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18 Best Cheap Drawing Tablet [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. With digital art becoming one of the most popular forms of drawing, having a good drawing tablet is a must for every aspiring artist. For...
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5 Ways to Play the Launch of 5G Through Innovative Stocks

One of the biggest pieces of news coming out of the world of 5G is the delay of new deployments due to concerns over airline safety. AT&T (NYSE:T) confirmed that they will be delaying their deployment of C-Band 5G services by an additional two-week period after a request from the Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.
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5 Professional certificate courses that can take your IT career to new heights!

Professional Certificate programs are series of courses designed by industry leaders and top universities to build and enhance critical professional skills needed to succeed in today's most in-demand fields. Professional Certificate programs are offered in a variety of in-demand subjects and are tailored for working IT professionals, offering online learning, flexibility in timings, classes on weekends, etc.
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How Agile Practices Can Enable Faster, Better Digital Health Products

Providing ultimate value to stakeholders remains key in new style of development. The relatively quick development of vaccines to fight the COVID-19 virus has highlighted the intense pressure the biopharma industry is under to get products to market quickly. But many healthcare organizations and drug manufacturers know that traditional software...

Return process management | DC speed

Demand for e-commerce and consumers has been steadily increasing over the years. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the supply chain has evolved rapidly, putting it at the forefront of thinking for many retailers. Despite the pandemic, many retailers often experience high profits each season. However, while expanding the e-commerce business, many retailers tend to forget to expand the return process evenly. Proper shipping processes are important for meeting high-volume customer demand, but as the business grows, inconvenient and tedious return processes have become visible. With increasing order volumes, the proper return process is becoming more and more important and continues to grow.

People to Know in Accounting: Bina Khatri

I am a tax accountant in a CPA firm. My job requires me to stay up to date on tax regulations, which are constantly changing. This provides unlimited learning opportunities to advance both my technical and leadership skills and allows me to challenge myself and stay motivated. The people-first culture that my firm has cultivated has played a significant role in maintaining a collaborative effort, where we work together in a flexible work environment and help each other. This has helped us to build strong relationships both with the internal team and client personnel. I am their trusted adviser when they need us the most.

Varjo enables high-end VR/XR cloud streaming for its Varjo Reality Cloud

Varjo has added high-end VR/XR cloud streaming to its Varjo Reality Cloud platform, which enables remote people to see what someone is looking at through a VR headset in another location. The Varjo Reality Cloud platform enables a kind of virtual teleportation. That means one person can capture the reality...

Tech Mahindra is hiring engineers for multiple job vacancies; details here

Tech Mahindra is hiring IT professionals for multiple vacancies in its Hyderabad and Mumbai offices. Here are all the details:. 3+ years of strong experience in Android Mobile platform and application testing with major experience in Android platform. Should be ready to work for min 1 2 years[Long term] in...

Tips and guidelines for making software applications GDPR compliant

This article was contributed by Narendra Sahoo, founder and director of VISTA InfoSec. Technology is an integral part of the majority of businesses today. This increasing use of technology has exposed businesses and their critical assets to the risks of breach and theft. In response, regulators and governing bodies around the world have established various regulations, standards, and frameworks for securing business-critical assets and personal data.

VMware Workstation Pro 16.2.2

VMware Workstation provides a seamless way to access all of the virtual machines you need, regardless of where they are running. Remotely connect to virtual machines running on VMware vSphere, ESXi or another copy of VMware Workstation. Workstation’s web interface lets you access local and server hosted virtual machines from your PC, smart phone, tablet or any device with a modern browser. Run applications on multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows and more at the same time on the same PC without rebooting. Evaluate and test new operating systems, applications and patches in an isolated environment.

EFI Connect Highlights New Digital Print Innovations Driving Analog-to-Digital Transformation

This week, during the 22nd annual Connect conference at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort, Electronics For Imaging, Inc. is highlighting state-of-the art digital print innovations that give print businesses more capability and profit potential in a range of market applications. Display graphics inkjet offerings at Connect from the company’s leading-edge product portfolio include the new EFI Pro 30h production printer. Plus, Connect features the first-ever live demonstration of the new EFI Fiery FS500 Pro digital front end (DFE) – the mostadvanced print server in EFI’s 30+ year history – and the debut of the EFI Fiery Impress DFE, a scalable, flexible server and color management solution for inkjet label and packaging applications as well as for inline manufacturing lines that need variable print.

A Guide To Understanding The Different Types Of IT Support Services

You may be asking yourself, “What are the types of IT support services?” If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, then you might want to continue reading. When it comes down to it, there are a handful of types of IT support services that you can choose from to optimize your business, computer networks, and systems. This article will provide a general overview for understanding the different types of business IT support services.

How does the automatic text to speech tool help in developing an easy interface?

Artificial intelligence is considered to be the best gift of Technology. It has been able to incorporate the characteristics of human intelligence into a machine like a computer so that it becomes capable of managing almost every kind of activity that humans do. It is important to consider that artificial intelligence has made machines like computers and mobile phones behave like human beings.

Varjo announces the addition of VR/XR cloud streaming to its Reality Cloud platform, with early access customers including EV manufacturer Rivian

January 19, 2022 – Varjo, a provider of professional-grade virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR) hardware and software, has today announced the addition of cloud streaming to its Varjo Reality Cloud platform, marking progress toward the company’s vision of bringing real-life collaboration into the metaverse. With the new service,...

Varjo brings human-eye resolution VR/XR cloud streaming capability to its reality cloud platform

Varjo, a provider of professional-grade VR/XR hardware and software, has announced the addition of cloud streaming to its Varjo Reality Cloud platform, marking progress toward the company’s vision of bringing real-life collaboration into the metaverse. With the new service, select early-access users can deploy virtual- and mixed-reality applications and experiences entirely from the cloud for the first time and stream human-eye resolution VR/XR content directly to Varjo headsets. This unlocks new levels of scalability and productivity as professionals look to expand their use of immersive workflows.
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Cloudastructure’s Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Cannabis Surveillance

Failing to meet video surveillance compliance regulations in the cannabis industry can prove costly; In California, failure to maintain the required video storage operates on a sliding “3 Strikes” scale, with the first infractions subject to $1,000 per violation per day, up to $30,000 per violation and the possibility of suspension or revocation of a state license to operate. State and federal laws require that businesses keep their daily operations under constant video surveillance so criminality and malpractice can be stopped in their tracks.

Why is Whatfix the Top Choice of Organizations for Digital Adoption?

Rapid growth and advancements in technology, digital transformation, and the fierce competition to find and hire top individuals – all of these make it difficult for organizations to sustain their presence in an increasingly competitive landscape. Effective employee training has become critical for businesses to stay competitive, retain top employees, increase profits, and keep their workforce up to date on the latest industry trends.

Lead Engineer Software - Remote at Advantage Solutions

Attempting to apply for jobs might take you off this site to a different website not owned by us. Any consequence as a result for attempting to apply for jobs is strictly at your own risk and we assume no liability. Summary:. Lead Software Engineer - Remote. At our Company,...