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Vivo patent outlines odd pop-up camera system

A new Vivo patent has turned up that shows a strange and very unique pop-up camera system that may find a home in future smartphones. The patent shows cascading extendable camera with four lenses that pop out the top of the smartphone. Each of the four segments of the pop-up camera has its own lens inside.
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IKEA's STARKVIND Smart Air Purifier Doubles as Side Table

Following the footsteps of its popular FÖRNUFTIG air purifier released back in April this year, IKEA has now launched the STARKVIND, a smart air purifier that doubles as a side table. Released in either a black and dark wood finish or a white and natural wood finish, the STARKVIND carries...
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If the metaverse gets real, it shouldn’t be Facebook’s to control

Several upper-echelon tech companies announced earnings last week, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. They all have some things in common. They’re all making lots of money: Each benefited because they are mainly digital companies, well positioned to profit from the increased time we spent within digital spaces during the pandemic. And they all have a stake in something called the “metaverse.”
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Best of Everything

Spending your hard-earned money on a shiny new piece of tech gear is never easy. There are often hundreds of choices; knowing what to look for is a challenge; and the web is full of junky guides and ads that make choosing a new product harder than it needs to be. You want the best stuff, the very best products, and picking out new tech shouldn’t be stressful or waste days of your time. That’s why we’ve revamped our Best Products guides to make things easier for you.
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Crime-tracking app Citizen now includes a premium-priced safety help line

The crime-tracking app Citizen is now launching its own emergency response service, promising access to agents who can call 911 or keep tabs on a potentially dangerous situation. Protect, which costs $19.99 per month, builds on a beta program that launched earlier this year. It’s part of a larger — and sometimes controversial — expansion effort at the startup, which has built a crime-mapping system into a live broadcasting platform while experimenting with private security services.
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Xiaomi invests in a second self-driving company within three months

After establishing its might in the smartphone business, Xiaomi wants to make a dent in the mobility industry through various investments. On Monday, the company participated in a pre-series-A round of investment into a self-driving company called Geometrical Partner. Xiaomi led the $62 million investment along with Matrix Partners China and Baidu Ventures.
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New Logitech Zone wireless earbuds $299

Logitech has introduced its new wired and wireless Zone earbuds this week announcing they will be available to purchase later this year during the fall of 2021. The Logitech Zone True Wireless and Zone Wired Earbuds will be priced at $299 and $99 respectively and are the first earbuds to be certified by all three major cloud video conferencing platforms : Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
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Crypto Price Prediction: Why Bitcoin Could Hit $700,000 In Just 10 Years

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, despite some recent volatility, have soared over the last year—with the bitcoin price up around 250%. The bitcoin price topped $60,000 earlier this year before crashing, losing around 40% of its value in a matter of weeks. But many crypto investors remain confident bitcoin will surge far past its recent highs and potentially boost other smaller cryptocurrencies (subscribe now to Forbes' CryptoAsset & Blockchain Advisor and discover crypto blockbusters poised for 1,000% gains).

Weak competition could hike your broadband bill by $96 a year

American homes that have lots of choice in broadband providers can expect to pay around $8 less per month for internet than those who are locked into a single company, according to a new survey from Consumer Reports. The median monthly bill for people with four or more broadband providers...

Another Android vendor might be planning an Apple Card rival

Apple Card might be getting another Android rival. Chinese smartphone vendor Vivo has filed for a 'VivoCard' trademark in China. Another Android vendor might be planning a payment card to rival Apple Card and offerings from the likes of Samsung and Huawei, according to a recent trademark filing. As first...
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OnePlus Registered A Massive 257% YoY Growth In H1 2021

OnePlus has had a highly successful first half of 2021. Research firm Counterpoint Research recently reported that the Chinese firm was the fastest-growing smartphone OEM in the US during the first six months of the year, registering a staggering 428 percent year-on-year (YoY) growth. The numbers for the global market are now in and they are equally impressive as well.

SoundScribe Smartphone Connected Chladni Plate

Here is a Chladni Plate that connects to your smartphone and lets you experiment with sound frequencies to generate cool Cymatic patterns. The SoundScribe from Cymatics Lab connects to your phone or tablet wirelessly but also has a 3.5 auxiliary input. It has a solid pine construction with a 12″ carbon fiber plate.

Make way for MFA: new security measures from Salesforce

Your database houses the history of your organization. From records that chart the arc of your donor relationships to the archive of annual giving that charts your growth to campaign information tracking what works and what doesn’t for your organization—this data is unique to you and it is one of your most valuable assets.
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iPhone sees strong European growth but Xiaomi is the big winner

Apple's iPhone saw significant growth in Europe, according to a new report. Xiaomi was the firm with the biggest gain, moving to the number one spot in terms of smartphone shipments. New numbers show that the iPhone saw significant growth in terms of smartphone shipments in Europe during the second...
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Google to Use Its Own Chip 'Tensor' In New Pixel Phone

Almost five years after it launched the Pixel series of smartphones, Google has announced that it will ditch conventional chipmakers and power its next Pixel phone with a chip that it has built on its own. This shift in policy is much like Apple, which after using self-built chips for its iPhones will now also use them for its Macs. To know how good Google's chip is, we just need to wait for fall, when Pixel 6 is available.
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Forget Robinhood -- This Hot IPO Stock Is a Better Buy

This young company is at the top of its industry. It's the highest-grossing app in the Education category, in both the App Store and Google Play store. Robinhood Markets (NASDAQ:HOOD) just went public, and despite being the hot topic, it was met with an underwhelming response from investors, dropping 8% on its first day. But just 24 hours earlier another technology company hit the markets with a 36% day-one pop, and it could be a rewarding long-term buy.