Who will be Intel's first foundry customer?

The big picture: Intel has ambitions to create a foundry business by manufacturing chips for other companies. This is an important strategic initiative that the company will need to recoup the massive investment it is now making in fabs around the world. Most analysts agree that this proposition is a...
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Helping Employees in Adapting to New Software

Onboarding new employees efficiently is arguably one of the most crucial stages of looking after any business’ key assets – the workforce. Every HR professional knows that in order to keep their personnel happy and successful in their jobs, one of the most important things to get right from day one is ensuring that new hires can use all the company’s various software packages for their job roles.
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Razer Seiren V2 Pro Review: A compact cardioid mic with some minimal sacrifices

Razer's Seiren V2 Pro brings high build quality but limited recording versatility to the table. While it falls squarely in line with other Razer products' premium feel, it doesn't quite hit the same marks for premium functionality. Unlike some other USB microphones, it only offers one polar pattern for recording, and it's worse off for it. That said, it ships with some really solid software and catches deep voices really well.
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Blackview Tab 13 review: A budget Android tablet worth considering

The Blackview Tab 13 has an impressive battery that can last more than a day without being charged, as well as punchy speakers and a screen that is ideal for binge-watching. More importantly, it offers plenty of value for your money despite some tradeoffs. If you have forgotten that Android...

Eternal Robotics launches Smart Eyes, an AI surveillance and inspection service

Dubai, UAE – Eternal Robotics, a tech firm centered on automation by way of innovation, has launched a brand new AI-driven answer designed to streamline a number of enterprise operations, together with high quality inspection, surveillance and motion recognition techniques. The pioneering firm is a part of the UAE-based Mojay Global Holding, which seeks out disruptive know-how for funding and development alternatives.

Cooler Master GD160 ARGB review

The Cooler Master GD160 ARGB may be in splurge territory, but it’s more than worth the price. It’s a solidly built standing desk that can swiftly lift even the most expansive computer setups without breaking a sweat. It’s also one of the few gaming desks – not to mention one of the few desks in general – to offer built-in ARGB.
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Brother ADS-4900W Review

It’s been some time since we’ve reviewed a Brother scanner, though the company tells us that, in addition to the mid- to high-volume ADS-4900W ($699.99) reviewed here today, we should be receiving four other review units soon. A direct competitor to two of our Editors' Choice recipients, the Epson DS-790WN Wireless Network Color Document Scanner and the Raven Pro Document Scanner, the ADS-4900W is fast, accurate, and loaded with connectivity and other useful features, all for a competitive price.

5 tips to avoid fake applications

With fake programs We can talk about applications that have been modified to sneak in some malware or directly software that pretends to be what it is not. In both cases our privacy and security can be compromised and cybercriminals could have access to our data. official sources. The first...

reduces RAM and processor usage in Windows without programs

It must be taken into account that a high consumption of these resources that we mentioned can translate into a significant worsening of the user experience of Windows. In addition, our productivity will drop ostensibly and we will not be able to work comfortably enough with the installed programs. In turn, all this can lead to crashes and malfunctions of the operating system that nobody wants to see on their computers. It is true that there are certain third-party applications that we can install to optimize and reduce said consumption.