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China’s former CDC head predicts 90% of population could get COVID as Beijing eases restrictions: ’It’s going to be inevitable’

One of China's top medical advisors predicted that about 60% of China might initially get infected with COVID as it loosens containment measures. Investors and businesses may be welcoming China’s surprise pivot from years of COVID-era lockdowns, mass testing and isolation, but one of the country’s top medical advisors is warning it’ll come with a cost: a massive wave of COVID case that will occur as containment measures are lifted.
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Li Wenliang: Chinese pour hearts out on Covid martyr's page

They began writing to him just minutes after officials announced they were abandoning key parts of zero-Covid. On China's internet, thousands rushed to the social media account of China's hero doctor to tell him the news. As if stopping by the graveside of a family elder, they poured their hearts out to him.
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US Navy secretary talks drones, fleet size and South American security

WASHINGTON — In the year and a half since Carlos Del Toro was sworn in as U.S. Navy secretary, sailors and Marines have seen significant changes and challenges. Those forces have raced to modernize through rapid experimentation with new unmanned systems and long-range weapons. And they’ve also shrunk end strength, seeking improved readiness instead.
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How to deter China's rapidly growing nuclear threat

While the invasion of Ukraine has raised tensions in Europe, strategic competition between the United States and China is escalating in the Pacific. Conversations about U.S.-China competition are often centered on the balance of the conventional forces in the Western Pacific and whether or not the U.S. could defend Taiwan from attack. Less attention has been paid to the dangerous implications of Chinese strategic nuclear expansion , which poses a serious long-term threat to America's ability to deter Communist China’s aggression. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated how difficult it is to protect allies when our rivals can shield their conventional warfare behind the threat of nuclear force. To avoid the mistakes made with Russia, American leaders must adopt a strong response to Chinese nuclear expansion. They must renew their commitment to modernizing the American strategic nuclear arsenal and expand missile and missile defense cooperation with partners in the Western Pacific. Further, U.S. officials must attempt to engage China in arms control dialogue to limit its nuclear and missile forces.
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The US must wake up to China's success in the Western Hemisphere

China has been making its presence felt throughout the Western Hemisphere for many years. Beijing has strategically invested in infrastructure, mineral wealth, and oil. It has also developed a large and sophisticated signals intelligence collection capability in the region. Chinese trade with Latin America is now worth roughly $450 billion...

Foxconn closes 80% production lines, Iphone loses $1 billion a week from China’s zero COVID policy

The Chinese communist regime remains steadfast in adopting the zero COVID policy despite the great harm it has caused to the economy and its citizens. Factories were forced to use closed-loop management to operate, in which workers live and stay in factories and have no contact with the outside world. Such arrangements cause difficulties for businesses to function normally.
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China reports 21,439 new COVID cases for Dec 7 vs 25,321 a day earlier

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China reported 21,439 new COVID-19 infections on Dec. 7, of which 4,079 were symptomatic and 17,360 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Thursday. That compared with 25,321 new cases a day earlier – 4,409 symptomatic and 20,912 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.
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'US-Pakistan tensions: What next for erstwhile allies?'

London [UK], December 8 (ANI): The relationship between the United States and Pakistan has long been turbulent. Is the new momentum developing between Islamabad and Washington today, born out of a geopolitical necessity?London-based think tank The Democracy Forum assembled a panel of experts on December 7 and discussed the relations in the virtual seminar titled 'US-Pakistan tensions: What next for erstwhile allies?'In his opening comments, TDF President Lord Bruce highlighted the 'flurry of diplomatic activity' that followed Imran Khan's administration's collapse in April and the assumption of Shehbaz Sharif's coalition government.
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Wealthy Chinese Keep on Spending While Others Cut Back, Survey Finds

BEIJING — Wealthier Chinese were more inclined to spend this year, while poorer people cut back on spending even more, McKinsey and Company found in a survey released Thursday. The divergence contrasts with 2019, before the pandemic, when "there was little differentiation in spending between the two groups," the...

CNN: China runs ‘secrete police stations’ in over 100 countries, much more than the initial report

The Chinese regime has set up over 100 overseas police stations worldwide to monitor, harass, coerce and even repatriate exiled Chinese citizens in some cases. CNN, citing a report from human rights campaigner Safeguard Defenders, found evidence that the Chinese regime was running 48 additional police stations outside China’s territory. The group in September said that there were 54 such stations.

China Militia Vessels Are 'Swarming' West Philippine Sea; Aim To 'Cut The Philippines Off'

A Philippine military official has confirmed reports of the "swarming" of Chinese vessels in a part of the South China Sea claimed by the Philippines. Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos of the Western Command (Wescom) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said they sent out a patrol to confirm the presence of several Chinese boats in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Foxconn pumps money into another China plant amid worker unrest in Zhengzhou

The worker’s revolt at Foxconn further weighs on Apple’s production shortages and underscores how the draconian “zero-COVID” measures undermine technology companies worldwide. According to a South China Morning Post report on December 3, Foxconn, Apple’s biggest supplier, recently poured about $142 million (1 billion yuan) in...

China’s Activist Shortage

Protesters have taken to the streets of China’s cities in a rare show of political dissent. While the demonstrations are focused largely on the authorities’ zero-COVID policy, they have sparked speculation that a pro-democracy movement – and even a Taiwan-style political transition – could come next.

America and Australia want Japan to assist in containing China

America and Australia want Japan to assist in containing China. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is the most nationalist leader of Japan in recent history. The media still deems him to be milder in line with his views before becoming the leader of Japan. However, his administration never stops condemning China and the Russian Federation – while ignoring the legacy of America.