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Meals on Wheels of the Salinas Valley helps seniors socialize

After months of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and social distancing mandates, seniors in South Monterey County have an excuse to get together thanks to Meals on Wheels of the Salinas Valley. In the hopes of expanding its outreach to local seniors, the organization has launched a new program called South County...
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NSSF Innovation Strengthens Social support to Kenyans

NAIROBI, Kenya, 30th November, 2021 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- The events of the past eighteen months have cast a spotlight on the ability of states to support vulnerable citizens during times of crisis. In Kenya, the official state agency responsible for social security chose SAP to support its growth, enable the...
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Supporting Friends And Family Good For Your Health

Providing social support to others could be good for your health. A study published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity by researchers at Ohio State University found that those who have positive social relationships in which they are available to provide support to others had lower levels of inflammation. “Most previous...
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Giving Social Support to Loved Ones Can Reduce Inflammation, New Research Reveals

It's long been believed that feeling supported by friends and family can improve your mental and physical health, but new research suggests that taking it a step farther and giving support to loved ones also has its own set of health benefits. According to a study highlighted by ScienceDaily and conducted by researchers at Ohio State University, providing social assistance to the important people in your life can reduce inflammation—an important health indicator. "It may be that when people believe they can give more support to friends and family, these relationships are especially rewarding and stress-relieving, which reduces inflammation," says Baldwin Way, researcher and associate professor at Ohio State.

Social Services hosts meeting on becoming a foster parent

There will be an informational meeting about becoming a foster parent on Dec. 8 at 5:30 p.m. at the Montezuma County Social Services office, at 109 W. Main St., Cortez. Officials are trying to generate more interest in becoming a foster parent because there is a shortage in the county, said Social Services Director Gina Montoya.

3 Go-To Strategies for Resilience

Each person finds a way to navigate life's challenges. Resilience skills can help propel us forward to thriving and growth. Connect and tap into the support of those around you, and fuel your resilience with embracing opportunities to learn from your challenges. When in doubt, turn to your inner coach...

Not Enough Emotional Support From Your Partner? This Could Be Why

Couples who feel unsupported by their partner may be missing a key ingredient that creates mutuality: providing support. Positive relationships require openness to receiving support and being able to provide it to the other person. Building relationship awareness involves developing an awareness of your feelings, desires, and goals and those...

CDC Strongly Recommends Covid Vax Booster to All Adults

There have been eighteen (18) new cases of COVID-19 in Montgomery and Rocky Hill over the last week, since our last report last Tuesday, 11-23-21. Most cases are below the age of 30. ___________________. Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control. third-shot COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for all adults who received...

Alzheimer’s diagnosis may lead to reduced social activity: study

(Credit: PamelaJoeMcFarlane/Getty Images) Despite the belief that early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is crucial, a new study by scientists at Rutgers University suggests that a person’s social network and social support do not increase following a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and related dementias, which may be especially problematic for disadvantaged populations who have fewer resources.

Social support for solo seniors reduces the need for skilled nursing

A little help from a friend or relative can help keep seniors out of nursing homes following hospitalization or diagnosis or a life-threatening illness. That’s the finding from a new study from researchers at the University of California at San Francisco. Those with support reduced their risk of requiring institutional care over a two-year period from 14.2% to 10.9%.

Opinion: Social media anxiety needs more attention

Social media anxiety is a real issue college students are facing, but there are healthy ways to address it. Social media portrays a reality that can be false and unattainable. Photos are edited, bodies are altered and blemishes are erased. The photos posted online are as close to perfection as possible. Teens and young adults look up to these posts, comparing themselves to others and feeling anxiety and pressure when there is a lack of similarities in the comparison.

Today Is Giving Tuesday

No doubt you have already seen appeals for #givingtuesday. Giving Tuesday shifts the focus from gluttony and spending to giving as a holiday tradition. Let’s not forget to mention the year-end tax advantages of charitable contributions. I recognize that many are struggling financially this year due to the pandemic and #givingtuesday may seem out of touch. But non-profit organizations and the services they provide are also at severe risk thanks to COVID. If you can support them, today is a great day to do it!

Samantha Rae Alzate

Samantha Alzate is a clinical therapist in West Hartford, Connecticut. She specializes in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and life coaching. Samantha’s practice, Mindful Transformations, offers traditional psychotherapy using the methodologies of transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality. She also offers nontraditional services such as coaching, reiki, and other energy work. What...

Social media platforms could help people cope with depression

Researchers have suggested that social media platforms like Instagram and Reddit have the potential of helping people cope with depression. In current times even when technology has changed how people interact with each other and in a way made it simpler, people are hesitant to talk about their painful experiences and suffering for fear of being stigmatized. Researchers at Drexel’s College of Computing and Informatics have observed in their study that while this hesitance to communicate is unfortunate, sufferers of depression are finding solace in social networking sites.

Giving social support to others may boost your health - Ohio State University Study

When it comes to your health, being willing to give social support to your spouse, friends and family may be just as important as receiving assistance. While researchers have long thought that receiving social support from others is a key to health, results from studies have shown mixed results. So researchers from The Ohio State University decided to see if giving support may also play an important role in health.

How Providing Social Support to Friends and Family is Good for Your Health

The good guys finish last, don’t they? Maybe not. Research shows that people who regularly engage in acts of kindness and generosity tend to be in a better mood and have higher self-esteem. In other words, they feel better about themselves no matter where they run in the mad rush.