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Last-Minute Holiday Help

Today I am sharing my best tips for some last-minute holiday help. Here are seven ways to avoid the holiday season stress and simplify the month of December. If you are running out of time for the quickly approaching holiday party or Christmas day then try out these easy ways to simplify.
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Album Of The Week: Snail Mail – Valentine

Stream and revisit the review: our pick of the albums reviewed on these pages during the past week is Valentine, the latest from Snail Mail. “If empathy is the wrong thing because it contains a degree of self-fulfillment, it’s difficult to see a more complicated space in music at the moment than being a successful young woman.”
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Rolling Stone’s 2021 List Of Top 50 Albums

According to legendary music periodical, Rolling Stone, 2021 had a plethora of marquee music world events:. Included in the list are such superstars as Adele, Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas X who came through with albums that deepened their stories and solidified their greatness. But this year was more often about welcome surprises — like rap visionary Tyler, the Creator or Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner. Perhaps the biggest curveball of all was the unstoppable Olivia Rodrigo, who arrived out of nowhere to re-invent the rules of Top 40 radio with her instant-classic LP debut, Sour.
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Rolling Stone’s Best 50 Albums of 2021

Year end list season is fully upon us, and now Rolling Stone have unveiled their list of the top 50 albums of the year. Like you might expect from one of the last major music magazines still in print, it includes plenty of mainstream pop and rock choices, including Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, and Adele, but they're alongside albums by Tyler the Creator, Snail Mail, Adult Mom, Dry Cleaning, The Weather Station, Dawn Richard, Turnstile, Japanese Breakfast, Lucy Dacus, Illuminati Hotties, Boldy James and the Alchemist, and more. See the list below, and read it in full, with commentary, on Rolling Stone.
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The 50 Best Albums of 2021

2021 had plenty of marquee events in the music world: Superstars like Adele, Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas X all came through with albums that deepened their stories and solidified their greatness. But while those blockbuster releases lived up to the industry’s ever-swelling hype, this year was often more about welcome surprises — like ornery rap visionary Tyler, the Creator meeting the world halfway with the most focused performance of his career, or Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner going from low-fi bedroom dreamer into futurist New Wave maximalist. The biggest curveball of all was an unstoppable chart phenomenon few saw coming a year ago: Olivia Rodrigo, who arrived out of nowhere (or at least the Disney Channel) to rewrite the rules of the Top 40 with her instant-classic debut, Sour.

The Famous Daxx – “Quarterlife”

Showing a sound reminiscent of Snail Mail and Mitski, “Quarterlife” is a captivating track from The Famous Daxx. The London-based artist (originally from Munich) describes the effort as “the soundtrack to my Quarterlife Crisis, which resulted with me getting a cat.” The “soon I’ll be 25,” refrain affirms the age-related creep and introspection, ranging from a quaint remark to more soaring escapades, like the sweeping grandiosity past the one-minute mark. “I’m losing, and my head hurts every morning,” Daxx sings, continuing the lament amidst a series of melodic, darkly atmospheric guitar lines. The concluding ominous synth caps off the soundscape with stellar results. “Quarterlife” is a showcase in excellent songwriting and production from The Famous Daxx.

Album Review: Snail Mail – Valentine

If empathy is the wrong thing because it contains a degree of self-fulfillment, it’s difficult to see a more complicated space in music at the moment than being a successful young woman. From endless third-party discussions of physicality (and sexuality), to revelations of abuse and coercive behaviour uncovered by the...

Florida prisons are changing inmates’ snail mail to a digital format

Florida prisons are in the process of converting incoming snail mail to a digital-only format. The Department of Corrections says the change will reduce the amount of contraband coming into prisons. Denise Rock is executive director of Florida Cares, a nonprofit that advocates for the incarcerated. She told The Florida...

Gorilla vs Bear’s Top 50 Albums of 2021

December 1 is often a big day for year-end lists and 2021 is no exception. In addition to NPR's list and The Quietus' list (and Spotify Wrapped), today also brought Gorilla vs Bear's list. GvsB's list is always one of the most interesting and unique lists of the year, heavy on music in the electronic/electronic pop realm, but also including lots of indie rock, rap, folk, pop, and more that all make sense within Gorilla vs Bear's world. Check out the full list below.

Reluctant Christmas Queen

Welcome to the lyriquediscorde annual advent playlist countdown – 31 playlists of 31 songs for 31 days as we all sing our way into the new year. “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?” by Caroline Rose. “Icarus” by Fana Hues. “Where Is My Mind?” by Tkay Maidza. “All My Girls...

For Your Consideration : Obsession and Forgiveness in Snail Mail’s Valentine

KEXP is counting down the best records of the year with our annual Top 90.3 Countdown. Ahead of the countdown, KEXP staff make the case for some of their favorite albums from 2021. Make sure to vote for your favorites by December 10 at 6 PM PT and tune in to hear what makes the list on December 17.

Snail mail? Slow and delayed deliveries en route

LIMA — “Your check’s in the mail” may or may not be true, but when that check will actually arrive in Lima seems less certain. Local residents and business owners have expressed concern and dissatisfaction about excessively late — or nonexistent — USPS deliveries. Dan Ruppert, who lives near Tamarac...

Music for Scrooges

We live in a world full of beautiful music. The world has an unprecedented amount of amazing artists creating incredible works of art for us to all enjoy listening to. And yet, every year it’s the same. Mariah Carey. Elvis. The soundtrack to “Rudolph.” It makes me sick just thinking...

Valentine, Snail Mail

I hope you have your tissues and your emotional support blanket because Snail Mail will put you in your FEELS with her newest release. Snail Mail, also known as singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan, hits the indie-pop world hard with her second debut album “Valentine.”. In this album, Jordan’s masterful songwriting is...

Gift Guide for Under $100

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