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Why the 400-HP Toyota MR2 Revival Rumors Are Just Wishful Thinking

It'd be great, but let's get real. Toyota has been seeking for years now to complete its "Three Brothers" sports car lineup with a model between the 86 and Supra, and it has all but counted out the Celica. In other words, we can only be in line for something like the mid-engined MR2, whose long-rumored revival may finally be underway according to Japanese media.
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These Cars Retain Their Value Best After Five Years

We are living in times when a used car can cost more than a brand new car only because it can be delivered right away. Due to the chip shortage and a few other important factors, new car deliveries are often delayed from a few weeks to several months. This unusual situation leads to significant changes in the depreciation rates of used cars, and a new study finds the models that retain the most value five years after leaving the showroom floor.
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A Simple Story To Illustrate Why Tesla’s Order From Hertz Will Change Some Minds. Tesla’s order from Hertz will result in many minds being changed about EVs. It will also bring some new Tesla owners into the fold. Here’s how I know. Fifteen years ago I owned my third Subaru,...

Penske confirms reduction to three cars for 2022 IndyCar campaign

Team Penske will not seek to keep its former No. 22 Chevy entry piloted by Simon Pagenaud in motion with a different driver next season. Although the reduction from four cars to three was not unanticipated, the change represents one of the few instances of downsizing expected within the NTT IndyCar Series paddock for 2022.

First EV Bronco makes tiny splash, new Civic Si eyes track, new Rangie is a high-dollar charmer

The first electric Bronco is a pint-sized pleasure. Intake: As if the wait for the new Bronco isn’t excruciating enough, your kid may be driving one before you do. Kid Trax just revealed a pint-sized Bronco with nearly as many bells and whistles as the real thing. “Available soon” at Target, the detailed and realistic Bronco features running lights and working LED headlights, bucket seats, functional side mirrors, removable doors and bed cover, Power Trax rubber traction strip tires (along with a spare), FM radio and MP3 input, and horn and engine sounds. And when it’s time to refuel the Bronco, a one-step plug in system recharges its 12-volt battery. Designed for riders age 2 to 7, the truck seats two kids with a combined weight of 130 pounds or less, and it has a top speed of 5 mph. MSRP is $499.99.

13 Reasons Why the Chevy Corvette Remains So Popular

The Chevy Corvette has remained the most successful sports car since its launch in the 1950s and even until now, its popularity is on the rise among car enthusiasts. Its better performance and innovative design continue to thrill its fans, making this engine the first choice for tracks and racing. Besides facing a lot of critiques, this car has maintained its position and remains so popular for pretty exceptional reasons.
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Flat-Plane Crankshaft: What Makes the New Corvette Z06 So Amazing?

Even at a distance, car enthusiasts know the sounds of an American V8. A deep growl that makes great torque and usually taps out after 6,000 rpm. On the other hand, a screaming Italian V8 is quite docile below 4,000 RPM as it builds into a screaming crescendo above 8,000 rpm. It's not exhaust or displacement that dictates how your power is delivered. Instead, the differences start at the very core of the engine. Look at the massive counterweights on this traditional Chevy LS crank:

French Police Getting Alpine A110 Patrol Cars for ‘Rapid Intervention’ Duty

The mid-engined sports cars will be used primarily for rural patrols. Police vehicles are normally fairly regular cars. Typically, four-door sedans and SUVs get outfitted with all the law enforcement gear, with plenty of room in the back to stow people in handcuffs. Every now and then, however, a police force lays its hands on something a bit special. The National Gendarmerie in France have done just that, ordering a fleet of Alpine A110 sports cars, as reported by Motor1.

The best electric cars 2021: Top battery-powered vehicles available on UK roads

© Provided by Pocket-lint The best electric cars 2020 Top battery-powered vehicles available on UK roads photo 17. (Pocket-lint) – The age of the electric car is on us as more people move to embrace zero emission motoring, and more manufacturers release an increasing number of models to choose from.

First driving: the new Audi RS3 - Walla! vehicle

It has always been strong, fast and high quality, but in the current generation Audi has added another component to the RS3 that makes it a truly hot machine. The new Audi RS3 (Photo: Manufacturer, Editing: Nir Chen) There was something very similar and very unusual in the car that...

Car Models With the Rudest Drivers in 2021

We’ve all come across rude drivers while out on the roads. As it turns out, such drivers prefer certain car models, and their choices might surprise you. Most Americans hold assumptions about their fellow motorists, especially when it comes to what someone’s choice of vehicle says about how they drive. Hybrid owners are bound to be painfully slow and cautious, while any driver in a big SUV almost certainly has no interest in sharing the road. All of these assumptions are, of course, vast oversimplifications based on stereotypes—after all, people are so much more nuanced than their choice of car. Sometimes, however, certain kinds of drivers really do have preferences when it comes to their ride.

Bugatti Chiron enters final production phase

Bugatti has announced that the Bugatti Chiron has entered the final production phase, the final production run is for just 40 units of the car. The Chiron was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2016 and the first cars were delivered to customers in 2017. Hendrik Malinowski,...