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Yakima Taco Fest 2021-Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

When I heard that the Yakima Taco Fest was back on for 2021, my heart jumped for joy and my stomach did taco flips!. WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YAKIMA TACO FEST 2021. Lots of folks have questions about how the event is going to work during the time of COVID, so keep reading to find the answers to frequently asked questions about Yakima Taco Fest 2021!
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Five events to check out this week: Aug. 3, 2021

In case you haven’t yet noticed the classic cars cruising into town, the big event this week is Hot August Nights. Check our event calendar for dozens of festival events–from car shows to live music–happening throughout the region through Aug. 8. For other events that don’t include show-n-shines and cruising, here are five picks to check out.
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Mexican softball pitcher apologizes for team trashing jerseys

Danielle O’Toole is in hot water. The pitcher apologized Monday after members of the Mexico Softball Women’s National Team were criticized for leaving their jerseys in Tokyo. Mexican boxer Brianda Tamara Cruz Sandoval found the team’s uniforms in the trash and was critical of how her compatriots treated their uniforms.
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With Piney Wood Atlas, Finding America’s Unconventional Artist Residencies Just Got Easier

Like any crafty and anxious young thing with newfound time as an unemployed person in a global pandemic, I developed several hobbies in the past year...one of which was researching niche artist residencies. I found options hosted at apiaries, converted churches, and on sprawling vegetable farms. Each provided me with a fantasy of a potential new life. Or, maybe not new, just more enriched (fulfilled, even?). I imagined a place where the dream version of myself had the ability to focus enough to actually finish the “collection of short stories” I sometimes vaguely tell acquaintances at parties that I am working on. Maybe there, I would meet a new crush or a funky friend, someone who would give me a stick ‘n poke of a pickle or say yes to the idea of starting a co-op general store together (just spitballing here). Perhaps I’d come away from the experience with a wobbly handmade ceramic mug as a souvenir or simply a general feeling of being more In The Moment (I hear being offline is very chic?). At the very least, I was, in the meantime, having fun scoping out the catalogue of options via places like Piney Wood Atlas.
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History and background of Schifferdecker Park

JOPLIN, MO – You may know Joplin’s City Hall has changed addresses a few times. And even MSSU found a new and improved home on the east side of town. Schifferdecker Park itself sits on what used to be Joplin’s very own amusement park. It sat on what’s now Schifferdecker...
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Movies and smores at Camp Helen State Park Aug. 5

Movies and Smores series at Camp Helen State Park season continues. Season finale takes place with the movie “Lion King” and an interpretive display about our feathered friends in the sky. Food truck onsite from late afternoon into the evening. The event is on Thursday, Aug. 5 from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. and begins with smores around the bonfires and a souvenir cup. Movie begins at sunset. For more information, call the park at 850-233-5059.

3-day Auction of Antiques, Collectables, Paintings & Prints

A 19thC tondo oil on board depicting a portrait of a Georgian gentleman. Approx. 7 1/4" diameter Please Note - we do not make reference to the c... Manner of Louis Anquetin (1861-1932), 20th century, Oil on canvas, A still life study of flowers in a vase. Signed lower right. Approx. 24" x 20" ...
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‘The Suicide Squad’ review: Now we can officially forget about the first ‘Suicide Squad’ movie

Consider what has conspired against the populace since 2016. Cripes, so much. A president. A pandemic franchise with legs. A terrifying overload of homemade sourdough bread. Looking back, the first “Suicide Squad” movie, released in 2016, may have been the start of the trouble. It pushed its PG-13 luck, yanking viewers between the openly toxic movie director David Ayer wanted and the slightly more palatable lark the studio preferred. It delivered a new Joker nobody wanted, while establishing the commercial viability of an idea plucked from a 1959 DC Comics edition of “The Brave and the Bold.”

You Are So Angry: I Am Just A Pupil’s “12 Hours of Full Relaxation”

Resonance is a personal essay series where writers explore their emotional relationship to specific pieces of music. For most of my life, I would describe myself as “boy crazy.” When I was in preschool, I became jealous every time my college-aged male teacher spoke to a woman his age (problematic) (of me). In middle school, I tried to understand my pubescent body through hundreds of pages of My Chemical Romance fan fiction (problematic?) (of me?) and had my first boyfriend. By the time college came around, I was ready to know what this whole “sex” thing was about, but for the most part, I was too nervous to have it—until 2017, when I met a guy who almost certainly liked the band Beirut more than he liked me.

Match your Desires

MATCH Sponsorship enables you or your business to be the sole sponsor of the Coleraine home fixture of your choice…. Our match sponsors really have a day to remember and we can be flexible on guest numbers to accommodate your needs. Match sponsors can avail of the following benefits:. Your...

Heidi Klum shows her daughter Lou (11) for the first time!

Having always kept her kids out of the spotlight, model mom Heidi Klum, 48, is now showing off her daughter Lou, 11, after Lenny, 17!. Italy – What a surprise: after becoming a model mom Heidi Klum Now (48 years old) is showing her children away from the limelight liny (17) also the daughter of Lu (11)!

Lager Jam Returns for the Seventh Year

After a hiatus due to the pandemic, Lager Jam is making a triumphant return for its seventh year. Presented by the Austin Beer Guide, this year’s jam is returning to Spokesman Coffee at the Yard on Saturday, August 28th, and optional Party Packs are on sale now. “It’s called Lager...
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Jurassic Quest Drive-Thru Experience is Migrating to Glendale

More than 70 photorealistic dinosaurs are ready to return from extinction to delight families and dino fans, as Jurassic Quest Drive Thru®, the nation’s largest and most realistic dinosaur experience, migrates to the Phoenix area August 27 – September 5. After welcoming millions of guests to sold-out events across the...