Spy x Family Releases Special Poster for Episode 22

Spy x Family is now in the final string of episodes for its premiere anime season, and the series has released a special poster for Episode 22 of the anime! After kicking off with its first half earlier this Spring, the anime taking on Tatsuya Endo's original manga series is now in the final few episodes of its run overall. These episodes have introduced a new key character to the cast with Twilight's fellow spy Nightfall, and her addition to the series has also sparked the final arc for the anime's first season overall as she has her own desires for Loid Forger.
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State news: Iran executed 4 people it says spied for Israel

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian authorities executed four people Sunday accused of working for Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, the state-run IRNA news agency said. IRNA said the country’s powerful Revolutionary Guard announced the arrests of a network of people linked to the Israeli agency. It said members stole and destroyed private and public property and kidnapped individuals and interrogated them.
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Mixiclothing- Learn The Truth If It Flies It Spies T-Shirt

My Levi’s Wellthread jeans are my go-to pair for every occasion. The super-high waist is beyond flattering, and I love the Learn The Truth If It Flies It Spies T-Shirt moreover I love this classic no-stretch, straight-leg style. Not only are they relatively affordable (especially considering how often I wear them), but they also use less water in the dyeing process than traditional denim—a purchase I would make again and again! When it comes to workhorses, touch is key. I dare you to find anything softer than these, which means you will always be reaching for them no matter what season, what mood. Plus, they layer easily for any occasion. I recommend buying bulk. As someone who prefers to wear skirts and dresses all year long, an indestructible pair of black tights is essential (this pair is also mostly sustainable, as they’re made from recycled nylon). I buy mine several sizes too large—both to ensure they are ultra-opaque and to make them comfortable for sitting in all day. This Girlfriend Collective moss skort holds a holy grail status in my workweek wardrobe. Fitting in a quick workout between Zoom meetings has never felt easier (or chicer), and starting my day already halfway ready to meet friends for a quick tennis match after work is a total ace.

China’s Ministry of State Security spies are a threat to America

When I first started investigating China’s top spy agency in 2020 for my book, “Spies and Lies: How China’s Greatest Covert Operations Fooled the World,” I thought espionage was its main game. But I soon realized that the Ministry of State Security’s covert influence operations have been at the forefront of its work to shape the world and our understanding of China. The United States must come to grips with China’s global covert power as Xi Jinping doubles down on international aggression, or risk allowing even more Chinese Communist Party interference in civil liberties and the functioning of democracy.

Slow Horses, one of the best spy shows on TV, returns to Apple’s streamer Friday

Jackson Lamb — as portrayed by Gary Oldman in the Apple TV Plus series Slow Horses — is not your average spy. The miserable head of an MI5 outpost for washed-up spooks and analysts that the agency has banished to its administrative backwater, Lamb is a disheveled lout who farts, curses, drinks, smokes, delivers rude and sexist comments with gusto, and is largely dismissive of the colleagues he oversees.


UTA is out with THE BOND OF SPIES by Young Il Kim. Wounded RAF ace pilot Roald Dahl is recruited by MI6 agent Ian Fleming to infiltrate D.C. and to influence American politicians and celebrities to....

Accused Chinese spies in America

Two Chinese nationals have been charged in the United States for allegedly using thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry to obstruct a federal investigation of a major Chinese telecom company, according to reports. BBC News. According to the news provider, the company in question could be bought by Huawei, but at the press conference about that Merrick Garland The federal prosecutor did not name the Chinese company involved in the investigation.