Sonic The Hedgehog's creator has been arrested yet again

Renowned video game industry titan and Sonic co-creator Yuji Naka has been arrested for the second time regarding allegations of insider trading before a new Final Fantasy game was announced to the public. Naka has been subject to a bizarre series of events that seem to have started with the...
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Yuji Naka, Sonic’s co-creator, arrested again for insider trading

Yuji Naka, Sonic’s co-creator, was arrested once again for potential insider trading. The Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese news outlet, announced that Yuji Naka was arrested again, along with other former Square Enix employees. The reason for their arrest was reportedly insider trading. Insider trading, for those who are not familiar, is the act of buying or selling stocks with knowledge not available to the public. People sometimes do this when they have information about a major change in the company, such as acquisitions or the like. They could be buying the stocks when it is relatively cheaper, then selling them once the major change occurs. This would net them a profit.
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New Sonic Prime Clip Released by Netflix

Next week will see the release of Sonic Prime, a new animated series centered on Sonic the Hedgehog. Over the last few days, Netflix has started to build hype for the first season, and a new clip from the series has been released. Titled "Best Friends," the clip lasts more than three minutes in length, offering a glimpse at the relationship between Sonic and Tails in the series. The show sees Sonic transported to different worlds in the "Shatterverse," and this Tails is quite a bit different from the one fans are used to seeing in the Sonic games and movies!
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Diplodocids Tails Were Weapons But The Sonic Boom Theory Sadly Sunk

The late Jurassic was a dangerous time, even if you weighed 20 tonnes, so everyone needed a weapon. The giant sauropods known as diplodocids are thought to have had one in the form of their tail, but just how fast could those tails move?. Twenty-five years ago, early computer models...
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Sonic Frontiers six hour soundtrack is available on Apple Music & Spotify

The Sonic Frontiers soundtrack, which by all accounts is rather good, is now available on music streaming services Apple Music and Spotify. The lengthy album is titled Sonic Frontiers: Stillness & Motion and consists of six discs worth of music totalling 6 hours and 36 minutes (according to Apple Music) SEGA has thankfully embraced music streaming services and have a number their soundtracks for classic games available on Apple Music and Spotify including the Sonic Adventure soundtrack, which is delightful. Enjoy!

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IDW acquired the Sonic the Hedgehog comics license in 2017 and since then has sold over 1 million collections of the comic about the Sega character and his friends. In April 2023, the publisher will mark the fifth anniversary of their first issue with a new edition that will include a new short story, “Familiar Territory,” by the longtime creative team of writer Ian Flynn and artist Tracy Yardley, who created IDW’s first issue of Sonic and also worked on the Archie Comics series that preceded it (see “‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Races Back to Comic Shops”). Other bonus extras will include a cover gallery and a look at how the comics are made. Sonic the Hedgehog #1 Fifth Anniversary Edition will have multiple variant covers: a special foldout Cover A by Tyson Hesse, featuring the connecting covers from issues #1-4, Cover B by Yardley, Cover C by Matt Herms, Cover D by Jennifer Hernandez, and three Retailer Incentive covers from Adam Bryce Thomas, Evan Stanley, and Jon Gray.

Sonic creator arrested again for insider trading at Square Enix

Sonic co-creator has been arrested yet again on charges of insider trading at Japanese publisher, Square Enix. In November 2022, Yuji Naka was also arrested on charges of insider trading at Square Enix related to the mobile game, Dragon Quest Tact. This insider trading allegedly took place during the development of the critical flop, Balan Wonderland. Another associate was also arrested for the same charges.

Sonic the Hedgehog's creator has been arrested yet again for insider trading

Sonic’s original creator Yuji Naka has now been arrested for insider trading over Final Fantasy. Sonic the Hedgehog’s original creator Yuji Naka has just been arrested for the second time in the last month over alleged insider trading. The Balan Wonderworld game director had originally been arrested on November 17 for similar charges involving Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Tact. This time, Asahi reports that he’s been arrested for insider trading on a separate Square Enix game: Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier.
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Netflix releases new three minute trailer for Sonic Prime

Netflix’s new animated Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic Prime, is set to make its debut on the streaming service on Thursday, 15th December. To whet Sonic fans appetites, the company has released a new three minute trailer chock-full of classic Sonic humour and some lovely animated visuals. Sonic Prime is a joint venture between SEGA and American animation studio WildBrain. Check out the new trailer down below.

How to watch the premier of ‘Sonic Prime’ on Roblox

SEGA's newest Netflix show, Sonic Prime, is set to make its official debut inside of the Roblox Metaverse with help from Gamefam's Sonic Speed Simulator. No stranger to the Roblox platform, Netflix plans to host a launch party for the series, complete with free UGC items, event-themed minigames, and more. This launch party, along with the debut of Sonic Prime, will begin on Saturday, December 10, 2022, at 9am CT. To learn more about how to view the premier, continue reading below.
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SONiC builds muscle for enterprise-network service in 2023

The coming year could be a very big one for the open-source network operating system SONiC as it garners start-up support and increasing interest from major networking vendors. The Linux-based Software for Open Networking in the Cloud decouples network software from the underlying hardware and lets it run on hundreds...

Sonic X Shadow Wallpaper

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Sonic Frontiers Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes

SEGA has released a new software update for Sonic Frontiers, which now sees the game’s Nintendo Switch release on version 1.1.1. This has been pushed live to address two issues related to the Titan boss on Kronos Island, and an icon related to the activities on Chaos Island. Sonic...

Sonic Prime Reveals New 3-Minute Clip; New Screenshots

Netflix has published a new preview clip for the upcoming Sonic Prime animated series by WildBrain and Man of Action Entertainment, titled “Best Friends.” Sonic interacts with a Tails from a pocket of the multiverse the former is unfamiliar with. As a result, the two have a vital conversation pertaining to their shared history.

Sonic Co-Creator Reportedly Arrested Again for Insider Trading Involving a Final Fantasy Game

Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka has reportedly been arrested again for suspected insider trading involving a Final Fantasy game. As reported by Japanese news outlet The Asahi Shimbun and translated by Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki on Twitter (below), the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office has apparently once again arrested Naka alongside other former Square Enix employees.

Sonic Prime Netflix series gets exclusive Roblox premiere this week

Netflix has announced that it will premiere Sonic Prime, its new animated Sonic the Hedgehog series, exclusively on the Roblox platform this weekend, ahead of its official Netflix launch on December 15. From Saturday, December 10, fans will be able to watch the first episode of Sonic Prime within the...