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Paul Heyman: Roman Reigns Is Brock Lesnar's All-Time Top Rival In WWE

Paul Heyman has named Roman Reigns as Brock Lesnar's all-time biggest rival in WWE. Lesnar and Reigns have circled each other since Reigns broke out as a developing star in 2015, main-eventing WrestleMania 31 against each other for the WWE Championship. The two men would again do so at WrestleMania...
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WWE SmackDown LIVE coverage and commentary (10.08.21)

Hi! How's it going? Oh, sorry... hi, I'm Kevin, and I'm doing live coverage of WWE SmackDown tonight. Who the hell am I? Well, I can tell you who I'm not, and that's the Kevin Sullivan you're probably thinking of when you hear the name "Kevin Sullivan." Unless you're actually that big of a fan of mine, which I find hard to believe.
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AEW giant Satnam Singh on basketball to pro wrestling journey

AEW has a towering new star and his name is Satnam Singh. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, he spoke about his transition from the world of basketball to pro wrestling. Even though he was the subject of Netflix’s ‘One in a Billion’ documentary after being drafted into the...
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Drew McIntyre: UK deserves a significant WWE PPV

For years, WWE fans in the UK have been clamouring for a major WWE PPV to take place on British land, and former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre counts himself amongst them. McIntyre has often stated how he wants a major show in the UK, and in conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Drew once again spoke of his dream: “I’ve not stopped talking about it for the past 10 years, especially in the past year and a half when I became WWE Champion. I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of media opportunities. Any chance I get, I talk about it. The U.K. is such a significant market for us. The fans are so passionate and rabid as everybody knows when you watch TV from the U.K. They deserve a significant PPV. There has not been one since SummerSlam ’92. “Next year will be the 30 year anniversary. I’ve been pushing and pushing it. The interest, as much as I’ve been saying all this time for the past year, during the U.K tour every night, I spoke about it because any chance I get, I will push the idea of the U.K. PPV. I think I may have started a little spark that can ignite a fire because suddenly the internet is telling me that it’s happening. If it takes a big match like Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury to draw the eyeballs of lapsed fans or new fans to WWE within the U.K., then let’s do it. Whatever we have to do to make it happen, I’m all about that.” Recent reports suggested that WWE could be considering Cardiff’s Principality Stadium for a potential UK SummerSlam in 2022 - 30 years after the historic SummerSlam 92 from London’s Wembley Stadium.

Drew McIntyre Is Still Pushing For Tyson Fury Match At WWE UK PPV

Drew McIntyre did an interview with SportsKeeda Wrestling to discuss a wide range of topics. During it, he was asked if he is still pushing for a WWE U.K. stadium PPV show and if he’s still interested in wrestling Tyson Fury. WWE had plans to book this match at a...

WWE Raw LIVE coverage and commentary DRAFT EDITION! (10.04.21)

Good evening and welcome to Wrestling News World's LIVE coverage of tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw! My name is Kevin Christopher Sullivan and I am a writer and editor for Sportskeeda Wrestling and a special contributor here at WNW. Nice to see ya. You doin' alright? Hope so. Get...

WWE SmackDown LIVE coverage and commentary - DRAFT EDITION - (10.01.21)

Hello and welcome to tonight's LIVE coverage of WWE SmackDown here at Wrestling News World. Tonight, WWE presents night one of the Draft- which means any number of things. Tag teams could get broken up. Champions could switch brands. NXT 2.0 talent could end up on either Raw or SmackDown. Other things like that!