Spotify’s Clubhouse clone adds six new weekly shows, some that tie to Spotify playlists

This includes a new show based on the popular playlist Lorem, which launched in 2019, showcasing an eclectic mix of music that has included indie pop, R&B, garage rock, hip-hop and more, focused on a younger, Gen Z audience. That playlist today has over 884,000 “likes” on Spotify and has risen to become one of the places new artists are able to break through on the platform. Now, Lorem listeners will be connected to “Lorem Life,” a Spotify Greenroom show that will feature a mix of culture and discussions about music, the environment, sustainability, fashion, and space, Spotify says. The show is hosted by Gen Z influencers and TikTok stars Dev Lemons and Max Motley, who will engage with other artists and influencers. It begins airing on Wednesday, September 15, at 9 PM ET.
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We tested out Spotify Blend so you don’t have to

In true Gen Z fashion, I need constant stimulation and cannot be alone with my thoughts. Hence, Spotify is my most used app. Considering that Spotify and Apple Music pretty much dominate the music streaming industry, it hard not to pick sides and I am so #teamSpotify that I have a Notes app page dedicated to my thoughts on Spotify’s superiority. One of those reasons is that the product management team does a great job at creating a personal experience. It was the first to come out with Daily Mixes, Daily Drives, Summer Rewinds and now, Blend. This new feature merges some of your recent favorite songs with one other Spotify user to create a custom-generated BFF playlist. Unlike shared playlists, you do not add your own songs—instead, Spotify does the work to create what is essentially a modern mixtape.
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Spotify’s King of Sleep Music Outstreams Lady Gaga, Somehow

On an average day on Spotify, megastars like Olivia Rodrigo and Drake routinely rack up the biggest stream counts. But in recent weeks, a new name has captured the attention of digital marketers who spend their days scrutinizing the streaming platform: Sleep Fruits Music. All of Sleep Fruits Music’s tracks are barely more than 30 seconds — lasting just long enough to register as a stream on Spotify and trigger a royalty payout. Many of the hundreds of songs are short recordings of rainfall, while others are soft electronic sound-baths. Sleep Fruits Music did not exist at the start of this...
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Spotify wants to improve your playlists with new Enhance feature

In another take to differentiate itself from other music streaming services competitors like Apple Music, Spotify announced today a new Enhance feature for playlists. Available exclusively for Premium subscribers, Spotify started rolling out this feature today and says it will help its users get “perfect song recommendations.”. Avid playlist creators...

Comment: Spotify is focused on podcasts, but its app falls short for power users

Spotify’s ambitions from expanding from primarily a music platform to leveraging podcast and audiobooks are well known. Music royalties are expensive, so it makes sense for Spotify to focus on getting listeners to spend more time listening to content that isn’t as costly to the company. As Spotify seeks to become a destination for all audio content, I spent time using it as my primary podcast player to see how it stacks up compared to apps like Overcast, Pocket Casts, Castro, and Player FM.

Blackpink Just Made Spotify History...And They’re About To Do So Again Very Soon

Blackpink hasn't released music in almost a year, as they have been fairly quiet as a group since sharing their debut full-length The Album. That set arrived in October 2020, and it produced a number of global smashes, ones which have racked up eye-watering sales sums, video views on YouTube and of course streaming figures. In fact, the quartet has just made history on the world's most popular streaming platform with the tune that kicked off their most successful era yet.

Apple's Epic Loss Could Be a Big Win for Spotify

Apple lost a court case to Epic Games last week and was ordered to open its app ecosystem up to third-party payment options. The court decision could threaten the 30% fees that Apple charges app developers. The result of this ruling could also help companies like Spotify improve their user...

Spotify Took Down Their Music. They Still Don’t Know Why

Furiously writing emails wasn’t how Callie Young wanted to start her 2021. But that’s what happened in the late hours of January 2nd when a fan frantically messaged the Los Angeles-based pop singer to ask why her song “Problematic” had vanished from Spotify the day before. Young reached out to the streaming service, but to no avail. Her distributor DistroKid emailed later that day to confirm the track was removed, with no explanation as to why. “[DistroKid] didn’t give me a warning or reach out to me to ask about the issue,” she says. “They just did it, and I freaked out.” She...

Spotify happy with Epic vs. Apple ruling but says more Apple legislation is ‘urgent’

The official ruling from the Epic Games vs. Apple lawsuit in the US has been delivered today and one of Epic’s partners in the Coalition for App Fairness has shared its official statement on the matter. While Spotify is “pleased” with Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ verdict when it comes to anti-competitive practices used by Apple, the streaming audio service says more legislation aimed at Apple “has never been more urgent.”

Spotify, Netflix and Match Group shares rise after Apple relaxes App Store rules

Spotify shares were up more than 6% on Thursday after Apple announced that it would relax App Store rules that the music streamer previously said significantly harmed its business. The new rule will allow streaming businesses to have higher margins on subscriptions from iPhone users. "Apple's selective tweaks to its...

Spotify’s Podcasts Subscriptions service is now open to all U.S. creators

Before, creators could choose between one of three price points: either $2.99, $4.99, or $7.99 per month. Creators were able to choose which price point made the most sense for their audience. But the company learned that creators wanted even more flexibility in pricing, which is why it’s now expanding...

Spotify to spend $1B buying its own stock

The company previously executed a similar buyback program in 2018. A public company using some of its cash to repurchase its shares is nothing new. Many public companies, including Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft, have active share repurchase programs, and it is common to see mature or nearly mature companies devoting a fraction of their balance sheet or a regular percentage of their free cash flow to buying back their own equity.

How to use Spotify Blend and create unique playlists with your friends

Sharing music with others is a lot of fun, which is why you'll want to know how to use Spotify Blend. Recently introduced, Blend allows you to combine your favourite songs with those of a friend's in a single shared playlist, serving up customized cover art and "taste match scores" so you can see how your musical preferences match up to your friends'. First released as a beta, Blend is now available to all Spotify users, free and Premium subscribers.
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Offline playback on Spotify’s Wear OS app is rolling out now

Support for offline playback in Spotify’s Wear OS app is rolling now, the company confirmed to The Verge. As spotted by Android Central, some users on Reddit report that they are already able to use the feature, so if you’ve been waiting for it, you might want to check and see if it’s already rolled out to you.