You can earn a cool Metroid Dread theme in Tetris 99 this week

Battle royale block-buster Tetris 99 will be offering up a brand new crossover theme later this week, which this time around features the spooky sci-fi aesthetic of recent Nintendo Switch smash hit Metroid Dread. As with previous in-game themes, the. decorations will be free to all players who complete a...
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Sora Is Now Live in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 13.0.0 is now live on Nintendo Switch, which means players can now use Sora in the game! The star of Disney and Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts franchise is the most highly-demanded fighter in the history of Super Smash Bros., and the character is accompanied by additional content from his original series, including nine music tracks, and a new stage. Nintendo Switch owners that have save data from Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory can also unlock a tenth track, as well. Last but not least, Sora has a plethora of skins from the series, and readers can see all of them right here.

When Will Sora Be Joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Kingdom Hearts’ protagonist, Sora, will soon be added to the Smash cast, but the times remain unclear. The much-anticipated Sora is returning to the Smash universe in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Fans are excited to play the Keyblade holder once again, but with so many different time zones, it can be hard to track when each region will be able to get access to Sora.

12 Things To Check Out After You’ve Binged Squid Game

Even if you live under a rock duplex, you’ve probably seen Netflix’s Squid Game do the rounds on social media. This should come as no surprise because Netflix reports that Squid Game (not to be confused with Nintendo’s Splatoon) is its most popular series launch ever, gaining 111 million viewers within 17 days of the show’s debut.

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If not many people buy the new expansion for NSO, Nintendo will eventually drop the price to gain back profits from all the stuff which went on while working on It (whatever It may be) similar to the PlayStation Classic or other stuff which underperforms. So yeah, let's hope for...

Minecraft once more asks fans to decide the game's next mob

At each year's Minecraft Live, block-building developer Mojang lines up three new monster concepts and forces them to fight for fan votes to survive. This weekend's show is no different, with the Allay, Glare and Copper Golem now waiting to see which of them will make it into Minecraft—with the rest likely dragged into some poor developer's recycle bin.