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The Mountain Shows Off Shredded Body Transformation Ahead of Boxing Match

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson aka “The Mountain” has just shared with fans the fruits of his 120-pound weight cut in preparation for his next boxing match. Set to fight arm-wrestler Devon Larratt in just a few days — as a replacement after Eddie Hall‘s bicep tear — the 6’9” ex-strongman competitor is now down to a total weight of 328 pounds. Revealed to Men’s Health, Bjornsson reportedly went from a 10,000 calorie diet to just 4,000, and increased his cardio.
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Scenes From Topper 2021-2022 Billy Bob Volleyball Game

Scenes from the game. Photo by Nate Limback/ Scenes from the game. Photo by Nate Limback/ The annual Los Alamos High School Hilltopper Billy Bob Volleyball game followed the varsity game Wednesday night and didn’t disappoint, with lots of senior energy brought to both teams. The game was comprised of...

Scenes From Topper Girls Varsity Volleyball Vs Sandia Prep

Toppers celebrate following a great play. Photo by Nate Limback/ Angelina Passalacqua digs a ball early in the match. Photo by Nate Limback/ Bella Aguilar playing great defense. Photo by Nate Limback/ SPORTS News:. The Los Alamos High School varsity girls volleyball team hosted Sandia Prep Wednesday night at Griffith...

Super Bowl legend Tom Brady won't stop: ‘I can definitely make it to 50'

Brady (who turned 44 in August) said at the beginning of this year that he still hoped to be on the field as a 45-year-old before his seventh Super Bowl victory, five years have now been added. “I don’t think it’s that hard to make it to 50. I definitely think I can.” In doing so, he also insinuated to stay with his current team of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “Florida is one of the best states to retire. So I want to play here for a while and then enjoy my retirement.” He showed last week during the opener of the season that there is still little wear and tear at Brady. With four touchdowns, Brady was personally responsible for the 31-29 win over the Dallas Cowboys.