7-Eleven Celebrates National Wing Day With Delivery BOGO

To celebrate National Chicken Wing Day on July 29, 7-Eleven is offering buy one, get one free five-count bone-in wings via 7–Eleven Delivery found on the 7NOW delivery app and the 7–Eleven app. Customers can choose between flavors like spicy, regular and buffalo. Participating 7-Eleven stores are also offering a...
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7-Eleven Brings Mexican Food, Fried Chicken Together

Customers who can’t decide if they want Mexican food or southern-style fried chicken soon won’t have to, as the newest 7-Eleven in Murfreesboro, Tenn., will offer both from two restaurant concepts in the same spot. 7-Eleven announced it’s bringing its first new build to the city just south of Nashville...
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Sara L. Konstanzer

Kill Devil Hills – Sara L. Konstanzer of Bay Drive, Kill Devil Hills, NC passed away in her home surrounded by family. Sally, as she was best known, is survived by her children Daria, Robert, Linda and Paul; five grandchildren, Frank Jefferis, Joe Konstanzer, Max Konstanzer, Jack Konstanzer, and Madison DelCollo; and one great-granddaughter June. Sally taught them so many things from how to fillet and cook a fish to how to have tea parties. She picked them up at school on Fridays which always included going to 7-11 for a small Slurpee and one chocolate éclair ($5 max!) and watched them play basketball and run track. Even if it was just watching them and having deep conversation at the kitchen table, Sally was there for them all.
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7-Eleven Delivers Buy One, Get One Free Wing Deals on National Chicken Wing Day

Get 10 bone-in wings delivered for the price of 5 or pick up 16 boneless wings for $3 in stores via 7Rewards. July 23, 2021 // Franchising.com // IRVING, Texas - Special delivery from 7-Eleven, Inc.! To celebrate National Chicken Wing Day on July 29, America's largest convenience retailer is offering buy one, get one free five-count bone-in wings via 7-Eleven Delivery found on the 7NOW® delivery app and the 7-Eleven app.* 7-Eleven's delivery time is almost as unbeatable as its chicken and customers can choose between flavors like spicy, regular and buffalo.
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After years away, ‘Roller Dude’ is back, bringing joy to Chesapeake — and himself

E’sa Simon has reclaimed his corner of Chesapeake concrete where he again twists, stomps, points his finger into the air, slaps his hip. The worn green wheels on his black roller skates grind in cursive circles as the 63-year-old retired stormwater worker writes his dance for the day. In Great Bridge, the word is out: “Roller Dude” is back. Eight years ago, Simon had become a neighborhood ...
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Fun, compassion never out of style

Little League baseball official Howard Reeves put his arm around me at a recent game and said, “You don’t have anywhere better to go today, do you?”. “Evidently not,” I said. The event was the minors’ district title game between Yucaipa Valley American and Yucaipa Valley National, but it could...

Guy Steals Fire Truck Because He Didn’t Want To Walk To 7-Eleven

Walking is overrated. Why use your legs, when a perfectly fine fire truck is sitting unattended with the keys in it? According to a story from Firehouse.com, a man from Honolulu, HI was arrested at a local 7-Eleven after he found the fire truck, got in, and drove it to the convenient store. He was initially arrested but released pending an investigation. What were they investigating, which flavor of Slurpee he got? For the full story, click here…

The best educational toys for kids

It’s tempting to get your kid every shiny new toy they ask for. But some toys are better than others when it comes to actually stimulating your child’s brain while also keeping them entertained. The parents on the Engadget staff know this well, and we’ve tried out a bunch of educational toys with our kids, with various results. These are some of the ones that have had staying power with our children — and even we adults have to admit we found them pretty fun, too.
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Here’s how to get a 7-Eleven hot dog for $1

Summer is here, and you’ve probably got plenty of celebrations, barbecues, road trips, and family fun planned. In honor of National Hot Dog Day, National Hot Dog Month, and their 94th birthday, 7-Eleven is offering its loyal customers a yummy and sweet deal. According to Delish, the chain is selling...

National Hot Dog Day 2021 Deals at Nathan's Famous, 7-Eleven and Others

Wednesday, July 21, is National Hot Dog Day—the centerpiece of National Hot Dog Month and a celebration of "one of America's favorite foods," according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Various venues are offering discounts. Here we look at some of the best National Hot Dog Day deals.

Kids enjoy "Slurpee with a Cop"

MELBOURNE ― Melbourne Police Department (MPD) and local youth participated in "Slurpee with a Cop" Wednesday, July 14 at a local 7-Eleven. The event, which gave free Slurpees and certificates of recognition to area kids, highlighted positive service, adherence to safety laws and other forms of positive behavior. "Traditionally what...

Lyft and Ford partner to offer driverless rides, most Americans support regulation of big tech, and J&J addresses opioid lawsuit deal

Several brands celebrated National Hot Dog Day on July 21 with deals and promotions that thrust America’s most iconic street food into the spotlight. In a promotion encouraging customers to “Seize the Dog,” 7-Eleven convenience stores is offering its Quarter-Pound Big Bite Dog for just $1 through the month of July. In addition to cheap hotdogs, the chain is also offering free Slurpees through the end of the month to celebrate its birthday on July 11.

30 Years Later: Looking Back at 1990-91 Score Hockey

Last month, we took a look at the inaugural Upper Deck Hockey card set, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this season. Upper Deck was not the only new entry into the NHL hockey card market during the 1990-91 season. In fact, one set that was just as responsible for creating buzz, hype and explosive growth in hockey card collecting was the first Score Hockey card set.