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SpaceX just brought the first all-tourist crew back from space. Here's what's next

New York (CNN Business) — Four people, all of whom just six months ago had no formal spaceflight training, strapped themselves into a SpaceX capsule atop a 200-foot-tall rocket and took a three-day spin around Earth. After splashing down off the coast of Florida on Saturday, the passengers emerged from their capsule, smiling and waving, if a little unsteady after spending nearly 72 hours in weightlessness. SpaceX says it's just the beginning.
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Solar electric propulsion makes NASA's Psyche spacecraft go

When it comes time for NASA's Psyche spacecraft to power itself through deep space, it'll be more brain than brawn that does the work. Once the stuff of science fiction, the efficient and quiet power of electric propulsion will provide the force that propels the Psyche spacecraft all the way to the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The orbiter's target: A metal-rich asteroid also called Psyche.
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Astronaut shows off views from ISS module after Crew Dragon success

SpaceX gained global attention last week for its first all-civilian mission, likely opening the door to space travel to more private citizens. The four members of the Inspiration4 crew spent three days in orbit and returned home on Saturday, September 17. The groundbreaking mission also saw the first use of...
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Europe’s Natural Gas Shortage is Coming for US

Add natural gas to the “way too expensive” list along with space travel and succulents. Europe is facing a serious gas crisis after prices have surged 280% this year, compounding supply crunches in areas like food, shipping, and home energy. Two fertilizer plants that supplied 60% of the UK’s CO2...

Did You Know This About New Hampshire? We Have a Lot of Firsts Here

There are a lot of firsts to come out of our state, many of which I didn’t know about since I was not raised here. I spent many years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and, as you can imagine, there is a lot of talks there about the Declaration of Independence. There is Independence Hall, Ben Franklin’s grave, and the Constitution Center but I was shocked to find out that New Hampshire was the first state to declare independence from England. I guess I didn’t spend a lot of time with my history books in high school.

Dating an Aquarius? Here's what you need to know

Aquarians are not your average, run of the mill star sign. In fact, they are outliers, eccentrics, visionaries, and innovators. Which is great, though it can be tough when it comes to relationships and romance. They don’t seemingly express emotions, show any enthusiasm for romantic gestures or dates, or even want to spend time with you… But wait! All is not lost.

Disney opens Space 220 restaurant with (g)astronomical menu, views

Disney is now serving up its own take on "space food," and to try it all you need to do is take a quick trip off the planet. Space 220 opened its doors — and space elevator — to visitors at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center in Florida on Monday (Sept. 20), redefining what it means to dine with a view. The new restaurant is situated aboard a space station orbiting 220 miles above Earth (hence the name "Space 220") and patrons can marvel at the planet below as they enjoy such "(g)astronomical" dishes as "Starry Calamari" and "Terra-Bolognese."

Nasa selects landing site for Moon rover mission

Nasa is sending a robotic rover to look for water-ice near a crater at the Moon's South Pole. In 2023, the golf cart-sized vehicle will land near the western edge of Nobile Crater, a 73km-wide depression that is almost permanently in shadow. The Viper mission will support plans for human...

Elon Musk pulls Bay Area home off the market again

Turns out, it's hard to sell off all your possessions. Especially when one of those possessions is a historic 100-year-old Hillsborough mansion on 47 acres of land. Elon Musk tweeted in May 2020 that he was selling "almost all physical possessions. Will own no house." He has almost succeeded in fulfilling this promise, offloading at least six real estate properties in Los Angeles in favor of focusing on space travel through his company SpaceX.

PHOTOS and FULL REVIEW: Lunch at Space 220 in Disney World (Including the Lounge!)

It’s been 84 years (actually more like 4 years) since Space 220 was announced (we first heard about it back in 2017), and after many setbacks and delays, it’s FINALLY here. Today we got the chance to travel 220 miles above the Earth to eat in SPACE. Is this spot worth the wait (both in the amount of years we’ve waited AND the long line you might need to wait in to eat here)? Let’s find out.

Tom Cruise may lose cinematic space race to new movie The Challenge

Tom Cruise has made a name for himself in recent years for his death-defying stunts in action movies. We’ve seen him climb the Burj Khalifa, hang off the side of a plane, and even pilot a jet in Top Gun 2. Still, there’s one stunt he’s not managed to pull off yet. He’s never filmed in space. Of course, being Tom Cruise, he’s desperate to film a movie in space and had actually started planning an untitled new movie that would allow him to pull off this out of this world stunt.

IDEAS to lead experience design workshop at Seatrade Miami

IDEAS, a leading brand and experience design company, has announced that it will be hosting a first-of-a-kind experience design workshop as part of Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami on 27 September. The session is geared towards cruise, destination development, port and DMO executives, and will explore the key elements needed...

The Stowaways that Made the First Space Station Stink

Humans are bags of fragile bones and organs that need to be kept in precisely the right conditions to flourish. But we push at the limits of those conditions all the time, daring to see how far we can go: the hottest, the coldest, the lowest, the highest we can bear, using our ingenuity to design ways to survive.