Teejerker to Launch New Vintage Online Platform Jerks™

South London’s finest vintage T-shirt emporium, Teejerker, is gearing up for its new, reimagined platform Jerks™. Offering a wide range of vintage garms that span more than just tees, Jerks™ is set to become the next online platform to find privately-sourced, hand-picked rarities that fall into the realms of counter culture, music and arts.
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How Teen Show-Going Buddies Horsegirl Created One Of Indie Rock’s Most Anticipated Debut Albums

Listening to Horsegirl’s debut album Versions Of Modern Performance, it’s not immediately apparent the songs were written this decade. Tracks like “Option 8” and “Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)” evoke the grittiness and intellect of groundbreaking post-punk artists like Sonic Youth and Wire. It’s not the kind of sound you’d expect to hear from a trio of musicians in their late teens — and that’s deliberate.

Waves Crashing

Olympia, Washington quartet Waves Crashing tap into a heavy 90s shoegaze and dreamy presence on their single “In My Head”, taken from their new EP high/low. The single wastes no time setting up a big presence of big expansive fuzzy guitars, blistering atmosphere, and a lush vocal performance that creates a big-time dreamy sonic texture that takes the listener on an epic journey. Think Ride, Slowdive, and DIIV combined into one glorious mix.
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