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Black Friday 2021 at GAME: the best deals on video games and consoles

GAME has kicked off its Black Friday deals. The well-known store specializing in video games and entertainment has lowered dozens of titles from all platforms, with equally varied prices; opportunity that, in some cases, can be very worthwhile. Available until November 29, you can check here the complete brochure of offers (there are more than 600 titles in promotion). Below we will review some of the offers that have caught our attention the most.
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Walmart holds $14 PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch Black Friday sale

Walmart Inc. this week is holding a Black Friday sale for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s Nintendo Switch. The sale discounts select titles to $14. Discounted titles include Watch Dogs Legion, PGA Tour 2K21, Gran Turismo Sport, Minecraft...
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Forces DRR: Peanuts Tribulation CH3

Forces Deadly Reasonable Reasons is an AU of Sonic Forces set after the war against Infinite. Forces DRR: Peanuts Tribulation begins where Craig's story ends. Its through the perspective of Peanut and what he went through when it couldn't be told. Last Series of Chapters From Craig's Point of view...
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Game On: Sonic the Hedgehog’s past shines brighter than his present

It’s not exactly a controversial statement to say that Sonic the Hedgehog has a pretty spotty history. The merchandise and marketing? Impeccable. The games themselves? Not so much. And while every YouTube critic and keyboard warrior will have you convinced that “Sonic had a rough transition to 3D,” and only the 2D early 1990s titles were worthwhile, I don’t believe that’s true at all.

Black Friday 2021 on Nintendo Switch: all offers on games and console packs

Black Friday has already started. The days of greatest offers and discounts of the year are one more year ahead of Christmas, this time even days earlier than usual as a result of the lack of supply, which has caused large stores to reduce their products in the face of mass purchases that are looming. If you plan to buy a Nintendo Switch or are simply looking to expand your collection of games on the console, this interests you.

Nintendo Switch Games under $15 (Several Accessories On Sale Too!)

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Walmart’s got select games for PS4, Xbox, Switch, and more starting at $15

No matter which console you’ve got sitting in your living room, Walmart’s big game sale has titles for everyone at some killer prices. For the devout PS4 player, games like UFC 3 ($15) and Need For Speed Heat ($19.93) are out for a fraction of what they would cost as new. If you’re achin’ for a some action, Red Dead Redemption 2 is only $38.82 for Xbox One while Back 4 Blood ($48.32) should make a welcome addition to your brand new Xbox Series X ($499).