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Great Bend school district works to ‘Capture Kids’ Hearts’

All Great Bend public school teachers received “Capturing Kids’ Hearts” in-service training in August, and each principal has included the program in their buildings since school began. The Capturing Kids’ Hearts program builds better relationships between teachers and students. Stronger relationships help teachers assist students who have experienced or are...
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SAP partners with nonprofits for VR effort to address student learning gaps

SAP announced a partnership with national nonprofit JFF Labs to create the Skill Immersion Lab, an effort to meld VR technology with instructor guidance and discussion. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced educators to adopt a host of new methods to educate students and virtual reality tools are helping teachers get through to learners in a variety of environments.
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For under $20 you can bring your leadership skills to the next level

It’s an often-asked question—are leaders born or are they made? While there is no doubt that some people are naturally gifted with qualities that could be deemed “leadership material,” how or if those traits or talents are nurtured over the years play an important role in determining whether that person will be someone that others look up to. Whether or not this is the case, if one is thinking of becoming a leader, a manager, or even a better team player, be it in the corporate world, or in your own personal endeavors, brushing up on both your hard and soft skills can only be beneficial.
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Soft skills influence at CS career

Some people are naturally sociable and do not see the problem of making contact with other people. While for the rest, it is challenging. Many software engineers are introverts and live by the principle “don’t touch me, let me write the code.” An introvert cannot become an extrovert. It is impossible. But this is only an indicator of what a person draws energy from — from communicating with other people or spending time with himself. Nevertheless, nothing prevents an introvert from pumping a God-level with soft skills.

Best Places to Work honoree, Small category: Ookla LLC

MBJ partnered with national research firm Quantum Workplace to determine Memphis’ Best Places to Work. All nominated companies participated in an anonymous employee engagement survey coordinated and conducted by Quantum Workplace. The survey included numerous closed- and open-ended questions. The average scores of employee questionnaires were used to determine the Best Places to Work rankings. Companies competed in Micro, Small, Medium, and Large Categories, based on employment numbers.

UTRGV Recognizes City With Innovation in Professional Education Award

BROWNSVILLE, TX – The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) recently recognized the City of Brownsville for their continuous efforts in helping develop their employees’ soft skills, ranging from emotional intelligence to managing conflict. UTRGV, through the Office of Professional Education and Workplace Development (PEWD) is a key partner in helping the organization develop a professional development program and presented Brownsville City Manager, Noel Bernal, with the Innovation in Professional Education Award, following the City’s 1st Annual Employee Leadership Conference – Exploring the Total Alignment Galaxy. The award acknowledges employers who cultivate a culture of learning, while continuously working towards improving the workplace and valuing its employees.

The Ultimate Guide on Soft Skills for Software Developers

By Lily Jones – In recent times, soft skills have become an essential aspect of the software development world. Every bespoke software development company prefers to have a developer with proper soft skills so that they can easily work with other teammembers and can bring out amazing output. Therefore, soft skills for developers are as important as technical and coding skills. To learn more about the soft skills that every software developer must possess, go through this blog.

There is nothing soft about “soft skills”

“Soft skills get little respect, but they will make or break your career.”. In the late 1960s, the U.S. Army created the term “soft skills” to refer to any skill that does not employ the use of machinery. “The military realized that many important activities were included within this category, and in fact, the social skills necessary to lead groups, motivate soldiers, and win wars were encompassed by skills they had not yet cataloged or fully studied.”

4 Key Soft Skills to Prioritize in New Hires

Knowing what you are looking for in a potential employee is not always as simple as putting together a job description and looking for the person who best matches its skill profile. Recruiting should always have some space for recognition of a candidate’s academic qualifications and previous experience, for sure, but it’s questionable whether these should be the key considerations when looking for a new employee. If the knowledge or experience gained through those avenues is essential to working for you, then that’s one thing, and those details should be used as a screening stage to filter out candidates who won’t be appropriate. But the ones you should hire will come down to an evaluation of soft skills.
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North Dakota to Fund CTE Centers Throughout the State

(TNS) — Mike McLean was a little surprised to find about 15 people at the door, ready to participate in a charette for the proposed career and technical education center first thing Tuesday morning, Sept. 14, at the Herald’s community room. “I thought we would ease into it a bit,”...

Teen Returns to Fuller Center to Volunteer After Attending VPK There

Fuller Center Graduate Returns To Participate In The Promise Program. Boca Raton, FL – Fuller Center, a non-profit focused on embracing, educating and empowering under resourced children and families to achieve their full potential, will launch The Promise Program with 16 teenage participants this October. The Promise Program will provide teens with the opportunity to develop soft skills and good work habits, all necessary for future academic and employment success.
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For Technologists, the Art of ‘Managing Up’ is Key to Your Future Career

You’ve probably heard the term “managing up.” It’s a pretty simple concept: You help your boss improve their performance. For technologists who report into a non-technologist manager, this is especially important, as the success or failure of a project may hinge on how well you can guide them through technical workflows they might not fully understand.

Grace and Poise-The James Bond Phenomenon

Are these intangibles a key to success or opportunity?. Have you ever been somewhere, perhaps a function or black-tie affair, or just to a business seminar and noticed that some people just hold an audience?. Grace and poise the amazing combination of skilled intangibility that commands respect. They are something...

Sales: Developing Critical “Soft Skills” with Training Simulations

Although “soft skills” such as teamwork and leadership are the glue that holds teams and organizations together, from a learning and development perspective they can sometimes take a back seat to technical training. However, soft skills are now increasingly recognized as being invaluable to organizations, with pharmaceutical sales teams being no exception.


Need to fill positions with experienced talent? Don’t overlook the huge pool of professionals who are eager to rejoin the workforce after a career break. Since February of 2020, 1.79 million women and 1.75 million men have quit work, often for reasons related to the pandemic, like being home with kids attending school online. But this isn’t a pandemic-specific trend. Over 75% of American Millennials expect to take career breaks at some point in their professional lives.

Ways to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

With the increasingly competitive labor market, you ought to stand out from the competition if you’re to land the job of your dreams. While having the right education, experience and skills can serve as a booster, there is more to it than meets the eye. After all, companies are looking for employees who can add value to their business and help propel them to greater heights.

Google partners with Kenya’s women MPs to improve digital skills

Google and the Kenyan Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) have announced a collaboration to improve gender equity, diversity, and inclusion within organizations and the workplace. The collaboration announced as part of celebrations to mark #IamRemarkable Week 2021 (which runs from September 8 – 15, 2021), will see the expansion of the...