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Report Warns of “Snake Oil” Partners Pursuing Public Private Partnerships

Communities considering public private broadband partnerships should beware of “questionable proposals” from broadband providers, cautions a new report from CTC Technology & Energy published by the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society. The report also offers an analysis of potentially viable models for public private broadband partnerships and offers real world examples of these partnerships.
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Del Toro’s ‘Nightmare Alley’ A Sordid Tale of Geek Love and Snake Oil

In circus nomenclature, a “geek” is the most run-down of men, almost always an alcoholic or junkie, who performs grotesqueries, like biting the heads off live animals, in front of jeering – but well-paying – audiences. The geek puts the “carnal” in carnival; reliably dirty of soul and desperate for work. He is the lowest in the act’s hierarchy because his role is easily replaceable, for it requires no skill other than a willingness to debase oneself publicly. The geek is to be gawked at, pitied, and feared, for he has fallen as low as any man can.
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Are Fidget Rings and Pop Its Modern Day Snake Oil, or Stress-Relieving Tools?

Pandemic or no, we are an anxious species. “Humans are just not built to sit still all day long and use only our heads,” says Katherine Isbister, Ph.D., research director of the Social Emotional Technology Lab at the University of California, Santa Cruz. But sit we must — in class, at work, while waiting for our latte in the morning. And while we do, our hands instinctively look for something to do. From prayer beads to stress balls, spinner rings to pop its, having a fidget aid — something to reflexively spin, squeeze, and push — is only natural. But why? And, more importantly, is there a benefit here? Do these objects really relieve stress, calm the mind, and relax us? Or is this all just squeezable, pokable, spinnable snake oil?
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Homeopathy’s Secret Book of Snake Oil

Homeopathy is fake medicine, but the industry that promotes it, and the federal agency that is supposed to regulate it, behave as though it’s real. Homeopathy has been allowed to carve out its own special niche in the laws governing the sale and availability of drugs in the United States. In fact, the homeopathy industry has been allowed to determine for itself what constitutes a homeopathic drug, and it has enshrined all this information in a tome called the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), the canonical text of what each homeopathic product contains and what it’s supposed to do.

There Chaos Lies: The bible of snake oil; religious exemptions forever; the dumbest conspiracy theory

Greetings, mortals. Welcome once again to The Morning Heresy roundup of news and links for the increasingly-exhausted reality-based community. I may be projecting. The homeopathic industry of snake oil has its own Bible of sorts, an official compendium of its various fake drugs, what they’re made of, and what they’re supposed to do (but don’t do). It’s so official, that it’s the basis for federal regulations about homeopathic drugs. And here’s the kicker: You’re not allowed to look at it, unless you’re willing to take out a second mortgage.


The pirated logo clearly says the show is in Las Vegas, but "Renee" is attempting to sell snake oil for "registrants counts" in Columbus. This pitch literally arrived simultaneously with the AIMExpo warning note:. Hi,. I am following up to confirm if you are interested in acquiring the Visitors/attendees List.

As hiring in the metaverse ramps up, experts caution against working with snake oil salesmen

Need a metaverse expert? Get in line. Companies of all shapes and sizes are queuing up to hire what are quickly becoming the most in-demand roles in media and advertising. Ever since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this year that the future of his company would be in the metaverse, the word has slowly become part of mainstream parlance. Most (81%) consumers now believe brands’ virtual presences are just as important as their brick-and-mortar stores, with the average customer willing to spend thousands on digital goods, according to Wunderman Thompson’s September “Into the Metaverse” report.

Was COP26 Peak Snake Oil?

We’re publishing a guest post by journalist Chris Morrison asking whether COP26 was the high water mark of climate change alarmism. One of the defining photo opportunities of the recent COP26 climate conference was the image of Tuvalu foreign minister Simon Kofe drawing attention to rising sea levels by addressing the assembly in two feet of water. Inexplicably missing from any commentary on the PR stunt was the welcome news that the Tuvaluan chain of islands actually grew in size from 1971 to 2014. Back in the real world, a 2018 paper by scientists from the University of Auckland found: “Results highlight a net increase in land area in Tuvalu of 73.5ha (2.9%), despite sea-level rise, and land area increase in eight of nine atolls.”

Selling Snake Oil

There is no doubt that stem cells have promising roles in medical care, and many clinics provide stem-cell therapies as their primary therapy or as a prominent offering in a buffet of services. They are not regulated by the FDA but use a halo of eminence and “evidence” to create the trust necessary to make the sale. Their methodology uses forms of medical misdirection we all experience in the news around COVID-19 therapies.

Joe Biden Begins His Snake Oil Sales Tour and Sen. Jim DeMint Talks Kyle Rittenhouse | Guest: Jim DeMint | Ep 387

Rumble — Joe Biden and pals embark on their cross-country blitz today to try to sell the American people on his ridiculous $1.75 trillion infrastructure spending package. Will the average Joe be as easily manipulated as the Left and their pet media? Probably not. Then, Senator Jim DeMint swings through the studio to talk about his new book, "Satan's Dare," and gives his opinion on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

“Snake Oil” by Suzanne Hodsden

BLAST, TMR’s online-only prose anthology, features fiction and nonfiction too lively to be confined between the covers of a print journal. Suzanne Hodsden’s 2021 Perkoff Prize runner-up story “Snake Oil” features a family grappling with AIDS in the 1990s and a woman’s creative but desperate attempts at alternative healing. Snake...

San Diego Made Holiday Market

Visit the 2021 San Diego Made Holiday Market at JULEP Venue in Little Italy Saturday, November 13, 2021, 10am-5pm. This handmade shopping experience will feature roughly 85+ makers, large floral installation, photo opportunities, a free raffle, craft cocktail bar by Snake Oil, food trucks featuring Salt + Lime and E.L.E Burger, live music by Puerto and La Boogie Buena, an interactive art installation for adults and children, and more!

Lest we forget: Scientology started out as quack cure-all, selling electronic snake oil

On occasion, we like to remind readers that Scientology’s troubles did not begin with current leader David Miscavige. One of the reasons that Scientology was in hot water almost from the start was that founder L. Ron Hubbard made a lot of quack health claims for his new talk therapy, which he debuted in 1950. By 1958, the FDA was infiltrating Scientology over these claims, and raided the DC church in 1963, eventually leading to a 1971 settlement, with Scientology promising to stop pretending it could cure anything.
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Bail reform: Snake oil sold to lawmakers

The modern era of bail reform really picked up steam in 2015. Since then, pretrial reform activists have traveled the country decrying the use of monetary conditions of release. The solution they believe is to do away with monetary condition of release and in its place use an algorithm to decide release.