s what all your listening habits have been leading up to: the day the streaming giant tabulates all your personal data to serve up a custom accounting of your top artists, songs and playlists from the past year. Plus, it’s all presented in a colorfully curated package, perfect for sharing on Instagram. (And while we’re at it, don’t pay any attention to the haters: Only Grinches take time to post about how “no one cares about your Spotify Wrapped.”)
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Apple Music’s terrible year in review is giving me serious Spotify Wrapped FOMO

It’s December 1st, which for Spotify users, means the annual tradition of the music streaming service’s Spotify Wrapped roundup: customized, flashy infographics of the top songs, playlists, artists, and podcast that you’ve listened to over the last year, chock-full of data, mood boards, and just a sprinkling of judgment. I,...
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Bad Bunny and Olivia Rodrigo topped Spotify streams in 2021

(CNN) — In what may come as no surprise, two names dominated this year in music streaming: Bad Bunny and Olivia Rodrigo. For the second year in a row, Puerto Rican rapper and singer Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist, according to Spotify's 2021 Wrapped, the annual breakdown of Spotify's streaming data. (Users can also check out more personal breakdowns of what they listened to in 2021.)
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Spotify Wrapped 2021: How to see your 'audio aura,' top songs and more

Spotify's 2021 Wrapped experiences, which tap into your personal data to recap your musical tastes for the year, launched Wednesday in its mobile apps worldwide. This year's Wrapped includes new features like divining your "audio aura," playing "two truths and a lie" with your 2021 trends and making you the hero of your own movie soundtrack. As usual, the Wrapped experience also sums up your own top artists, genres, songs and podcasts, plus total minutes listened on Spotify.

Spotify Wrapped reveals the artists Southeast Asia users streamed most in 2021

Spotify Wrapped has arrived for 2021, with the streaming platform showing users their personal listening statistics for the year as well as the most-streamed acts in various countries across the world – including Southeast Asia. BTS continued their trend of world domination from 2020 by becoming the year’s the most-streamed...

Here’s How to See Your 2021 Spotify Wrapped Stats

Happy December! It's everyone on social media's favorite time of year — your 2021 Spotify Wrapped is here, and there are a couple of new unique stats that were added this time around. Wrapped, which first started in 2015 as the "Year in Music," gives Spotify users a reflection of...

Spotify Wrapped 2021 is here

Spotify Wrapped is here for 2021 and the most streamed songs for the year have been revealed. With one clear winner. It’s the most wonderful time of the year — you know, when Spotify Wrapped comes out and we all realise what a dark place lockdown sent us to. Last...

World domination — Eurovision winners Måneskin and Duncan Laurence make Spotify’s Global Top Tracks of 2021 list

December 1 is traditionally the day when people open the first door on their Advent calendars and begin the countdown to Christmas. But it’s also when Spotify drops its year-end wrapped experience. In addition to personalised stats for each individual user, the streaming giant also releases details of the top music streamed globally. And this year two Eurovision winners make the list — Måneskin and Duncan Laurence.

Why Your Favorite Comedian Disappeared From Spotify Thanksgiving Weekend

While certain segments of the internet are currently showing off their 2021 Wrapped, baffling subgenres and all, comedy fans have been confused as their favorite artists vanished from the platform. “Went to listen to @Braunger on Spotify and noticed that his albums were not on there anymore, same with @kylekinane,” Twitter user MrChexman wrote. “Is it just on my end or are they gone for good?” It was not just on their end. Billboard is reporting that tracks from John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Kevin Hart, and many more were yeeted from the app over Thanksgiving. The reason? Money, duh.