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Running off solar energy: local man makes the switch

HILLSDALE - Since he made the switch to solar energy several months ago, Eric Moore of Hillsdale said he wants to share the appeal with others. "I believe I'm the first residential solar 'net metering' system inside Hillsdale City limits, based on my conversations with city and BPU personnel," Moore said.
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A universal intercalation strategy for high-stable perovskite photovoltaics

A team of scientists led by the Nanomaterials Research Institute at Kanazawa University have demonstrated that the stability and efficiency of certain solar panels can be greatly enhanced by using cesium iodide (CsI) intercalation technology. This work may help make solar cells more competitive with other renewable energy sources. Solar...
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Solar discussion dominates letters to the editor

The recent letter by Peter Wirth in support of the construction of solar farms was well-written, informative, and convincing. In his writing, he followed the guide of decision-making which has served me well over my 70-plus years of life. And when I strayed from it, the results were problematic. That guide is “I before E” – or “Intellect before Emotion.”

4 keys to getting community buy-in for solar energy projects

President Biden was elected on promises that (among other things) he will launch a Clean Energy Revolution in the United States that would eventually help the country achieve the ambitious goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Rystad Energy has estimated that we would need about 13,412 square miles of land to install all the solar panels needed to help bring about this great transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
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Vogler named 2021 Clean Energy Champion: 'A win-win for Danville'

DANVILLE, Va. — Conservatives for Clean Energy Virginia (CCE-VA) this week named Danville City Councilman Lee Vogler as 2021 Clean Energy Champion. Now in its third year, the Clean Energy Champion program highlights state and local policymakers across the country who consistently support conservative policy initiatives that promote clean energy, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.
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Solar ETFs Riding High on Upbeat Q2 Earnings

TAN - Free Report) has gained about 5.4% in a week. Additionally, the Biden administration is making a big push to support green energy and lower carbon emissions. Its $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan would supercharge an already booming clean-power sector. His plan proposes a 10-year extension of wind and solar tax credits, and new tax credits for batteries and transmission (read: ETFs To Play U.S. Infrastructure Overhaul).

Caltech: Research project on space-based solar energy before real test

As part of a research project for space-based solar energy, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) plans to test the prototype of a satellite in space in two years. The Space Based Solar Power Project (SSPP) is conducting basic research into a process by which solar energy could be continuously converted into electricity and made available anywhere on earth.
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Semiconductor quantum dots: Technological progress and future challenges

You are currently viewing the abstract. Semiconductor materials feature optical and electronic properties that can be engineered through their composition and crystal structure. The use of semiconductors such as silicon gallium arsenide sparked technologies from computers and mobile phones to lasers and satellites. Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) offer an additional lever: Because their size is reduced to the nanometer scale in all three dimensions, the restricted electron motion leads to a discrete atom-like electronic structure and size-dependent energy levels. This enables the design of nanomaterials with widely tunable light absorption, bright emission of pure colors, control over electronic transport, and a wide tuning of chemical and physical functions because of their large surface-to-volume ratio.
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Check out this case study on Lagunitas Brewing Company in California going solar

After burning the Thanksgiving turkey in an attempt to brew his own beer, Tony Magee was asked to take his new-found interest outside of his Northern California home. Since 1993, he’s grown his hobby into one of the top solar powered craft breweries in the United States and his Lagunitas beers are now available in more than 20 countries and counting.