The woman who was the first to warn about Osama bin Laden

(CNN) — Just one week out of the University of Virginia, with a degree in economics and foreign policy, Gina Bennett started working at the State Department as a clerk-typist in June 1988. After a couple of months, Bennett's boss told her, "Gina, you don't belong here. I'm going to promote you so you can get a job as an intelligence analyst."
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Somali kitchen in Bethnal Green gets halal help from Amazon staff

A charity kitchen set up by a mum-of-five in Bethnal Green to help “hard to reach” Somali families has been given special foods by staff from a global technology company. Women’s Inclusive Team founder Safia Jama opened the Hooyo East kitchen at the Mayfield day care centre near York Hall to send out halal foods to families who were not using foodbanks because of worries about non-halal meats.
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Ramla Ali Is The Last One Standing

Ramla Ali is deflated. We’re sitting inside a boxing ring in the west London gym where she trains. We’re in the ring because the rest of the – all-male – athletes are training, loudly. At least here we can hear each other talk. The scent of stale sweat and a whiff of urine (she says the toilets were recently broken) linger in the air. Discarded water bottles, dumbbells and resistance bands are strewn around us. ‘I was just very, very disappointed in my performance,’ she sighs, pausing as she tries to articulate her feelings. ‘I know everyone’s going to say, “Why? That’s so weird.” But I actually feel like I lost. That’s just me. I always want to be the best version of me.’
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The State Department Must Stop Treating African Democracy With Disdain

(MENAFN - SomTribune) There is no shortage of bad news coming from the Horn of Africa when it comes to democracy, security, and human rights . In November 2020, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a war against the northern province of Tigray . While the Nobel Laureate couched his rhetoric in a fight against terrorism, evidence quickly mounted that he sought instead a war of extermination. It backfired. The Tigray Defense Forces retook the provincial capital and captured thousands of Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers. Abiy's Plan B—deploying other states' ethnic militias against the Tigrayans—made matters worse: New fighting erupted between Afars and Ethiopian Somalis, some of which not only blocked Ethiopia's trade lifeline into Djibouti, but also sparked ethnic violence inside Djibouti itself. The Tigray escapade , meanwhile, might unravel Eritrean dictator Isaias Afwerki's autocratic control. Even if not, a vacuum looms in Eritrea when Isaias dies .

Applications for Chevening Scholarships now open for Somalis to apply

Applications for Chevening Scholarships to study in the UK are open between 3 August and 2 November 2021, with applications to be submitted here. Chevening Scholarships offer full financial support for scholars to study for any eligible master’s degree at any UK university, and are awarded to individuals who can demonstrate that they have the commitment and skills required to create positive change.

The new senators of Somalia’s South West state

Somalia’s South West state on Monday elected five senators, becoming only the second federal region in the country to vote in new representatives to the Upper House. But the vote held in Baidoa, the interim capital of the State, came amid complaints of favourtism from some of the contenders thrown out of the nomination list.
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Grassroots efforts bring much-needed change to Lewiston’s housing stock

Residents of downtown Lewiston have suffered from poverty and poor housing stock for many years, with 49% of residents in the Tree Street area living in poverty and one-third of the units on Tree Street classified as “distressed or falling,” according to the 2019 Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan .growingourtreestreets.com. In 2018, one in five people in Lewiston lived in poverty, nearly double the national average of 11.8%. For families with children, the poverty rate is 62%. Research conducted by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) icma.org/sites/default/files/ indicates that downtown Lewiston has the highest poverty rate in New England. Recently, growing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers from a variety of African countries have joined Somalis in calling Lewiston home. The city has among the largest per capita population of Muslim people in the nation.

Southwestern Somalia State Elects New Senators

The state of southwestern Somalia elected five senators on Monday, becoming the second federal region in the country to vote for new representatives in the upper house. But the vote in Baidoa, the state’s interim capital, came amid complaints of favoritism from some of the candidates banned from the nomination list.
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At small Serbia border village, migrants describe pushbacks

MAJDAN, Serbia -- At first sight, this tiny village in Serbia seems sleepy and almost abandoned, like many others across the Balkan country. But a closer look reveals a parallel reality lived by its temporary migrant residents, who are struggling to cross from Serbia over heavily guarded borders with neighboring European Union states Romania and Hungary.
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Matt Bryden: The British ‘warlord’ destabilizing Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea with his Nairobi-based disinformation factory Sahan

Matthew David Bryden, the British citizen the Somali government sued for leaking national security information to foreign entities, calls himself “angry Matt” and “Dibjir”, in Somali a “stray”, but with connotations of debauchery. According to the people who know him, Bryden is both brutish and pharisaical. A former friend called...

Are Somalis Arabs or Africans?

(MENAFN - SomTribune) The Somalis are the indigenous people to the horn of Africa (Eastern Africa). They have no Arab lineage or origin. Neither do they speak Arabic; what they speak is the Cushitic language called Somali. In this article, we'll take you through the history of the Somali people...

Are Somalis Arabs Or Africans? Meet The Somali People And Their Culture

The Somalis are the indigenous people to the horn of Africa (Eastern Africa). They have no Arab lineage or origin. Neither do they speak Arabic; what they speak is the Cushitic language called Somali. In this article, we’ll take you through the history of the Somali people and their culture...


Somalilandsun:The Abyssinian Aksumites (Amhara and Tigre living at Axum or Aksum town founded in the first century of A.D) first identified themselves as Ethiopians in the 4th century of A.D during reign of Ezana. So, Amhara land and Tigre land in the North are together called Ethiopia. Only Abyssinians [Amhara and Tigre – known also as Habesha peoples of Semitic ethnic group] are Ethiopians. The rest of the people in Ethiopia are not Ethiopians but they are Cushitic peoples.
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Meatpacker Tyson Foods Mandates Vaccines for Workers

Tyson Foods Inc said on Tuesday it was mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for its entire workforce, joining a growing list of major U.S. companies as they face renewed pandemic restrictions due to the fast-spreading Delta variant. Surging COVID-19 cases and new guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that requires fully-vaccinated individuals to wear masks have led many companies to rethink their plans. Many of corporate America's biggest names have taken action following the CDC's guidance, including mask mandates from McDonald's Corp, Apple Inc and vaccination requirements by Walmart and Walt Disney. U.S. officials said on Monday COVID-19 cases, along with hospitalizations and deaths from the virus, have increased in the last week, even as vaccination rates have seen a pick up amid concern over the highly contagious Delta variant. The CDC said there were about 72,000 new COVID-19 cases per day in the United States as of Saturday, a 44% increase over the previous week and higher than the peak set in the summer of 2020. Tyson said on Tuesday its employees at U.S. office locations should be fully vaccinated by Oct. 1, while other locations have until November. It added that nearly half its U.S. workforce were vaccinated. Labor unions and meat companies have been pushing states to increase the pace of vaccine rollout in the food sector to protect workers and avoid supply-chain disruptions from COVID-19 outbreaks, such as closures of slaughterhouses last year.